July 26, 2008

Under Construction...

I am in the process of a re-design! Hopefully this turns out great, because I am spending a lot of time on it!!!

♥ Elliemae

July 21, 2008

Weekend update...

This weekend was packed with fun stuff and was oh so relaxing!!

Friday evening Jeremy had a soccer game, but before his game we played and played with Lil'D. We played trains for the longest time. Lil'D loves trains!!

Saturday we had lots of family time. We played cars, trains, and whatever else all morning. We got the grocery store out of the way and then headed down to Qualcomm stadium. Today was the San Diego Fire Expo:

There was a parade of like 50 firetrucks blowing their horns and running their sirens. A helicopter also landed in the parking lot. I think Lil'D was in heaven!! He got a firehat and a smokey the bear hat. He like the badge he got to from smokey the bear. There were tons more kid activites, maybe next year Lil'D can participate more. After Lil'Ds nap we drove downtown and put the top down on the convertible. Since the ballpark was built, downtown is the place to be! Lil'D said hi to all the people. He is so friendly. We found some steep hills and did "hands up." We also found a great spot to watch the airplanes come in. They fly right over you. Lil' was out like a light at bedtime! I stayed up till 3am. I love to stay up and night. I haven't stayed up that late in a while

Sunday morning I slept in. Jeremy and Lil'D played all morning. Jeremy brought Lil'D in the bedroom at around 9am and Lil'D was so excited to see me. "Mama, WAKE UP!" he kept saying. I was already awake and about to get up before they came in. It was really a nice way to be woken up! After playing trains all morning, we decided to go to Old Poway Park and ride the train. We were hoping to ride the steam train, but the speeder was going instead. This was our first visit. The park was really pretty. It had lots of trees, large rocks and fun bridges and a picnic area. I got some really great shots of Lil'D. I dressing him up in some overalls and he actually wore his Thomas engineer hat. I really didn't expect him to keep the hat on. It stayed on the entire time. He was simply adorable. I can't wait to show you the pics. I just haven't had a chance to post them. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Lil'D napped, Jeremy and I watched a movie and did absolutely nothing. It was lovely!

We had a wonderful weekend, hope you did too!!!

♥ Elliemae

July 17, 2008

Wanna try to win a quilt?

Oh, my heck...

would you look at how bea-u-ti-ful this quilt is? I am in la-la land just looking at it. The fabrics are just so incredibly scrumcious!!! It is good enough to eat!!!

Any-whoo, if you want to try to win this please visit Dana at Old Red Barn Co. the instructions are all there! Good luck, but I don't want you to win...I WANT TO WIN!!! hehe

♥ Elliemae

Think Pink Thursday!


Ok, so I still haven't had time to take photos of my pink "things," but you know I think it is more fun searching the net for them!!!

Here is what I found this week:


I would secretly love to drive a pink car. Ok, realisticly, how about a white car with pink pinstripes...huh, huh...that would be awesome!! hehe


(FYI: I linked all the photos to the original sites that I found them)

Pink makes me Sooo happy!!!

♥ Elliemae

Fun stuff I have found today...

Look what I found today. The owner of the etsy shop PRISMA is Brenna and she is seventeen! Here is her profile:

My name is Brenna. (Not Breanna or Brenda - Brenna!) I am a seventeen year-old, high school graduate who enjoys crafting & all things handmade, vintage, retro, geeky, & Japanese! I would like to have a career in Business (& eventually Fashion Design) when I graduate, so I believe starting here at Etsy is a great opportunity.I will treat all of my customers & their purchases with great care.

I ♥ video games.

I ♥ anime/manga.

I ♥ fairy tales.

I ♥ Asian (mainly Japanese) culture.

I ♥ rainbows, clouds, & rainy days.

I ♥ tea.

I ♥ cats, cephalopods, & pandas.

I ♥ photography.

If you would like a chance to win one of her rings or felt badges go visit

Bethany at Vermillion Rules!

This is what I want to win:

I am so inspired to be crafty!!!

Hope you enjoy!!

♥ Elliemae

July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

For more Wordless Wednesday click here or here!

♥ Elliemae

July 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday...


My house is a 1/3 more organized from taking the day off yesterday. I need more time to get it all together!! I only organized. I didn't clean anything. My bathrooms and kitchen still need cleaning! I just organized the dining room, the living room, Lil'Ds room and my bedroom. My bedroom is no where near being done. I have the furniture in the place where I want it, but I still need to purge and organize all my stuff.


