November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

Bathtub Adventures...

Please visit 5minutesForMom for more adorable pics!!

November 25, 2008

Thanks momma...

I received a card from my mom yesterday. Here it is...

I just love Mary Engelbreit stuff. I just love this card. My momma is so sweet and thoughtful!

November 23, 2008

New signature...

I finally figured out how to add a divider between my posts and add my signature to the bottom of the post! If you want to know how check out this site:

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I've been trying to blog for almost a week now and I am just sitting in front of my laptop...wordless. I have so much going on in my life, but nothing really to say about it.

The usual stuff is overwhelming me...housework, laundry, what to eat, stuff like that, but this week is just different. I put up a new design on my blog, but that wasn't as satisfying as if normally is. I'm just fickle, unsatisfied, missing something. That is the best I can describe it.

I have something really important to tell you, but I can't just yet. I have to make sure that certain people know this information face to face first, then I will add it to my blog. Very short, very simple. It's not anything that you really want to hear, but it is something I have to share. I feel that if I share it out loud, I can get on with my life.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and a houseful of people. I have twelve guests coming to my house. I will be making my first turkey ever. I am 35 years old and this is my first turkey. I've been married for 10 years and have never made my own turkey. I'm not a big cook in case you haven't noticed. We always do potluck for Thanksgiving and my mother-in-law brings a turkey and my sister-in-law brings a turkey. I'm giving my sister-in-law a break this year. I've been DVRing Martha and am ready.

So here is what I'm gonna do this week. Keep you all informed of my Thanksgiving day plans.

I just got back from the grocery store with a 16 pound bird. I put it in the refrigerator to start thawing.

Have a great week!!!

♥ Elliemae

November 17, 2008

Funny Lil'D

On Saturday morning Lil'D woke up at 6:50am. Jeremy and I were still sleeping:

Lil'D: Momma, Momma, Momma

Lil'D: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy

We are trying to get him to play in his room on Saturday mornings for a little bit, just until we are up and ready. He started playing when we didn't answer him.
Jeremy and I got up, took showers and just as I was getting ready:

Lil'D: Momma, Momma

Lil'D: Daddy, Daddy
Lil'D: Jeremy, Jeremy

Lil'D: Elliemae, Elliemae

That got my attention.
He knows our names just listening to us.
Amazing what they pick up, isn't it?

♥ Elliemae

November 12, 2008

Taking a short break...

I am taking a little break. I am just swamped with life right now. Just busy being a wife, mom, daughter, friend and employee. I am so crazy busy I haven't taken a single picture in the month of November yet. Those that know me understand that is way out of the ordinary. (my flickr account has over 14,000 pics)
I will return soon....I always do!
Here is a great Wordless Wednesday photo for you:
Little boy in a great big world!!

♥ Elliemae

November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

Guitar Hero World Tour

for more photos please visit 5MinutesForMom!

♥ Elliemae

November 4, 2008

Our trick-or-treat night...

We were planning to leave the house at around 6:30pm to go to the fun festival at church. I was excited about trick-or-treaters coming to our door and Lil'D seeing the kids dressed in costumes. I was excited about Lil'D passing out candy and learning the phrase trick-or-treat.
No one came to our door.
We left for the fun festival and there was no one going from door to door in our neighborhood. I was shocked. Not a single trick-or-treater in sight. I'm glad we were going to the fun festival.
We had a great time at the fun festival. It was filled with game booths, candy, food and kids dressed up in their halloween best! Lil'D loved playing all the games. After he played each game, a bucket of candy was held out to him and he gently and ever so carefully chose one piece and put it in his bag. Of course, they offered him another. He really loved picking out suckers. Suckers are his favorite.
We stayed out till 9pm. We got home at 9:15. Lil'D didn't ask for any candy and we got him to bed at 9:45pm.
I've got some great photos...

♥ Elliemae

November 2, 2008

The man of my dreams...

Jeremy is my husband and my soulmate! We met October 30, 1995.

How we met:
I had just gone through a lot of firsts:
  • Graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. (boy were the math majors upset about the BA changing to the BS for our interior design program)
  • Moved out of my parents house
  • Rented a 1 bedroom apartment in Dallas, Texas (big city)
  • Got my first real design job at Expo Design Center (A Home Depot Company)

My first day of work was computer training on the kitchen cabinet design program 20/20. I sat in the front row. Halfway through the morning the computer I chose crashed. The only available computer was next to my future husband, Jeremy. I would have never guessed that. He was such a crack up and made me laugh the entire 2 days of class. We even sat together at lunch and got to know each other. We became instant friends.

I was in a 3 year relationship with a guy from my hometown who had moved to Dallas a year earlier. There were a lot of group activities after hours that I usually attended and my boyfriend never wanted to. Jeremy and I were always talking and laughing with each other. In the beginning, it never crossed my mind to like Jeremy like that. But as we got to know each other better all that was going through my mind was " this is the kind of guy I want to marry." I was torn and of course Jeremy didn't want to spend anymore time with me knowing that I would not be able to like him as he liked me. I really had no idea he liked me in the beginning. So after my ex-boyfriend not really being interested in meeting any of my new friends, much less not wanting to hang out with them...things changed.

The night of our company Christmas party my boyfriend made us late because he had spent the day with his guy friends shopping for a sport coat jacket and getting drunk. I had to drive us to the party. It was at the hotel at the Galleria. Jeremy and my ex met and it was kind of a weird moment. Halfway through the party my ex was falling asleep in a chair while I was on the dance floor. I told him we really needed to talk. I don't really remember everything in this conversation, but he told me I should marry a guy like Jeremy.

We broke up that night. I was sad of course. I had 3 years invested in this relationship and wasn't a quitter. I tried to just separate my myself from everyone including Jeremy. That was really hard considering we worked together. I finally gave in about after a week when Jeremy asked me out. We went to dinner and then to the movies. We saw Golden Eye. We ended up staying up all night long and talking. It was a Thursday night and we both had to work the next day. We were exhausted, but I knew everything was going to be great. I knew that he was the one I was going to marry after we dated for a month. He felt the same way.

Jeremy wanted me to go on vacation with him to his hometown, San Diego, California. How could I say no to that. We went in May 1996 and then moved there in August 1996. We both transferred with the company. We rented a two bedroom townhouse and I was living in the most beautiful city ever. I couldn't believe it. Jeremy proposed to me in December 1997. We got married in June 1998.

It has been the best adventure being married to him. Always something happening and doing things by the seat of our pants! I've live life to the fullest so far with him. There is not much we haven't done together. There is, of course, plenty more for us to do!

I wouldn't have it any other way! Jeremy is my soulmate and gift from God! We spent our childhood, teenage and college years 1500 miles from each other. By the grace of God we found each other and will be together forever!

Hope you enjoyed this story! I love telling it.

♥ Elliemae

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      I'm doing some blog housekeeping today and some small tweaks to my template. I'm just not quite happy yet. It just looks really cluttered. Maybe I'm just a cluttered kind of person. Well, I'm not willing to admit that.

      Anyway. I'm going to put together some posts of things that I usually keep in my sidebar. It's really stuff that I don't need, but I like it. It will make my sidebar much less cluttered.

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