February 23, 2007


I was so motivated and efficient today!
I got tons of work done in 3 1/2 hours! I put together a to do list that I am going to print out at the end of every day. It really made me stay on task!
I left work at 11:15. I worked on the bedroom when I got home. I put on our new bedding that my Mom & Dad bought us at the swap meet. It is really nice! I love the way a freshly made bed looks! I didn't quite finish everything I wanted. I still have tons of pictures to hang. J worked on the office/guest bedroom. It was just exclusively and office, but now since he has a new job he won't be spending so much time in there.
We picked up Lil'D together. He was so happy to see us both!
J had a soccer game so Lil'D and I played really hard!
I put him to bed at about 7pm. He was exhausted.
I worked on my blog. There are always changes I'm making. It is like a canvas and I am the artist. It's just never quite right. I love my blog(s).
-Until tomorrow

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