October 30, 2008

While I am in work mode...

Here is what I am currently working on:

What you are looking at is a column that sits on top of an island in the kitchen at MustardStone. The column is rough and I have sketched what the panels are going to look like in pink. If you look closely there is a maze of ceiling beams around it that is making me pull my hair out. I finally finished my drawings yesterday and sent them in to be manufactured. I will of course post the before and after of this column and it will just blow you away!!!!

♥ Elliemae

The Barn Kitchen is Complete...

Do you remember this job I was working on:

Barn Kitchen Rendering

Kitchen Floorplan

Kitchen Elevations


Here is a photo of the kitchen during installation:

And...here is a photo of the completed kitchen...

Isn't is bea-u-tiful? Hope you enjoyed seeing the progress! This is what makes my job so fulfilling!


October 29, 2008

An effort to help a fellow SITSta!

The featured blogger at SITS (Secret Is in The Sauce) today is:
Gina's husband is battling cancer. He was diagnosed at 50 and is 57 now. They are currently at a treatment center right now in California and all of the expenses are out-of-pocket.

Gina has put together a cookbook that you can purchase for $1.

I think we can all spare $1 for Gina & George!

Please visit Friends of George to help them out!!!!

♥ Elliemae

SITS November Giveaway...

I have been visiting SITS (Secret Is in The Sauce) for about 2 weeks now. They feature a blogger everyday. For the month of October they are giving away Photoshop Elements 7. I blogged about this giveaway here. For the month of November they are giving away a Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum! Who doesn't want or need this!!!

"How do you win?"

  • Go to the new to SITS page first! Read what their all about!
  • Put their button on your sidebar: you have to do this to get entries to win
  • Visit SITS everyday and comment. Everyday you leave a comment = 1 entry!!

It's that simple! I have already found some wonderful blogs that are really fun reads. I have also enjoyed visiting Tiffany and Heather. They are the creators of this wonderful site of support!!!

I decided not to add them to my Reader (we all know how cluttered Reader can get), so I subscribed by email. (you can find the sign up here)

I get an email from them everyday. If I don't get to it, I just delete it. (no stress, just let it go) For days I have the time, I go to my email and there is my reminder and I make my visit!!


hope you do to!

♥ Elliemae

Wordless Wednesday...

For more fun photos check out 5minutesforMom!

♥ Elliemae

October 28, 2008

Letters to Lil'D...

We took you out for dinner on Monday night to Soup Plantation. We got our money's worth because of you. We had a buy one get one free dinner coupon, we paid $15+ and you made it the best meal of the week. First you started out with 2 large pieces of broccoli. Then, you ate salad with ranch and croutons. You guzzled down the strawberry lemonade and just couldn't get enough. I got you a piece of focaccia bread and myself some cornbread muffins. The first thing that came out of your mouth was "muffin!" Pam, at daycare, must make muffins for you to know that word, because Daddy and I don't make muffins. You gobbled that muffin up. The whole time saying "mmm, good muffin."

You ate a couple of bites out of the pizza and saw my tomato soup. You asked for a bite, you liked it and wanted more. We tried to get you to say soup and you came up with "goup," "poup," and "thoup." You finally decided on "more thoup, please." Daddy went and got you 3 strawberries and I got you a blueberry muffin. After you ate a couple bites of the muffin and polished the strawberries off, you asked for more.

Daddy & I were cracking up at how much you were eating. Either you didn't have lunch today or you were going through a major growth spurt. I gave you a couple more strawberries and asked you if you wanted ice cream. "Ice cream!" I got you a little mini cone with chocolate yogurt. I got myself some vanilla yogurt, chocolate syrup and some peanuts. You loved the cone, but saw what I had and wanted a bite. You asked for more and more of mine, so I finally gave in and gave it to you to finish off. You took your time with the ice cream and you really enjoyed it. This was the first meal that Daddy and I were waiting on you to finish.

You finished the rest of your strawberry lemonade on the way home. You and Daddy played ball until 8pm. I don't think we wore you out at all that night. You had tons of energy. What a fun and memorable night that was.