MORE CHANGES TO ADOBE. I was almost there. Today the project manager and I were supposed to go to the jobsite and verify that the cabinets, as drawn, were going to fit ok. Well, yesterday (while I was off), the client had an architect out to the jobsite. The architect started making MAJOR changes. We've been working on this project for a while now. He wants to get rid of a wall and move kitchen around. Which is great and fine, but I don't understand why we are doing this now. We were working around the existing walls because the client wants to eventually bull doze the house and build a new one. He just wanted to fix the place up to live in while he got the plans drawn up and the approvals from the city. I put the brakes on the whole job today. I have worked on this kitchen for at least 80 hours. I have re done the design twice. This will be the third time. All I can do now is wait for Senior Designer to get back from vacation and start over again!


My blow dryer went kaput this morning. I thought the outlet was going out. I have to go blow dryer shopping. I'm not really happy about that. I am saving for a straightening iron, a really nice one. I don't want to spend money on a blow dryer, again. My hair actually fixed pretty decent just letting it air dry.


I love the dollar area at Target!!! Just thought I would remind you!


My Dad's birthday is tomorrow. My Mom's birthday is next Monday. They are a year apart.


I really like watching The Deadliest Catch. It is a good show. It is amazing watching these men overcome the ocean and weather.


We have had our video camera for two years and he just realized last night that is has an SD card and can download it onto his laptop. Two years people. That's why it is so important to read the instructions and the manual. I will give him this: he was a brand new Dad and had a lot to do. The important thing is we know this now! So we can put video straight to the laptop. There goes all the memory we had!!!


It's been really humid in San Diego. I am so fortunate that my office is nice and comfortable! As soon as I got home today I started sweating. It got worse as I played with Lil'D in the backyard. The only good thing is that the wind was blowing.


Lil'D has decided that he does not want to sit in his highchair anymore. At daycare he doesn't sit in one anymore, he sits at the picnic table with the bigger kids. So we have been putting him in a booster at the table. He likes it a lot better.


The Closer with Kyra Sedgwick started yesterday and I missed the first episode of the new episode. Boo, I love this show!!!! It is awesome.

♥ Elliemae

Weekend update...

It was a good weekend overall!

Friday I got off work at around 2pm and just went home and rested. Jeremy picked up Lil'D and had a soccer game to get to. Before he left, Lil'D wanted shin guards and socks like Daddy. So, Jeremy found my old shin guards and some socks and put them on Lil'D. Of course, Lil'D wanted to go outside. Daddy left and we headed over to the soccer fields by our house. The gate was locked. We decided to walk by Auntie E's house, they were leaving for their soccer game as well. If I had know that they were going to be playing Jeremy's team I would have gone with Lil'D. It is so hard to get him off the field and then have him watch Daddy play soccer. He, being a toddler, can't sit still and doesn't understand why he can't get back on the field and play.

So we headed over to the big field that is surrounded by palm trees. We kicked the ball around a little. There was a Dad and his 5yo son and almost 2yo daughter playing baseball. Lil'D walked right up and helped himself to a bat and said "my turn." The Dad threw some balls to Lil'D and he kept asking "Again, again." The Dad took turns throwing to Lil'D and his son. It turns out that his 5yo son's birthday was June 22. Lil'D's was June 16. Very cool. Then he started talking about how they were leaving for Texas in a couple of weeks. I asked where. He said "this little small town called Marshall." No way. Marshall is about 80 miles north of Nacogdoches. We were big football rivals. Small world. So after Spencer (the Dad) and his kids went home, Lil'D and I continued to play. We found a hill for Lil'D to run down. He wore himself out. Some times on the way down he wouldn't fall. But most times he would fall right at the very end. He also kept taking a break and walking over between two palm trees and saying "sit down, sit down" and he would watch a guy who was hitting golf balls on the big field. Then he would get up again and go up the hill and run down. He must have ran down that hill at least 40 times. He went right to sleep at bedtime.

