October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

I didn't feel too hot today. I felt sick as soon as I got to work. It is so hard to fight that nausea feeling. The day got better when my best friend from highschool, Nette, called me. I called her last week to tell her the great news and I had to leave a message. She figured it out real quick. It's hard to leave someone you don't talk to everyday a message to call you back, but you don't want to spoil it and tell them why. It was really great to talk to her!! I really miss her and wish she didn't live so far away. Her daughter is turning 2 in January. She is the cutest little "tooty-toot," as Nette would say.
J took me to lunch today! It was nice to get out of the office. I hardly ever leave the office at all except if I have an appointment. It was a perfect day today!
"Senior designer" made and appointment at 4pm at the Strod jobsite. I met him there. We showed her the options for her kitchen. She was really happy with the results. I really like this client. I left her house at about 5:30pm. It was dark and it felt like it was 8 o'clock.
When I got home J & I went for a walk. It was fun to look at all the halloween decorations that were out. We saw lots of trick or treaters. We decided that we didn't want to cook for dinner so we ran for the border.
First, we went by J's parent's house just to check in. Samson had one of those cone colars on because I think they said he got neutered today. He's such a sweet puppy, he's just a little hyper.
After dinner we wanted to watch a scary movie. We watched House of Wax. It was actually pretty good. I really probably shouldn't be watching scary movies. Knowing me I will have really bad nightmares and not get any sleep at all.
So, off to bed. Sweet Dreams!!
-Until tomorrow.

October 28, 2005

The Weekend is here!!

I felt good this morning when I got up. As I drove away from the house I remembered I wanted to bring a cup of orange juice. I was running late and couldn't go back. When I got to work, Sarah Jean had an extra bottle of orange juice...Yeah.
I got everything done on Sween change order, I just needed for "Senior Designer" to do his part. I called him and he was off ordering tile for his house. So I guess Sween won't get done till Monday now.
I also put together an order for Ken's Guest Bath. We won't start this project till Jan 2006, but I still need to get all the plumbing fixtures ordered in case there are any back orders. The Ken's Master Bath is going well. It has been completely demo'd, the tub deck has been modified to make the shower larger and the shower has been hot mopped. The granite fabricator's did a measure on Thursday for the shower floor and the shower dam. These will be granite slab. Next week sometime the floor and dam will be installed and we can start the tile work.
I also worked on a change order for Sim. They have decided that they want me to order all the appliances. I had to send the final order in and make sure there was no price increases. I won't hear back from the vendor until Monday.
I wasn't feeling well at about 3:30 so I packed up my stuff and took some work home with me. When I got home I took some Rolaids and felt better. J & I went for a walk for a 1/2 hour again. We went and got dinner at Quizno's. I had the honey mustard chicken salad. It was better the first time I had it. We watched Resident Evil-Apocolypse. I like Milla Jovovich. I wanted to watch it because I like the fight scene at the end. I forgot how scary it was. I forgot all about the jump out at you moments.
-Until tomorrow.

October 27, 2005

Today was a good day!!

I woke up feeling pretty good. We had a staff meeting this morning and all I was craving was orange juice. Guess what, the rep from SubZero/Wolf brought in bagel sandwiches and ORANGE JUICE!!! I was so happy!
I worked on the Sween change order most of the day. I got interupted with small stuff from Ken and Py. I also had to price a small vanity for one of our vendor's house. I still didn't get the Sween change order done. There is just so much to go through and verify. Hopefully, I will finish it tomorrow.
When I got home I changed immediately into shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes and told J I was ready to walk. We walked for 30 minutes. I have been meaning to do this since I found out I was pregnant. I have finally started.
J & I went to the grocery store after our walk. I look at the grocery store in a completely different light now. There were so many things that I denied myself. I was such a crash dieter. I realized I have no idea how to eat right. I am also very lazy and don't cook. It's just one of the last things I want to do when I get home from a long day at work. I also don't have a dishwasher, so that means I have to wash the dishes. I am trying to fight this right now and not be so lazy and such a procrastinator. It's just so hard when you feel nauseous most of the time.
I haven't really had morning sickness in the morning. It is usually really bad in the evening and at night. This has been my first week of this symptom...I hope it doesn't get worse.
So after our grocery store adventure we watched our tv shows...Survivor and Alias. Survivor is going exactly how I want it to. Alias is eh...so-so. I don't mind the new people at all, it's just kind of boring. J & I fell asleep watching it. We probably watched 1/2 of it and was out.
That probably means I need sleep. Time for bed!!
-Until tomorrow.