We went camping this weekend in Borrego Springs with Grandma & Grandpa. We watched a parade and you loved the horsies!! For lunch you ate 2 containers of yogurt, some french fries and salad. You entertained us all throughout the meal. We headed out to the festival. We had a huge cherry snowcone. You had fun hiding behind the trees and peeking out. You even danced along with a couple of songs. We saw some metal sculptures that looked like life sized elephants, dinosaurs and other creatures. We went to the motorhome to put you down for a nap. We were all exhausted from the 100 degree weather. You slept really good. I worked on your new afghan.

This past week was a week of eating for you. I think you were going through a growth spurt. You are growing so fast. I wish I could push a pause button. Funny thing is you are still wearing some 12-18 month shorts, so you are obviously growing up and not out.

♥ Mommy

October 23, 2008

Last VOTE post

I am so done with NaBloPoMo's theme this month: VOTE.
My heart just isn't into it and I can't think of anything else to talk about except for my opinion.
Which I'm not goint to do!

So, Don't forget to VOTE!

♥ Elliemae

October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

For more wordless wednesday fun visit 5minutesformom.com!

♥ Elliemae

October 20, 2008

VOTE 411...

Election information you need!

Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) in October of 2006, VOTE411.org is a "one-stop-shop" for election related information. It provides nonpartisan information to the public with both general and state-specific information on the following aspects of the election process:

  • Absentee ballot information
  • Ballot measure information (where applicable)
  • Early voting options (where applicable)
  • Election dates
  • Factual data on candidates in various federal, state and local races
  • General information on such topics as how to watch debates with a critical eye
  • ID requirements
  • Polling place locations
  • Registration deadlines
  • Voter qualifications
  • Voter registration forms
  • Voting machines

You can also sign up to receive personalized information, updates, and voting alerts that matter to you by email.

♥ Elliemae

October 19, 2008

For your California VOTING convenience...

Here is a site that provides you with all the information you need to decide whether to vote

Yes OR No

on all the propositions.

♥ Elliemae

October 18, 2008

Letters to Lil'D...

This week has been so much fun with you.

On Sunday, we celebrated your Uncle Randy's birthday. As soon as we arrived "birthday cake" was all you could talk about. You love being the center of attention. You are becoming such a ham. You also impressed everyone with your Wii skills.

I was sick on Monday and Tuesday, that was not fun. But, when you got home from daycare, you were so concerned about me. Getting in my face and asking ever so softly "momma, sick?" Even after I had gotten better a day later, you pointed to the blanket I had covered myself with and asked "momma, sick?"

Your favorite books right now are:
  • The Foot Book
  • Bears on Wheels

Your favorite tv programs:

  • Imagination Movers
  • Blue's Clues
  • Doodlebops
  • Thomas the Tank Engine

Your favorite movie is:

  • Finding Nemo

I took you to the doctor this week to look at the rash you have been having for the past couple of weeks. Daddy & I thought it was either heat rash or eczema. It would flare up at night and go away during the day, that's why we thought it was heat rash. This week the rash got bigger and spread to your other thigh and a little on your chest. Dr. M said it was definitely eczema. We are going to be changing to Tide Free, your skin might be irritated by our laundry detergent. We will also be using hydrocortisone 2x a day for 2 weeks. It is definitely working because today the rash is almost invisible!!

You also got your flu shot since we were there. The nurse brought in a sucker for you. I timed it so that when the pinch of the shot happened I opened the sucker and gave it to you. I could see the pain in your eyes, but it was replaced by the excitement of getting that sucker! You are one tough little boy. Not a single cry or whimper. The nurse was quite impressed. By the time I got you in the car you had figured out you could take bits of the sucker. By the time we got home you had polished of that entire sucker. (We live about 5 minutes from the doctor's office)

You have started playing more games on the Wii. You prefer playing Wii Sports in the training mode and choosing your activity. "Ahh, this one." You have gotten really good at baseball. You really like playing golf and when you play the bowling mode with partitions in the way, you stand on your tiptoes and try to throw the ball over it. You crack me up.

I took you to the Mira Mesa highschool football game on Friday night. Daddy had a soccer game. Your cousin Andy is a senior in highschool and is in band. I really wanted to watch her march in the halftime show. (she plays the clarinet, I played the clarinet) You and I parked quite a ways and had a nice walk to the stadium. You were talking almost non-stop the whole walk. I only understood half of it, but you had a lot to say. We bought our $6 dollar ticket and we were at the football game. We found Uncle Randy right away. The band was already warming up and Auntie E was passing out plumes. The percussion instruments are pulled across the track by a trike cruiser motorcycle. He needed someone to ride with him. Auntie E volunteered you, so off you went to ride a motorcycle. (your cousin Z went with you) This was the best photo I got. That's you on the back.

