June 29, 2006

Lil D is finally here!!

He was born June 16, at 9pm.
He was 8lbs & 3 ounces, 20 inches.
So Lil D & I have been home now for a little over a week!! He is such a good baby. He is really mellow. He doesn't get upset alot, only when he's hungry or needs a fresh diaper. With the heat he has been really hard to wake up and feed.
He is so beautiful and being a mother has been more wonderful that I ever thought it would be. He has actually let J and I get alot more rest that we thought. We just have to make ourselves take a nap during the day. At the most he wakes up about twice during the night. He has been really good about going back to sleep.
My days right now are divided into 3-4 hour increments. They are just going by so fast. I can already see him growing before my eyes.
He got circumcised yesterday so it was kind of a tramatic day for him. He is better today and not so sensitive to the pain. He was 8 pounds last Thursday and yesterday he was 8 pounds 10 ounces.
Here he is sleeping this morning!

Lil D napping Posted by Picasa
-Until tomorrow

June 14, 2006


Ok, no sign of Lil D yet. He is being stubborn and wants to stay in a little while longer. Mama, on the other hand, is ready!!!! I have done as much as I can to stay busy today and not think about how it may still be a couple of days. Here is my day so far:
1. Shower
2. Breakfast: Granola & Yogurt
3. Read chapter 22-28 in Genesis.
4. Packed a few more things in my hospital bag
5. Had 5 phone calls today: Kaydee, Sarah Jean, E(my sister-in-law), my Mom & my brother.
6. Had lunch: mashed potatoes & gravy, coleslaw and a buttermilk biscuit.
7. I watched four episodes of Bringing Baby Home.
8. I watched 1/2 an episode of Martha.
9. I wrote some emails.
The rest of the day will be:
10. Dinner ?
11. Go to small group

-Until Tomorrow

June 12, 2006

So I'm pregnant

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged. It just hasn't interested me in the past couple of weeks. I have been off of work for 4 weeks now. I have organized my entire house and the baby's room is 80% done. I have my bag packed for the hospital and all my lists have been made. In other words...I am ready! So there, I blogged!! :)