October 26, 2005

Not so good night.

I'm not feeling so hot. It's time for bed.
-Until tomorrow.

It's finally out!!

I told everyone at work. I was tired of keeping a secret!! J & I ARE EXPECTING!! This is the reason why I haven't been blogging so much. I have just been exhausted and experiencing some mild nausea. I am so happy everyone knows now! I am 7 weeks today! Now I can document all my true feelings and everything that I'm going through! My due date is June 17.
I am actually feeling great today! I had orange juice this morning, which was so refreshing, it just made me feel great. Food has a whole new taste to it. That is really cool, but it's really bad because I don't want to gain too much weight. I want to be healthy!!!
So there it is, the BIG news!!! I'll write more later...I promise!!

October 25, 2005

I am alive!!

I have been so busy and tired and sick and hungry and all kinds of things. The internet has just not been that important to me for the past 2 weeks. I have so many more important things I'm thinking about lately. You just look around and see all the things that really need to be done and taken care of and the internet just isn't as attractive as is has been the last couple of months.
Work is as busy as ever. I have 2 new jobs I'm working on: McKell and Strod.
"Senior designer" called me this morning at home and wanted me to meet him at a jobsite. The new client is Strod. The view of downtown from her house is spectacular!! Her existing kitchen didn't have any straight walls. They were all different angles all over the place. I've never seen anything like it. It's like when they built the kitchen they didn't use a straight edge at all. The client gave us a check for $6,000. This is just the design fee. This covers all my time to design and do the drawings. We are also going to bring in an engineer on this job because we want to get rid of a wall that two beams die into. Like I said it's weird and it baffled "Senior designer", which says alot to me. There is not much that baffles "Senior designer." We were at Strod's house for 3 1/2 hours measuring. I really like days like today because I get to the office and eat lunch and it's almost 2pm! For the rest of the day I worked on Ken and Gor. Theses jobs are going really well. Yesterday at Ken the shower was hotmopped and they started the addition of a closet wall and a new pocket door. I have arranged for the granite fabricator's to come out and measure tomorrow. They floor and the dam of the shower will be solid granite slab. This has to go in first and then the walls and shower seat will be tiled. I haven't really worked directly on the new job McKel. I have been handing that over to one of the other design assistants. He is doing all the pricing and drawings for it. I just know minor details. "Senior designer" keeps forgetting this and keeps asking me questions about it. He has an appointment with McKel on Thursday at 11am. I asked him today who he wanted at the appointment, me or the other designer. He said he didn't know yet. I have been telling him to give more to the other designer because I can only do so much. I have tons of other small tasks that have been on the backburner for too long. I have also been working on finalizing working drawings for the Py job. I approved all the drawings today for the kitchen. I just have to finalize the activity room (which includes a laundry area, entertainment center and bookcases). The room is huge and it has a ton of cabinets in it. I am ready to put this one to bed. "Senior designer" and I went to the Py jobsite and verified some measurements. We overlooked the powder room so we measured it and now I have to do the drawings and send this in with the rest of the job.
Another thing I am trying to get done is a huge change order for the Sween job. This is the second house that the Sween's have done. We didn't do the kitchen in the second house though. We put in a beautiful master closet, all new interior doors, one-of-a-kind wine cellar, a gorgeous office and we also put stone in various areas of the exterior of the house, and redesigned the front driveway. This job is now done. There are several things that we did that have not been charged to the client. I have to compile all that. It is rather difficult on such a large job. But "Senior designer" tends to be such a tazmanian devil and does things without telling me, then at the end of the job asks me to put together the change order. Luckily, I have already done 4 change orders prior and am not completely and utterly behind, but I'm still behind. This is my priority tomorrow at work. Nothing else is important. I will finish the Sween change order tomorrow no matter what!!
So, how's that for catching up. It's only one day and I give you a novels worth of words. I'm going to go be brainless for 10 minutes and then time for bed.
-Until tomorrow.