Saturday, Lil'D slept till 7:30. We went to the swap meet. I found 5 frames for 6 dollars. I am going to sand them and paint them to match, put white matte board in them, with no glass and put Lil'Ds art in them. I can change them out when I want. Apparently, I had fallen asleep on the couch as soon we got back home. Jeremy put Lil'D down for his nap and I slept for about an hour. I never take naps. I don't like naps. Guess I needed it. When Lil'D woke up from his nap, it was date time. We packed Lil'D up, blanket, Lion and all and walked over to Auntie E and Uncle RD's and dropped Lil'D off. This was going to be his first night without either one of us. Jeremy and I were going out to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

We went to an early movie and saw Wanted. It was a really good action movie. Lots of violence and too much curse words. I really liked to story and some of the cool effects. I actually like Angelina Jolie in this movie. I really liked the character she played. Just way too much cursing for me. After the movie we went to the Macaroni Grill. Jeremy printed out a coupon for a free appetizer, we had the Parmesan-Crusted Artichoke Cakes. Yummy!! Jeremy loved them too. (he is not a vegetable guy at all) I ordered Eggplant Parmesan and was really disappointed. They had burned it a little and the taste just wasn't there. But, Jeremy had the Pinot Grigio Chicken. It was delish!!! We had a good waiter and enjoyed drawing on the paper table cloth with crayons!!! It was a nice evening out. We got back to the house and were bored. We played a game of Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture. Jeremy won, as usual. The game gave Jeremy the final question that it had asked the last time we played it. The last time we played this game was with Kaydee and The Intimidator. Kaydee won with the answer: Rolex. So, I think Jeremy should have had to answer a different questions. But, we were tired so we went to bed.

Sunday morning. We slept in for the first time in two years!!! We got up around 9:30am. AAhhh. We called Auntie E and Uncle RD to see where they were at around 11am. Auntie E wasn't ready so they kept him for another hour or so. I was excited to see him walk up to the door outside. He was grinning ear to ear with his sock monkey in his hand! Auntie E and Uncle RD said that he never cried once and was so good the whole time. They absolutely wore him out. We should have stayed home and ate lunch, but Jeremy and I needed to go to the mall to get a card. Lil'D had past his threshold and was really whiny. He needed a nap. We finally got home and we put him down for a nap. I went to Target and spent $15.00. I was only supposed to get cereal. I got 4 boxes (raisin bran, regular Cheerios, fruity Cheerios, and frosted shredded wheat) for $7.00 minus $1.00 (coupon) for $6.00!!! Can't beat that, considering cereal jumps from anywhere of $2.99 -$4.99 a box these days. I also went nuts in the $1.00 section. Target had all kinds of educational stuff. Here is what I got:

  • Erasable placemat to trace capital letters on one side and small letters on the back.
  • United States board book
  • First Words board book
  • First Animals board book
  • First ABCs board book
  • Small (3" diameter) world globe
  • Learning clock
  • Presidents of the United States flash cards
  • Multi-color ink pen with cherries on the outside for me
  • and a small notebook for me. (I have a weakness for journals and notebooks)

I put back a wall world map, and united states wall map, first numbers board book, erasable placement to trace cursive letters, and the cutest little post its. I had to resist. It was overload. I love the dollar area!!!

We went to the grocery store when Lil'D got up. We also gave him the drum that we had bought at the swap meet. It also came with jingle bells, one xylophone with mallet, a tambourine a wooden cylinder shaped instrument that has ridges and you rub a stick against it and it makes a zip sound. It also has rock or something in it and you can shake it. He absolutely loves it and can't get enough of it! We think he is going to be a drummer. He loves to play drums on everything.

Monday I had the day off! I took Lil'D to daycare and worked really hard in the house. I organized as much as I could all day. I didn't finish at all. Things are still out of place. I need another day to finish. I really need a week! Sometimes it is so hard to get that place organized. If I was there more, it probably wouldn't be such a big chore. But because I work all day, come home and spend time with my family. I am too tired to do anything after Lil'D goes to bed. I just want to sit and be brainless for a bit before bed. I need to get out of this laziness I am in and get on it better!!!!

It was nice to have the extra day, but work is work and it really didn't feel like a day off.


♥ Elliemae

This is where I'd rather be today...

I want to go here and shop and walk and shop and take tons of pictures!!!

Last week's destination: Rocky Point Mexico

♥ Elliemae

July 11, 2008

Candles anyone?