I think you were stunned by all the people in the stands. He had a classic bicycle bell next to your seat. You sure knew how to ring that bell. It's the same kind on your tricycle:

When you got back. You called the motorcycle a tricycle. You didn't really realize that you had just taken your first ride on a motorcycle. Everyone at the game was so enamoured with you. You had seen some girl give a lady that was sitting in front of you a hug. You asked her for a hug. How could she resist? You were mesmerized by halftime. I don't think you moved a muscle. Once the band had come back into the stands, your cousin Andy grabbed you. She just happened to be sitting behind the drummers and hooked you up. You got to bang on the drum a couple of times. It was so much fun to watch you. There was so much going on you were in overload.

Today we made a trip out to Bates Nut Farm for some pumpkin pickin' fun! I love the background and of course intended to get some great photos. You were an excellent poser. I took 270 photos and got 9 perfect shots! Here are my favorites from today:

What a joy you are and I can't wait to see what next week brings!

♥ Mommy


This is a really cool site:

You can track the election with a red/blue map of the US updated daily using the latest state polls. It has all the latest and greatest of what is going on in the elections right now. You can also see what was happening in the elections on this day in 2004.

♥ Elliemae

October 17, 2008

Send a VOTE ecard...

If you want to send some fun cards out to all your friends, why not send out some vote themed ecards.

It's really silly, but they are out there. Here are some ecard sites that have vote themed cards:

Have fun!!

♥ Elliemae

October 16, 2008

Do you base your VOTE on who is funnier...

McCain Tries His Hand at Stand Up on David Letterman

Obama Does the Top 10 Countdown on David Letterman

♥ Elliemae

October 15, 2008

The Secret Is In The Sauce...

I just found a new blog:

These ladies are all about supportin' your sista' blogger!!!

If you would like to join me in this support and love journey take these first steps:

  1. Go to this post at SITS (Secret is in The Sauce).
  2. Subscribe to their posts!!
  3. Leave a comment in their "rollcall"...love that!
  4. Then return everyday and leave a 'rollcall' comment, then leave comments on the featured blogger's top 3 posts. I'm sure to get some love back!!

For the month of October they are taking entries to win PhotoShop Elements 7!!!

oooo...yummy! I love me some PhotoShop!!! I just started using it this weekend and am already addicted. I have like the original old version! I could really use the latest and greatest!!

Go here to read all about how you could win too! So this post is my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th entry! I got my first entry by commenting on this post. Then I will return everyday for the rest of October for an extra entry for each day I return!!! Good Luck to you and I hope you find some new and special bloggy friends through this! I know that I will.

♥ Elliemae

Wordless Wednesday...

For more wordless photo fun visit 5MinutesForMom.com

(I'm not going to link to WordlessWednesday.com because I have to shut my computer down every time I visit their link)

♥ Elliemae

Do you know who you are VOTING for by now?

Tonight is the third and last presidential debate:

  • 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific time and last for 90 minutes.
  • aired on every major broadcast network such as CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX.
  • They will also be aired on cable outlets such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and many others.

♥ Elliemae

October 14, 2008

VOTERS use gut feeling...

to pick the next US president.

You can see the entire article here. Here are the highlights:

  • At the 1950s-style Silver Diner in Rockville, a suburb of Washington, Sean Collins, a plumber, was tucking into an Obamalette -- an omelette filled with many of the ingredients of the deep-dish pizzas that are the signature of Chicago, where Obama began his public service career.
  • With three weeks to go, Obama was leading McCain by 1,288 Obamalettes to 612 McCainlettes, or 67 percent to 33 percent.
  • At 7-Eleven convenience stores across the United States, customers vote for Obama or McCain by choosing a cup of coffee or another hot drink in a blue Obama cup, a red McCain cup or a generic cup, if they still haven't made a choice. The partisan cups each have a McCain or Obama barcode, which, when scanned at the cash desk, registers a vote for the candidate.
  • The results of 7-Eleven's election are tallied daily and posted on a specially created 7-election.com website, where a map of the United States showed a swathe of blue states -- the color of the Democratic Party -- stretching from coast to coast.
  • The 7-election, which is being held for the third time, has been uncannily accurate in predicting the outcome of the past two real presidential elections.
  • With three weeks to go before the November 4 showdown between Obama and McCain, nearly three-quarters of a million votes have been cast in the 7-election.
  • Furin's bakery in the swank Georgetown neighborhood of Washington was urging clients to cast their vote with a cookie -- either blue for Obama or red for McCain. "We haven't been keeping a close count but we've sold several thousand cookies, and the vote is probably running about 60 percent for Obama, 40 percent for McCain," owner Bernie Furin, a McCain supporter, told AFP.