October 16, 2005

Football Day!

I slept till 10am. I felt well rested. J and I had some errands to run. We went to CostCo to get some water and a birthday present for J's brother RD. Scout and Amy Jo came over at 12:45 to watch the Charger game. Wahoo, go chargers. If you know me you know how excited I am about watching the Charger game. Football is just not my thing. I have really tryed to be a football fan. I just can't. We are watching to game right now. It is the 4th quarter. Chargers 27, raiders 14. There is 4 minutes left. These guys at my house are all crazy Charger fans. I mean that in a loving way. Their nuts though!!!
J and I have to go to his parents house at around 4:30 for RD's birthday.
I'm just going to watch more tv tonight and then to bed at a decent hour.
-Until tomorrow.

October 15, 2005

I was non stop all day.

I woke up this moring at 8:30. Thank goodness J set the alarm. He's a good man. I would have totally everslept if he hadn't. I was ready and out the door to Chica's at 9:30. Everything was ready except for the croissants and the balloons. Chica's man had gone to get those items and went to the wrong stores. He made it back and everything was ok. We ate good food and the presents were so cute and the games went well! Short, simple and sweet. It was so fun. I hope Sarah Jean liked it.
After the shower we had to switch into wedding mode. Chica and I received a wedding invitation for today after we had sent the baby shower invitations out. The wedding is for Rodger. He worked with me and assisted "senior designer" also. He left our firm about a year ago. Rodger wants to be an architect. He works at an architectural firm downtown on the 14th floor in a corner office. He is so much happier there. Anyway, Chica, Homie(Chica's boyfriend), and I were in the car driving away at 1:14. We picked J up and were on our way to the church by 1:40. We parked at the church at 2pm on the dot. We thought we were going to be late but the bride was standing outside and the wedding party was organizing in the back of the church. There were still lots of people arriving, thank goodness. The wedding was supposed to start at 2pm. It started at 2:35. The wedding mass was in spanish and some parts in english. More spanish though. The wedding was finally over at 4pm. That was the longest wedding I have ever been to. We drove to the reception and had some fruit and veggie snacks. The bride and groom finally arrived. It was a mexican wedding and they had italian food. I think that is funny! It was really good food though...garlic bread, caesar salad, bowtie pasta and tortellini with choice of red sauce and alfredo sauce and lasagne.
There was a mariachi band first, they were really good. Then a ranchero band was up. That was neat. We stayed till 8pm. We were going to at least wait till the cake was cut. But the dollar dance was just starting at 8pm so we all decided to leave. It was a very nice wedding.
I was just exhausted from staying up the night before till 2am.
J and I watched a couple of our recorded shows when we got home. We watched Alias and The Apprentice. I really am upset about Alias. I don't even really like watching it as much. I am so mad that Michael Vaughn died.
I'm really tired, I'm going to bed and am not setting an alarm for tomorrow.
-Until tomorrow.

I took the day off!

Slept in a little today!! I had some housework to get done today. I finally got to watch some tv from this week! I watched Martha Stewart The Apprentice. I really like that show. I mainly like it because I like the tasks they get and how they execute them. I always think of what I would do. I know there is a lot of back stabbing and unneccessary drama, but all that aside I like the tasks.
My friend, Chica, and I are throwing Sarah Jean a baby shower on Saturday. I put together a cd of music for name that tune with the work baby in the title. I went over to Chica's house and we went to the grocery store and got watermelon, grapes, pineapple, cake mix...etc. We decorated the her house and I finally left her house at 1:30am. I got home at 1:45 and it is so past my bedtime!!
-Until tomorrow.