Please go and visit Jenny at Daily Dose of Motherhood. She makes candles and has put together a list of candle scents and wants you to pick your top 5 favorites. She will be testing the top scents and adding them to her fall line. Please go and check it out, who knows if you vote you just might win a couple of her wickless candles, a candle warmer and a gift certificate to try out her new wicked candles this fall!!

♥ Elliemae

Yay!!! I'm free for 3 days!!

I have completely been swamped at work. My boss left for vacation yesterday. I have been working to catch up on all the tasks he gave me before he left. We were supposed to meet on Wednesday, but he was swamped all day with other appointments. I went home at 2pm and took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Senior Designer called me at around 6 and we made an appointment for 8pm at his house. Crazy, huh? We worked intently on Adobe and MustardStone for 2 hours. I got all the answers I needed! Senior Designer's wife came in at around 10pm and told him to let me go home. I was just so glad to have a meeting that wasn't hurried and interrupted like it usually is. I was fine doing that because first of all he will be gone for 10 days. Second of all, I have got to put this order in for Adobe and I want to make sure everything is correct! So yesterday I got in all the revisions for MustardStone to the cabinet manufacturers. They will be closed for the next 3 weeks. Today I got all the revisions done for the Adobe and sent the order in. It was such a relief to get those done! AND, I'm takin' Monday off!!! Wa-hoo!

♥ Elliemae

July 8, 2008

Ten on Tuesday...


I am in a tired slump and can't get out of it. I am supposed to get up at 5:45am. I have been getting up at 6:15-6:20. This morning I got up at 6:35. I just can't get out of this slump. I am going to bed at 9:45pm-10pm. I guess I've got to start going to bed at 9pm. And I wanted to try to start getting up at 5am to work out. Yeah, right!


I need a new battery for my watch. It keeps stopping and starting. The time is all wrong. According to my watch it should be yesterday, 6:30pm.


I really, really like my new car. I am getting 30mpg!!! Yeah!! I also love to parallel park it!! And when I pull into our carport I don't have to pull in back up and pull in...It takes one sharp turn and I'm in!! Ahh...the little things.


Lil'D has had a tough transition back into his routine from the long weekend. Last night he absolutely did not want to take a bath. He knew that bathtime would lead to night night. He didn't want to have anything to do with it. After lots of crying and convincing he finally calmed down to the Doodlebops. I was shocked he went to bed with no problems after that. But, this morning when I woke him up he didn't want to get up. He cried through his diaper change and finally calmed down when I was putting his clothes on. He continued crying and didn't want his waffle and cried as I put him in the car. I put on the classical station and it calmed him down. He asked for his waffle 5 minutes later and he was content. When we got to daycare it was as if nothing ever happened and he was happy as a lark. I think we have finally entered the "terrible twos."


That website that I found yesterday has got my mind racing with creativity. I've got to find some time to get to some fun projects. I have to finish some of the projects I have already started though. I am right in the middle of an afghan for Lil'D. I have completed 80 3x3 squares. I have 80 rectangles to go. I will hopefully have it done by fall, at least winter. My creative juices are going crazy and need to be released somehow. BUT, I have to get my house in order before I touch another project.

boo :(


I am taking Friday off. I really need a break from work and Senior Designer is going on vacation for 10 days!! I had originally wanted to take Monday off, but Senior Designer said he needed me to be there before he goes on vacation. So, I'm taking Friday. I'm going to spend the day cleaning. I'm not happy about it at all. But, I have to do it.


I ordered some new pens today at work. I love pens. I have been writing with the same pens at work since I started almost 9 years ago. I really want some wonderful pink pens, but $20 for a set of 6 or 7 pens is ridiculous. Even though my company will pay for them, I don't want to be frivolous. What is it about pens that make us love them so much and some we just dislike so much. There is nothing like a good pen!


I love taking pictures of flowers. Everywhere I go I look for them. I am building quite a collection. Here is a lonely little flower I found at the wild animal park. I don't know anything about flowers because I have a black thumb and I kill every plant and flower I have even owned. I need to do some research and figure out what kinds I have.



I am having french vanilla tea today. I haven't had any in a while. I put in a packet of splenda and a drip of honey and it's perfect! Yum-yum!


Jeremy is going to the Padre's game tonight with his Dad. It's just me and Lil'D tonight. I hope to get some serious housework done tonight so that I don't spend my entire day off on Friday cleaning!

