February 5, 2007

Mondays just hurt sometimes...

Everything went as usual this morning. I talked to my Mom. She & my Dad had to take his truck to a dealership to get his JakeBrake fixed. They told him it would take the rest of the day and they would call him at 10am tomorrow. So they got a hotel room and rented a car and went out exploring the town they were in. Obviously they are going to be a day late. They were going to be here by noon tomorrow. They are going to be here now on Wednesday at noon. I can't wait to see them!!
At work I have turned in the orders for the Kitchen, the bar, the butler's pantry, the office, the powder rooms and the guest baths. I am almost done. I really need to sit with "Senior" designer and get him approval on the rest of the designs. If I don't do it now, the changes will have to be done later.
I was supposed to get a haircut but traffic was just too bad to get there. I wasn't in the mood to face it. I rescheduled for next Monday.
J & I went for a walk. It felt really good and J and I got to discuss things that we haven't had time to talk about. After our walk, we fed Lil'D. He seems so exhausted lately! It must be all that army crawling he is doing.
-Until tomorrow

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