October 12, 2005

"The Intimidator's" Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARGE!!aka The Intimidator!!

This whole week has been really hard to get through. I'm just exhausted! I stopped drinking coffee cold-turkey. I didn't really plan it, I just kept forgetting my creamer everyday and now I'm like why bother, I'm so far into withdrawal it's just easier not to drink it. It really amazes me how addicted you get to that stuff. I don't even drink that much. I have maybe 1/2 cup. Maybe. I love having it with CoffeeMate French Vanilla Creamer!! I also like Cinnamon Vanilla Creme and Creme Brulee! I can't have my coffee without it. It is just heaven!
Work dragged by. I have tons to do and I got tons done, but I couldn't tell you what specifically (aren't you glad). I got off work at about 4:45. When I got home I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was for Sarge's birthday. J was in LA all day at a Dacor training. Dacor is a brand of high end appliances. He got home just in time to leave for small group.
Our small group leaders, Jeff & Kristin, just bought a new home. Tonight was our first time seeing the new place. It is so beautiful! Kristin did such a great job picking out the colors. It's so homey!!
We studied Hannah and ate cake and brownies. J & I just got home. It's time for bed.
-Until Tomorrow

October 11, 2005

I was really tired today.

I worked on Ken a majority of today. We met the client at the slab yards. She picked out 18x18 Golden Tuscany Travertine tiles and Imperial Gold Granite slabs for her master bathroom. I confirmed all the plumbing fixtures and accessories. There is still a question of the shower valves and the tub faucet. She decided she wants a handheld shower head for both. I had already ordered both of these fixtures. Anyway, demolition of the existing masterbath will start on Monday. I love job starts. I just have to get everything ordered so the job will stay on time. I have to order all of Gor and Ken by the end of the day on Thursday. I am taking Friday off. "Senior designer" is taking more time off. He will not be in the office Thurday-Monday. When he is here I just can't stay on a schedule. So, I like it when he is gone. They are going up to Sonoma with his wife's sister.
After work I had my ladie's small group. We started a new study on Phillipians. I really liked the first study. After the study I met J and the men's softball team at On The Border. They won their game 9-8. After most of the games they go for Taco Tuesday, tacos are $1 each. Today is Amy Jo's birthday. Scout, her husband, is on the men's softball team also. He brought a birthday cake for her and surprised her. It was fun! I love On The Border's chips and salsa!!
J & I didn't get home till 10:30pm. Time for bed, I'm exhausted!!
-Until tomorrow.

October 10, 2005

Today was a blur...

I got up, I drove to work, I worked, I ate lunch, I worked some more, I drove home, I ate dinner, and now I am blogging. I don't have anything interesting to tell you. I'm kind of boring lately. At work I went through the Gor cabinet order with a fine tooth comb. I will make a list of all the revisions and fax them to Redl tomorrow. Wa-hoo exciting!
Maybe more interesting things will happen tomorrow.
-Until tomorrow.