♥ Elliemae

July 7, 2008

Look what else I found:

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at pYzam.com

Living For Today had this on her blog. I had to have one!!

♥ Elliemae


I just found a new crafty blogger. I can't stop looking at it. Is is totally disrupting my work today. All my breaks today have been dedicated to this site.


Ok, the name of the site is...30 Handmade Days

She has TONS of crafty tutorials linked, which leads to some incredibly crafty ladies. I am in homemade crafty goodness overload. I've got to get some crafty time planned soon for this!!

Here is one example of something I want to make:

Skirt Tutorials!!

Have fun with this one!!!!!
♥ Elliemae

This is where I would rather be today...

I want to escape to this exact location with a good book!!! Ahhh...

Last week's destination: Panguitch, Utah

♥ Elliemae

Weekend Update...

The long weekend actually felt like a long weekend. I am soooo glad!!

Thursday night we went to the zoo. It was a perfect night to be at the zoo. The weather was perfect. Lil'D went to bed at 9pm.

Friday we went to Legoland. It was warm but bearable. By 2pm the heat had done us in. Friday night we walked to the Taco Bell parking lot with Auntie E and her family and got our usual spot to watch the fireworks. The first couple of pows Lil'D said "all done," but that eventually turned into "woah," then when it was all done he wanted "again!" The walk home was nice. We got Lil'D to bed at 10pm.

Saturday we went to the Wild Animal Park. It was really hot. We got there at about 10:30 and went on the new Journey into Africa safari tour. The line had just started to get pretty long. By the time we got back for the tour the line was crazy long! It reached about 95 degrees and we were ready to go. We left at about 1:15. We stopped by North County Fair mall and got some lunch. After Lil'D woke up from his nap we headed to the airport downtown to watch the airplanes come in. It was really slow. We did see a coast guard helicopter come in and land. That was really neat to watch. Lil'D sure loved it. We cruzed downtown with the top down and had a very enjoyable scenic ride. We got Lil'D to bed tonight at 8:30pm

Sunday we were lazy all day!! I didn't get out of my pajamas till around 4pm. Went went over to Grandma & Grandpa Ham's house to see what they were up to. We headed home, picked up dinner, ate and got Lil'D to bed at 7:30pm. Back on track.

It was a very nice holiday weekend. We did lots and had lots of fun. Now I'm tired.

Have a wonderful week!!
♥ Elliemae

July 6, 2008

Wanna play a game?

The concept:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.

b. Using only the first page, pick an image.

c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? ELLIEMAE

2. What is your favorite food? ORANGE CHICKEN

3. What high school did you go to? NACOGDOCHES HIGH SCHOOL

4. What is your favorite color? PINK

5. Who is your celebrity crush? JESSICA ALBA

6. Favorite drink? CAPPUCCINO

7. Dream vacation? VIRGIN ISLANDS

8. Favorite dessert? CREME BRULEE

9. What you want to be when you grow up? GRANDMA

10. What do you love most in life? JEREMY

11. One Word to describe you. QUIET

12. Your flickr name. LILD

Here is what i came up with:


1. Ellie Mae, 2. "kiat-kiat" the lucky money plant, 3. Old college, 4. vintage tea set with cupcake, 5. i'm like a dog to get you,, 6. I Love Cappuccino, 7. Floral View, 8. Berry & Lavender Crème Brûlée, 9. Path to Grandma's House, 10. I Will Trust in You, 11. Lonely Tea Time, 12. Secret Garden

Have fun!!
♥ Elliemae

July 5, 2008

Letters to Lil'D

My sweetest Lil'D,

I have decided to write letters to you so that I can remember your childhood better and thought you might have fun reading it one day.

This week you figured out how to bowl on the Wii. You finally figured out which button to push and release as you swing you arm, all at the same time. You bowled a 75 all by yourself. I was so proud of you figuring all that out. I know it was frustrating, but you are only going to get better at it. Soon you will be learning how to use a mouse and typing on your own blog all by yourself.

Your favorite tv show is the Doodlebops right now. DeeDee, Rooney, and Moe are the characters. I think Moe is your favorite. You are always hiding in your closet, then opening the door and jumping out yelling "Tada...here I am." That is what Moe says in every episode. Moe also plays the drums and you really love drums. Speaking of drums you are also really into the Animusic DVDs. You are completely enamored when they are playing. You have also gotten into the habit of saying next song. That is Daddy's fault.