Would you have the Obamalette or the McCainlette? Drink your coffee in the blue or red cup?

♥ Elliemae

October 13, 2008

VOTE for school lunch...

It is National School Lunch Week (October 13-17).

Visit VoteForSchoolLunch.Org and vote for your favorite candidate.

  • Biff Burger
  • Gloria Grilled Cheese
  • Larry Lasagna
  • Petunia Pita Pocket
  • Pete Pizza

I voted for Gloria Grilled Cheese.

I love grilled cheese!

♥ Elliemae

October 12, 2008

VOTE for books...

Visit VoteForBooks.Com and cast your vote for your favorite books:

*Green Eggs and Ham VS. The Polar Express

*Diary of a Wimpy Kid VS. Charlette's Web

*Goosebumps VS. Captain Underpants

*Harry Potter VS. Little House on the Prairie.

Once you vote, you will see what is in the lead so far.

Have fun!!!

♥ Elliemae

October 11, 2008

Can't get to the polls on election day...

Visit GoVoteAbsentee.Org. or click on the button below. It's really easy!!

GoVoteAbsentee.org / learn how to vote absentee!

♥ Elliemae

Letters to Lil'D...

My dear sweet little boy,

It is so amazing to watch how you grow and process everything. One of my favorite things you do is lay completely flat on the floor and push a train or car along so that the wheels are eye level. You push it along ever so slowly. You are watching those wheels and how they work.

Your love for drums lately have grown. You asked Pam (daycare Mom) for drums. She hadn't had them out in a long time and they were stored in the back of her closet. How did you remember them? You asked for them everyday this week. Pam said you would spread them out and play 3 at a time and listen to how each one sounded differently. There are so many things in your world that you turn into drums. We all think you are going to be a drummer when you grow up.

You said some things this week that had us scratchin' our heads as to where you had heard them. We were going through a drive thru and Daddy was telling the lady at the window something and you said: "Daddy, no more talking, no more talking." You put both hands over your ears and said "Oh, dear" very dramatically. We finally figured out that "oh, dear" came from Mr. Knitknots in the Imagination Movers. Imagination Movers is a new show on Disney. It's 4 guys that sing and play songs and figure things out. You call the tv show "drums!" Imagine that.

You and Daddy have a few games that you play regularly now. You love playing with the beach ball in the living room. You tell Daddy whether you want him to roll it or throw it. You either kick it or catch it. If you catch it you let it bounce and then kick it up high in the air. When you have had your shoes on in the house you have kicked it and it hit the ceiling. You are very comfortable kicking the ball. Daddy practices with you all the time. You will probably be playing soccer real soon. (as soon as you realize you can use your hands)

Another game you and Daddy play is Jumping on Daddy. You grab daddy's hand and say lay down. Daddy lays flat on the ground and you run and jump on or over Daddy's back. On time you caught Daddy by surprise and he said "goodness gracious." You thought this was the funniest thing and kept saying "Daddy, gracious. Daddy, gracious."

This week you had another first. We took you to Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday night. We ordered and got a booth on the far side of the restaurant so that you wouldn't be distracted by all the kids and games. You really enjoyed watching the characters sing and play instruments (especially the drummer). You plowed through 2 small slices of pizza. You were so patient and good. You kept asking if you could get down, but you listened to Mommy every time. When we were finally done eating we went over to the games and rides and you had a blast. You were really enthralled by the basketball game. You even played air hockey with Daddy. That was so much fun to watch. Your favorite rides were the monster truck, the Barney train and the horses. When you rode the Barney train you sang the entire ABC song along with Barney. It was awesome!! I forgot my camera and was so happy when I discovered they had a picture booth. Here are the two photos I have from your first visit to Chuck E. Cheese:

For a 2 year-4 month old, you really are good. We don't really have too many meltdowns or tantrums. In fact we don't have any tantrums. You know better, because Mommy puts on her serious face and voice. You definitely get upset when something doesn't go your way or I won't let you have something. But you are so good at moving on. It's all about changing the subject and getting you to think about something else. Daddy is very good at this. I personally don't believe in the terrible twos...yet!