October 9, 2005

It's time for a new week

I know I have been lagging for the past couple of days butI had a cold and it was pretty miserable. I'm better now.
Friday night I hung out with my best friend Chica. We planned all the details for Sarah Jean's baby shower that will be next Saturday. We also went shopping. We had a lot of fun! Chica and I work at the same company together. We also worked together at our prevous jobs. We have know each other for about 8 years. The only bad thing about working together is that we don't hang out enough after work. It's just hard for some reason. But when we do hang out we really have a lot of fun together. I stayed over at her house until 1am. So much for going to bed early on the weekend to beat the cold I had. I slept in though on Saturday morning. I actually felt pretty good when I woke up.
On Saturday, J & I went out to look at something he wanted for his birthday. He was originally supposed to get the deck in his truck replaced because it wasn't working right. But he couldn't find a deck that was compatible with the sub he currently has. He had gone to 2 different places that took out his dash, replaced the deck, hooked everything back up and then realized that the sub wouldn't work. Then, they had to take everything back out and put in the old one. Both places told him he was going to have to spend around $1,000 to make it work. He decided it wasn't worth it. He has decided he wants a 400 DVD changer now. So, we went to check out prices at some different places. We also went to some furniture stores. We were thinking about getting a chair for our living room. Right now we have a Love Sac. We love the Love Sac, but we need a real chair. I didn't really see anything that I liked. It will be really hard to coordinate with our sofa without getting into custom fabrics. I really don't want to do that. I would like a sectional sofa eventually, so we will save up for that instead of getting a chair that doesn't really match. I also saw the bed I want. I'm gonna put it on my wish list!! So J & I went to Best Buy and bought his birthday present. We got chinese food for dinner. But before J set up his new "toy", we watched a movie. We watched Robots. It was really cute. J started putting all his DVD's in the new changer. We got tired early though. We were both pretty tired. J had a cold too and he was a day or two behind me so he didn't feel good either.
I woke up at around 8:45am this morning. J had a pretty bad sinus headache so I went to church without him. Today was a great day of nothing. I actually didn't touch the computer all weekend except for now. I just watched brainless tv!! I watched Bridezilla! It was funny to watch all these high maintenance women plan their weddings in New York on their $90,000 budgets.
So now the weekend has come to an end. Boo. J & I just got finished watching another movie. The Longest Yard. It was actually pretty good. It had some foul language in it and some violence. The violence was mainly football violence. It had a good story though.
Time for bed!
-Until tomorrow!

October 5, 2005

I guess I've been busy...

I don't even remember what I've done so far this week. I worked and oh, I worked and worked somemore. Monday night I got my hair cut. Thank goodness, my bangs were in my face. Last night I went to the Men's softball game. They played awesome and won 27-7. We went to On The Border for $1 tacos. We didn't get home till after 10. Tonight was our small group. Our study was on Rahab. I can't go into detail. It's my bedtime. I don't think I've been getting enough sleep. I think I'm getting a cold, I'm sneezing every 10 minutes.
-Until tomorrow.

October 2, 2005

October is breast cancer awareness month!!

Did you know?
  • 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer?
  • A woman dies of breast cancer every 11 minutes?
  • 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no known risk factors?
  • 5-10% have a family history of breast cancer?
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer of all women?
  • It is the leading cause of death for women 35-54?

You are at Risk if you're...

  • Female
  • 50+ years of age
  • Never having given birth
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Family history of cancer
  • Younger than 12 when menstruation began
  • Smoker
  • Obese

Women over the age of 20 should examine their breast once a month!!!

Please click here for Breast Self Examination.

I also added a bunch of breast cancer awareness links to the sidebar.