You and Daddy have been adding silly things to your routine. Like at bedtime you used to lay in your crib with your finger on your lips and your eyes closed waiting for Daddy to put chapstick on your lips. Now you love to hold the chapstick, take the lid off, apply it to your lips, put the cap back on and sometimes repeat it over again. I watched you do this over and over again for 20 minutes in the backseat of the car one evening. You still can't spin the lid off yourself, but you make the back and forth motion like you do know what your doing.

Another silly thing you and Daddy are doing is your highfives when you go night-night. You give Daddy knuckles, then highfive, then daddy gives you more fives really fast and then tickles your neck. You love this so much and it usually gives you the hiccups. You went to bed quite a few nights this week with the hiccups.

I've also enjoyed you and Daddy wrestling on the living room floor. Actually, it's Daddy laying on the floor, you crawling on Daddy's back then jumping off. You love to jump off of everything...curbs, books, toys whatever you can find that Mommy doesn't think is too high. Just this week we went to North County Fair. We let you loose in the children's play area and you went nuts. There is a little bridge that is about 24" off the ground. You are really supposed to slide down it, but all the bigger kids were jumping, so of course you had to jump. I cringed and you landed on your feet, caught yourself with your hands, and almost kept going. It was so funny. You looked up and laughed and were so happy. You did it over and over again.

This week we also went to your 2 year wellness doctor appointment. The waiting room has a glass window that has letters on it with the doctor's office name on it. You spelled out G-R-O-Q-P. You pointed at each letter and almost spelled group. The letters were even backwards. I was so proud!

We had a super busy 3 day weekend! On Thursday night we went to the zoo for a couple of hours. You walked up the hill to the polar bears all by yourself and we took the buckets back to the front and looked at all the snakes. You weren't that interested in the snakes...yet. On Friday, we went to Legoland. You rode the airplanes twice and this time you and Daddy rode the boats. You watched the fireworks so intently. After they were done you said "Again!" We walked back home and Z and Nate jumped out a scared you the whole way home. "Again, again," you said the whole way home. On Saturday we went to the Wild Animal Park. We have done so much that you put your hat on in the car and was ready to go. You used to dislike wearing your hat, but today you wore it gladly. I think you finally figured out that it keeps the sun out of your face. We saw lots more animals today and on the way back to the car you counted to twenty all by yourself. After we got you home and napped we drove downtown to watch the airplanes land. There wasn't much going on so we "cruised" downtown with the top down. You really loved it. You have been up past your bedtime for 3 days in a row. Tomorrow we've got to get you back on schedule. You had so much fun you didn't want to go to bed.

You are growing up so fast and I am enjoying every minute with you. I burst with joy thinking about how much I love you. I have never known a love like this before. Every passing day is another fun adventure that I am happy to take with you for as long as you will invite me!!



July 3, 2008

Think Pink Thursday!!!


Ok, today is the first day of Think Pink. I unfortunately didn't have time to take my own pictures but I found something REALLY interesting! If you would like to participate (all 2 of ya) put together a post about pink stuff that you just love!! Leave me a comment and let me know that you did it! When this gets big enough (ha ha) I will add a Mr. Linky. Have fun!!

Ok...Pink kitchens, that is what I picked today. I found a couple of photos some of which are not that bad and I would LOVE to do this! I found all of these in a flickr pool called Pink Rooms.

photo credit: kimhas6cats

photo credit: S.o.L.e

photo credit: midcenturyjo

photo credit: Kittypinkstars

photo credit: ladyinpink2006

Click on this link to see one more pink kitchen. I couldn't save the photo, but I still wanted to include it!

Look at these pink appliances from Elmira Stove Works:

approximately $3,495

approximately $3,995

approximately $749

These things make me so happy!! I love it when people think outside the box with pink!!!

Like I said my intention was not to find photos from the internet. I really wanted to photograph my own pink items. I just ran out of time. Hope you had fun! I know I did!!

♥ Elliemae

July 2, 2008

What I do at work Wednesday...

I look through countless design magazines and see really cool product and hardly ever get to share this with anyone. So, I'm gonna share with you. These are the products that the high end clients are looking at. The kitchens that we sell are usually in the $300,000-600,000 range. That is cabinets only, maybe appliances and maybe appliances. It depends on their taste!!

