February 7, 2009

Letters to Lil'D...

My sweetest Lil'D,

We are now into week 6, I think, of potty training. You are still standing your ground and are constantly showing me that you are in control. I know there are so many distractions around you that are so much more fun than going potty, but trying to make you understand that is so difficult sometimes. I am really trying not to make going potty such a negative experience in your life. You are doing great when we are out and about. You are always reminding us that you are staying dry and we are reminding you as well. But, you haven't gotten to the point of telling us if you have to go yet.

Going night night is always been routine for you. The steady things have been putting your pajamas on and reading. We've recently started giving you showers at night instead of baths. We bought new hooded towels for you in December. A dinosaur and a lion towel. When we started using the dinosaur towel. You loved running through the house naked with the hood part on your head and the rest of the towel flying behind you. You would also roar like a dinosaur. You just stopped one night. We changed to the lion towel and you haven't had much interest in the towels anymore. This kind of made me sad. Right now you love jumping on mommy and daddy's cal-king bed. You live for this. My only problem with this is I keep chapstick on my nightstand and you just love chapstick. To the point of where you have started eating it. I have teeth marks in my chapstick. Just last night you lost your jumping privileges because you got into my chapstick again. Hopefully, it won't happen again.

We have just recently started praying with you at night. You have completely memorized your prayer and it is the most heart warming moment to hear you recite it by yourself. Here is your current prayer:
"Dear Jesus,
Thank you for today.
Please be with mommy.
Please be with daddy.
Please be with Lizzie.
In Jesus name,
I am so incredibly blessed to have you. And am so thankful for everything you are.
I love you,