October 1, 2005

The day went by too fast

J & I got up entirely too early this morning. We got up at 7:45am. J had told his parents that we would go to SeaWorld with them not knowing that we would stay up till 1am last night.
SeaWorld was fun. We saw the baby clydesdale. His legs are so tall he has to spread them out to reach the ground to eat. Kinda like a giraffe. We also watched a police dog demonstration. It is so amazing to watch those dogs. At the end of the demonstration one of the dogs opened the police car door and got in and closed the door. They also said that when they are outside of the car they usually leave the dog in the car. If anything happens, they have a button that they can push that will let the dog out of the car. We also watched The Wild Artic and Haunted Lighthouse 4-D. Water sprays you right in the face. That's just not fun to me. It was a beautiful clear day and J wore plenty of sunscreen!
After SeaWorld, we were beat. J took a nap and I tried to watch ER. The DVR did not record it properly. It was skipping the entire time. I fell asleep for about 10 minutes. I woke up at 4:57pm. We had to be at J's parents house at 5 to celebreate J's birthday. Good thing we live close. We ate hamburger's and had cake. J opened presents. It was nice. I talked alot to my niece trying to catch up on her life. She is a freshman in highschool. I can't believe how old she is now. She is involved in band. She plays the clarinet and is really good at it. She uses my clarinet from my band days. She tried out for pep band and only 4 clarinets made it. My niece and 3 other seniors. I'm so proud. She is also very involved in playing soccer. She is going to tryout for the highschool soccer team. This summer she went to Holland and played soccer for a week. She's really good! She's just growing up too fast.
After the birthday party we went to 7eleven. I got a french vanilla cappuccino, my favorite. It was so yummy. I wish it wasn't as fattening as it is...boo!! We went to the grocery store. Our life is so exciting!! Grocery store on a Saturday night. There isn't any other place I'd rather be but with my wonderful J grocery shopping! When we finally got home we watched a movie. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This version was made in 1988 by the BBC. It was a little hoky and slow, but it followed the story exactly. It was 2 1/2 hours long. J had a hard time staying awake. I was interested because that is what I am reading right now.
It's getting late! We are going to 8:15am church in the morning because the Charger game starts at 10am.
Here are some photos from SeaWorld!
-Until tomorrow.

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Fridays are awesome!!

Fridays are always the best days at work...duh. I went in early and worked on Sim. The theater bar was all I had left. I finished it, for now! I also worked on Gor and Far. The plumber was at Gor this morning trying to finalize his bid. We already had a bid from another plumber, but we felt that his price was high. We were right to bid it out to a second plumber, he was almost half the price of the 1st plumber. So I signed the contract for the plumber for the Gor job. The Far job is almost complete. We are waiting on travertine slab countertops to be made and the glass enclosure for the shower. I got 3 options on how to install the glass for the shower, none of which were exactly how "senior designer" wanted them. I tried calling him, but he had horrible cell service and we couldn't hear each other. I decided not to decide until monday what to do. Something happened today that I wasn't expecting. My new office is actually in progress. The office I have now is only a year old. The space that I designed was for me basically to be alone, maybe an assistant in the future, possibly. One of the other offices flooded and that designer had to move into "senior designer's" office. His office is basically a storage room. It has tons of veneer samples, tile samples, plans, paperwork that is probably 15-20 years old. All this was scattered everywhere in his office. There was just enough room for someone to clear out a path to his desk and to work on a computer. So "senior designer" decided to move in with me. I did not design that office for him to be in there. It just doesn't function properly. He brings in paperwork, samples and plans all the time. I am constantly trying to figure out what to do with it all and keep my sanity and get my work done. I convinced "senior designer" that he and I needed to move into his office. Afterall, it was bigger, had a better ocean view and was quieter. Right now my office is grand central, it is the first office you see. I am constantly being interrupted. So, the flooded office has been repaired. New flooring has been put in. And all the furniture from "senior designer's" office was put in to this new office that was flooded. So today there were guys cleaning out my new office to be. Even though all the furniture is gone, all the junk is still there. This is huge progress. I am going to try to take the time this weekend to finalize details of the new office. I am trying to give "senior designer" a small space in whick he can't scatter junk all over. My new space will have tons of storage and I am going to face the ocean. It will be great!!
So, I left the office at around 4pm, went by Marshall's and got a few things, got home and read some more of my book. I finished the Magician's Nephew. J got home at around 7:30pm. He had played in a golf tournament all day with his work. He was exhausted. We got ready and were out the door at 8pm. We went to Rubio's for dinner and we were at the bowling alley by 9pm. We met friends there for Thunder Bowling. We had a great time. Here is who came: Kaydee & Sarge "The Intimidator", Scout & Amy Jo, Sunrise, and two other couples that I don't have false names for yet. We had a great time! We didn't get home till 12:45am! Here are some pictures! Enjoy!
-Until tomorrow.

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