February 26, 2007


Monday mornings are just so hard. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's time for J to leave for work at 6:30 on Thursday morning. I just may die!
I stopped for coffee this morning. I got a lot of odds and ends done early when I got to work.
"Senior" designer finally came in at about 1pm. He had lots for us to do. He got back into town last night at midnight. He was ready to go.
The floorplan he gave me has so much red ink on it, it looks like he had bled all over it. I had to make revisions to the plans. This was for MustardStone Club in Montana. Last week was my first time working on this project, 3 other assistants had already worked on it. It was just a mess. PJ, my officemate, had been working on it, so it was a little better off that when the other 2 were working on it. It is just always best to let one person do the entire project because everyone has their own drafting style in AutoCAD. Some people just don't care and are not very detailed.
So I spent a good 3 hours on it and I probably only got about 25% done...maybe.
I picked up Lil'D and got home at about 5:45. I fed Lil'D rice cereal and some peas. He eats anything. I have to fed him rice cereal because he needs the iron.
We went to Target to get some baby food and some Pepto Bismol for me. My tummy was a little upset from my lunch today.
Lil'D still has a cold. He went right to sleep tonight.
What a sweet, sweet boy.
-Until tomorrow

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