February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Woke up, got ready, and went to work. Worked all day. I gave everyone valentines with sweetarts. I left at 4:45 to pick up Lil'D. Valentine's Day is so much fun. Lil'D's daycare lady, Pam made these beautiful cards with his hand prints inside. It was so neat! It's so much fun to get things like that now. And the valentines to Lil'D from the other kids is cute too!!! I love being a MOMMY!!
J had candles burning when I got home and gave me the cutest cat. It's the one from Hallmark. It is adorable! He also gave me a beautiful ring. It has a pink heart stone in it. It is beautiful.
Lil'D was kind of a crab tonight. Pam said that he woke up really early from his afternoon nap. He was super tired tonight. With all the scootin' around he does during the day he is just wiped out at night.
J & I played with him, gave him a bath and put him to bed.
J & I had Baja fresh for our Valentine's dinner. It was yummy.
We watched the Apprentice from Sunday and American Idol.
-Until tomorrow

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