Love you with all my heart,

♥ Mommy

October 10, 2008

Meme: Scattergories Edition...

Barb at A Chelsea Morning had this up today and it looked fun!!
Here are the rules:

* Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.

* They have to be real places, names, things. nothing made up!

* You can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

* Tag at least 5 people to play along

1. What is your name? Elliemae

2. A 4 Letter Word: Easy

3. A Boy's Name: Ethan

4. A Girl's Name: Emma

5. An Occupation: Engineer

6. A Color: Ebony

7. Something you wear: Earring

8. A Beverage: Eggnog

9. A Food: Egg

10. Something found in the bathroom: Exfoliator

11. A place: Enid, Oklahoma

12. A Reason for being late: Exceeded the speed limit and got pulled over.

13. Something you shout: Eureka!

14. Now tag five others: I'm only gonna tag one...Jenny at Daily Dose of Motherhood.

Now I'm going to do it with the 1st letter of my REAL name:

1. What is your name? C*****

2. A 4 Letter Word: Cute

3. A Boy's Name: Carl

4. A Girl's Name: Catherine

5. An Occupation: Chiropractor

6. A Color: Chartreuse

7. Something you wear: Capris

8. A Beverage: Coffee

9. A Food: Cheese

10. Something found in the bathroom: Cotton ball

11. A place: Carlsbad, California

12. A Reason for being late: Can't find my keys!

13. Something you shout: Crap!

Hope you had as much fun as I did!!

♥ Elliemae

Who should you vote for...

Head on over to WhoShouldYouVoteFor.com.

This site provides you with a simple tool to see how closely the main candidates' views match your own and it is not linked or funded by any political party or interest group.

Go try it out.

♥ Elliemae

October 9, 2008

Vote for your favorite blog...

The Blogger's Choice awards is a great place to find all kinds of new fun blogs. Be careful, your reader will get full. Been there, done that. Have fun and don't forget to vote. Winners will be announced on October 16th!

♥ Elliemae

October 8, 2008

VOTE, for your favorite video...

I really like watching videos. I never have the time now and it's not like MTV plays videos ever. When I was in highschool I did not have MTV. EVERYBODY had MTV, except me. "Did you see blah, blah, blah's new video?" was all the rage. I would stay up late on Fridays and get lucky and find a channel that would play an hours worth of videos. The one I remember the most was Take On Me by A-ha.

Anyway, I found this fun vote at MTV. Not only can you vote for favorite video, you can check out all the latest and greatest. I think Jessica Simpson's Come on Over is my favorite. Click here to vote!

♥ Elliemae

Wordless Wednesday...




Pink Tint


Happy WW!
See more at WordlessWednesday & 5MinutesForMom

♥ Elliemae

October 7, 2008

Shakin' hands & kissin' babies...

Who have you decided to VOTE for after tonight's debate?

♥ Elliemae

October 5, 2008

My heart hurts...

My friend Jenny, from Daily Dose of Motherhood, posted this heartbreaking story about her Mom. I have never met Jenny, but we have been emailing each other for a couple of months now. She is a really special friend and I really want to help her and her Mom.

About two months ago she did something fun on her blog that I got to be a part of. Pay It Forward. She sent me a wonderful little package that I have been wanting to share.

Here are the goodies that my pay if forward package contained! Two "wickless" candles: Lovespell (which is warming right now...mmmm) and Cozy Home. (I warmed this one at work and my office smells divine!) A candle warmer, which I thought was a candle warmer before Jenny informed me that the candles were "wickless."(silly me!) A fun little frisbee, obviously, portraying her luv for the Huskers! There was also a cute, pink, breast cancer awareness pen, but that is in my office at work. She also got this adorable Little Tikes bulldozer for Lil'D. Lil'D adores it. It is already one of his beloved "scoops." Thanks so much Jenny! I love that I have a new found friend. Can't wait till your candle store opens!!