I found this ad below in a Kitchen and Bath Business magazine. I think it's cool, if I came across the right house it would be perfect:

~Pewter Countertops~

The company: Handcrafted Metal

They offer copper, pewter, and zinc countertops, range hoods and sink.

I was intrigued by this picture because there are no seams. It is custom made for the shape of your countertops!! No seams means no hang ups for any crumbs, food or liquid! It looks amazing too!!

A lot of people are remodeling their master bathrooms. Some of our clients master baths are as big and my kitchen, dining room and living room in my own house. Bath remodels are really expensive because plumbing is involved and most people don't want to leave their toilets and sinks where they were. Moving plumbing equals big $$$. I really love the beautiful sinks that are being designed right now. The sinks that sit above the countertop are called vessel sinks. There are thousands of designs available along with very cool faucets. Here are a few:

Top Left Company: BMOOD

This is a super contemporary basin design. It has an optional matching lid. The flower motif is what caught my eye. I love flowers!!

Top Right and Bottom Center Company: Kraus

I love these glass bowls. Each one has their own personality. Bathroom jewelry.

I don't know how much I would really like this next product. I would really want to try it out first:

Company: The Allstone Group

This tub is limestone. The took a large block of limestone and cut this tub out of it. It is a solid piece. It weighs a ton! It can also be carved out of granite, marble and sandstone. My concern would be how long it would take to warm the stone up. Would the stone be cool even though the bath is warm? MMmm?

There are so many countertop surfaces available it's really hard to pick. For the high end kitchens we design we always use granite. But I like things a little more exciting personally:

Company: Silestone

I love bolder colors. I don't necessarily like these cabinets, but I love these countertops. It looks minty. I also really like what they have put on the island. There are 2 gas cooking components on one side and electric cooking components on the other. how versatile!!!

This is a featured kitchen in the magazine I picked up at work today. It's so clean! I want to eat it!! Lime green cabinets are so bold, creative and BRAVE. I don't know anyone that would do it on purpose. But looking at this photo I would totally do it.

I absolutely love this add. The add is for Zephyr ventilation hoods. The one pictured is pretty nice. I absolutely love this traditional gas range. Isn't it beautiful! I love the brass accents. I love everything about this photo. The complimentary orange items just feel good. The cabinets don't have any hardware on them...silly ad! I also like the container that the apples are in on the left of the stove. Pretty!

So that is our tour today. I hope you have enjoyed a little of what I see everyday!

Work update:

This week I have been working mainly on MustardStone and Adobe. We are in the revision stage for the Adobe house. My next step is to finalize the plans and order the cabinetry. MustardStone has been in the ordering stage for a couple of months now. I have 4 areas left: the media center, the library, the media center ceiling and the interior door order.

♥ Elliemae

Wordless Wednesday


Please visit 5 minutes for Mom or Wordless Wednesday for more photos!!

♥ Elliemae

July 1, 2008

My first TAG!!!!

Jenny tagged me from Daily Dose of Motherhood for this meme. This is the first time I have gotten tagged!! Wa-hoo, I'm movin' up in blogworld!!

A. Attached or single? Attached...permanently and happily!!!!

B. Best friend? Jeremy, he's the best friend I could ever have. But...Chica is my bestest girlfriend! Her and I have worked together and been best friends for almost 10 years.

C. Cake or pie? Cake, but it has to be white cake or lemon cake. I'm really weird, I don't like chocolate cake. It's something about the texture I just don't like. I know I told you I was weird.

D. Day of choice? Saturday.

E. Essential item? My laptop. I'm addicted to it after 7pm.

F. Favorite color? PINK!!!

G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears, but I really love the neon worms that are sour. I think they are called Brite Crawlers.

H. Home town? Nacogdoches, Texas

I. Favorite indulgence? Getting my toes done. It is such a rare treat because I just don't have the time or the money to get it done all the time.

J. January or July? January. I really dislike hot weather. I sweat excessively. I have done this since I can remember. It's even worse now that I am carrying more weight. Thank goodness the San Diego weather is so agreeable, because we don't have air conditioning. It's not a standard thing around here. Texas weather was almost just unbearable.

