February 28, 2007

I have blogged every day this month!!

I am so happy that I accomplished this goal! I will try to do this every month!
I had a pretty good day today. I didn't get to work until 8am...late. I tried not to let that bother me. "Senior" designer was doing a proposal last minute. It was kind of a crazy morning. I'm glad I stopped to get a cappuccino this morning. I didn't eat breakfast till 11:30. I started on more revisions to MustardStone Club. I will post this job later today. I think I will also take a picture of the revision plan I am working on with all the red ink.
I picked Lil'D up. His cough is just really horrible. When I got home I got together his food and toys. We took him to Auntie E's at 6:05. J & I had dinner at Rubio's. We got to small group at about 7:05. We watched a video about forgiveness & holding grudges. It was a really good discussion.
We picked up Lil'D at about 9:20, fed him and put him to bed. His poor little cough. My heart just breaks when he coughs it's so bad.
J & I prepared everything tonight for tomorrow morning. J starts his new job, and has to be there at 7am. I have to get up at 5:30am.
Gotta go to bed...
-Until tomorrow

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