So, I want to help Jenny and her Mom! I know I don't have a ton of loyal readers, but I know I have a lot of visiters. Please, please, please help me in this. Please read this post then click on the donate button in Jenny's sidebar if you can. Click here if you want to donate also.

♥ Elliemae

VOTE for your favorite pumpkin stencil...

I thought these were appropriate for the halloween season that is upon us!

I you really want to vote, you do have to register at the Better Homes & Gardens website to vote first.( just so you know)

♥ Elliemae

October 4, 2008

Letters to Lil'D...

My sweet, sweet Lil'D,

It is so amazing to watch you become determined to learn, understand things, do things by yourself and be patient and consistent with Daddy & I understanding you.

Yesterday, Daddy was out in the carport putting the wagon in the car to take to Grandma & Grandpa Ham's to put air in the tires. You were trapped inside with Mommy behind the screen door. You became very upset all of a sudden. I got your shoes on and we went outside to where Daddy was. He was taking the handle of the wagon so that it would fit in the car. You were very interested in his tools and wanted to help immediately. We watched you take the screw out of the two holes and then put in back into the two holes, then said, "I did it!" You were wanted to check out every inch. You even got the washer to stay on the end of the screw, "I did it!"

The Friday afternoon airshow was going on at Miramar and we can see a lot of the Blue Angel performance from our house. We were preparing you for the noise by telling you that there were going to hear and see loud planes. After a little while, you were telling us something we just couldn't make out..."airplane route, airplane route." We couldn't figure out what you were saying, but you were being so persistent. "airplane ROUTE," kept getting louder and more stern. Daddy finally figured out you were saying "airplane loud." You can't quite pronounce the L in loud yet. You could just see the relief when Daddy figured it out.

Another funny thing you are into right now is opening the refrigerated doors at the grocery store. You absolutely love doing this. These doors are all together at one end of the store, so I let Daddy go get the milk while we head to the long aisle of doors. I patiently wait for you to get through a majority of them, skipping a few here and there. At the end, of course you want more.

Here are some phrases that I noted you were saying this week:
"Momma, have it?"
"Momma, talk whale."
"Momma, scare Lil'D"
"This way Momma."
"Daddy, I want to do it myself."
On Thursday, when I picked you up from daycare, you had a temp of 101. Your eyes were glossy but you acted pretty normal all the way home. As soon as I parked in the carport and put the car in park, I looked in the rear view mirror and could tell you were about the throw out. I really tried to hurry to get you out of the car, but it was way too late. As soon as I unbuckled you and got you out of the car. You looked down at yourself, covered in puke, and said, "Lil'D made a mess?" It was so pitiful. You were shaking and a little unsure of what had just happened. You handled it so well. Though I dread anytime you are sick with snot, puke, bloody noses, of rug burned knees, you are such a good sport when you are sick. So far, you have never been a whiner, a "milker", or a baby about it. You always make the best of it. What a little trooper you always are. You were completely fine the rest of the evening. You went to bed with fever, but you woke up the next morning with a normal temperature. You spent the day at home with Daddy and had a fun day.
All my love,

♥ Elliemae

Definition of VOTE...

  • a. A formal expression of preference for a candidate for office or for a proposed resolution of an issue.
  • b. A means by which such a preference is made known, such as a raised hand or a marked ballot.

vot*ed, vot*ing, votes

  • 1. To express one's preference for a candidate or for a proposed resolution of an issue; cast a vote
  • 2. To express a choice or an opinion.

Who is it going to be?

Make sure you are registered to vote!!! Click here to register to vote or see what your deadline is to register to vote.

♥ Elliemae

October 3, 2008

Time to VOTE...


"I'll go tally the VOTES." (Jeff Probst has said this phrase approximately 272 times)

1st vote...Paloma

Ace...one vote Ace, one vote Paloma

Ace...two votes Ace, one vote Paloma

Paloma...two votes Paloma, two votes Ace

Paloma...three votes Paloma, two votes Ace

Third person voted off Survivor Gabon...

The first illness of the season has arrived. There are 5 kids total in Lil'Ds daycare home. Dillon & Paige are both about 11 months. Abbey is 1. Shaun is 3 and Lil'D is 2. Monday, Paige was throwing up and missed Tuesday. Today, Dillon threw up and Abbey and Lil'D both had fevers of 101 degrees by 4:30pm.