K. Kids? 1, for now. Lil'D just turned 2.

L. Life isn’t complete without? Jeremy and Lil'D

M. Marriage date? June 6, 1998. We just hit 10 years!!

N. Number of brothers and sisters? One brother

O. Oranges or Apples? Apples

P. Phobias? Snakes and talking in front of people

Q. Quote? I have a favorite verse: I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. Psalm 40:1-2

R. Reasons to smile? Lil'D saying "bless you" after I sneeze. Watching Jeremy run around with Lil'D on his shoulders both laughing so hard it hurts.

S. Season of choice? Spring. The weather is absolutely p.e.r.f.e.c.t!

T. Tag 5 people: I don't have 5 bloggy friends Y.E.T! So I will tag Kaydee. She will eventually have a blog one day!!

U. Unknown fact about me? I was a baton twirler for almost 20 years.

V. Vegetable? Broccoli...yummy!!

W. Worst habit? Biting my nails, but for some reason I have quit for the moment. I actually have nails right now. I have to take good care of them and not get any hangnails. Once that happens it is over. I will peel and then bite. I have got to be strong this time!! I have been biting my nails since I was about 5. That's a 30 year habit. It is really hard to break.

X. Xray or ultrasound? Ultrasound.

Y. Your favorite food? Right now I love pretzels and mustard. My absolute favorite has to be crab cakes!!

Z. Zodiac sign? Pisces

♥ Elliemae

Ten on Tuesday...

The following are ten random things on my mind today:


Yesterday "Senior Designer" and I had a meeting with our client Mr.G. He is the owner of the Adobe and MustardStone. The interior designer was here also. She made tons of changes to the Media Room and the Library. For weeks now I have been hunting for veneer inlays and starbursts to add to these pieces. She didn't like any of it. La-ti-da. All that time hunting for nothing. Oh well, "Senior Designer" pays me by the hour. I have to make changes to all the drawings and add recessed panels with moldings and 3-D accent molding instead of the inlays and starbursts. Now I have to hunt for the perfect 3-D accent molding. Changes are ok, for the first couple of times. By the fifth or sixth change it gets really annoying because I just want to be done with these designs and move on.


Lil'D has his 2 year old wellness appointment tomorrow. That means shots. I am wondering how he is going to handle these "owies." I will be going to the appointment by myself because Jeremy has a work appointment he can't get out of.


I really like almonds. They are so good and addicting. I am doing everything I can not to eat the whole bag. Self-control.


I have not been drinking enough water lately. I just don't want it. Bad, I know. Yesterday, I brought in one of my larger mugs (a Mary Engelbreit mug to be specific). I put water in it and added a White Grape Crystal Light package to it. It was delicious. It was like having a grape soda!! This is my new water!!! I'm totally addicted.


Lil'D said "Bless you" this morning when I sneezed. Love that.


My fingernails are all grown out. My thumbs too. I am a nail-biter. There are times when I just can't stop. I don't know why. It has been the hardest habit to break. I really don't know why I have grown them out? Usually when I'm bored or hungry I will bite my nails. I guess I haven't been either. Yeah, nails! I need to reward myself with a manicure!! Maybe this weekend.


He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young. Isaiah 40:11

The God of the universe, the Master Creator, stopped in the middle of telling The Greatest Story Ever Told for just a brief moment to whisper, "Moms (and Dads), I know it's hard. But I will lead you. And I will lead you gently."

This is on my computer monitor at work and I see it everyday. It reminds me that no matter what I'm going through with my child, God will always, ALWAYS lead me. Thought I would share.


I really like that new song by Jesse McCartney called Leavin. I really like the music alot. It's cool. I also like the part of the song where he says Don't Stress, Don't Stress, Don't Stress.


We are going to LegoLand on Friday for the Fourth of July!! Lil'D loves legoland. We are going to carry his swimsuit this time so he can play in the water. He is going to be so excited he won't know what to do with himself!


I absolutely love Mary Engelbreit. Her artwork is so much fun. This is my favorite right now. When Lil'D finally grew in his hair, it was blonde. I am brunette. I look like the nanny. I love this pic of a brunette mom hugging her little blonde boy!! It's me and Lil'D!

If you haven't please visit Mary Engelbreit's Website. There are so many fun things to look at and lots of crafty stuff to make. Major crafty goodness!!!

Hope you enjoyed my list of stuff. I did!

♥ Elliemae