Traffic was backed up because the Blue Angels had been practicing for the Air Show this weekend. Thank the Lord, Lil'D waited till we pulled into our carport to start throwing up. I really wish he would have waited till I got him out of my new car that is only 3 months old. Luckily, Lil'Ds carseat caught most of it and only a few spots got on the back seats.

This is only the 3rd time Lil'D has been sick like this. He was not a spit up baby at all. He maybe spit up all of one time as an infant. I was very very lucky and don't count on being that lucky when the second time comes around. So, Lil'D got a very early bath and was kind of shaky and cold afterwards. He started playing like normal and acted like he felt so much better than when I had picked him up from daycare. He drank a cup of gatorade, some pretzels and some crackers.

We gave him some Tylenol at 6pm and by the time he went to bed, his fever had definitely dropped. He fell right to sleep after story time. Jeremy will be stay-at-home Dad tomorrow. He actually has sick days that he can take and get paid for. I don't have those. I only have vacation days, which I have got to save up for the week of Christmas. Lil'Ds daycare mom, Pam, takes the week of Christmas off unpaid.

It was another hot day here is sunny San Diego, California. Definitely not as hot as yesterday. By the time I had Lil'D out of his carseat, clothes stripped off, in the bathtub, clean, dressed and diapered...I was sweating to death. It was about 78 degrees in the house. I cooled down once I sat down and relaxed. I guess that will be my workout for tonight. I'm exhausted.

Hope you all have a Pinktastic Day!

♥ Elliemae

October 2, 2008

Who did America VOTE for...

America's got talent finale was last night. Here is a list of the top 5 finalist:
  1. Queen Emily
  2. Donald Braswell
  3. Nuttin' But Strings
  4. Eli Mattson
  5. Neal E. Boyd
Who did America vote for?

Winner of the $1 million dollar and the headliner of a vegas show at the MGM Grand is:

Neil E. Boyd

I wanted Queen Emily to win.

♥ Elliemae

October 1, 2008

October is all about VOTING, boobs and halloween...

Can you believe that it is October already? I really can't. This has been the fastest passing year in my entire life so far! This month I will be blogging everyday and all my posts will be related to "vote" somehow. I am by far not a political person at all. I do not share my political opinions with anyone except for my husband. I am not a debater. So today I am going to tell why I think it is important to vote.

Voting is a choice where out of three hundred and five million, three hundred and eight thousand, one hundred and twenty three (305,308,123) voices, yours can be heard on that day. Elected individuals will make numerous decisions effecting your life. Even if some decisions don't effect you directly, it more than likely will effect someone you love or care about. If you choose not to vote, because you don't think your one vote will not make a difference, then there is no reason to complain, complain, and complain about the way the government is spending your tax dollars or deciding what you can and can not do. Voting is a chance to 'tell' the government how you feel...If you want change-VOTE! It's that simple in my world. You also must face the fact that you may not get the change that you want, but at least you tried. That is what is most important. It's gonna be McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden. There are going to be a lot of people who do not get their choice. But the winner will be elected by our votes and whoever has the most will lead this country.

Now on to other things. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

photo from Our Red Thread Journey

"Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, it's estimated that about 178,480 women in the United States will be found to have invasive breast cancer in 2007. About 40,460 women will die from the disease this year. Right now there are slightly over 2 million women living in the United States who have been treated for breast cancer. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women (after lung cancer). " -NBCAM website

Please read: Make Breast Health A Year Round Concern.

  • Early detection as well as educating yourself about breast cancer can two of the best possible "medicines" toward fighting the disease.
  • Mark on your calendar each month for a self exam.
  • At age 40, women should begin annual mammographies.
  • Make checking your breasts in the shower a regular activity
  • Download a self exam card here for free (just click on download)
Here are some fun ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness this month:

Next, the countdown to Halloween starts! I'm still trying to decide what Lil'D is going to dress up as. Every year we go to our church's Fall Fun Festival. I really don't like how the Thomas The Train costumes look, they are not really that fun and he's never going to keep anything on his head or face. I'm thinking about a ghost: Cut a hole in a white sheet, put his head through it, pat his head down with white powder and put a little black around his eyes. He has been all about ghosts for the past couple of days so this might be it.

photo from joanwear.com

Have a marvelous day!!

♥ Elliemae