February 19, 2007

Happy President's Day...

Traffic was awesome this morning. It was the rain and the wind that was a pain. I started on a different project today. I am going to do the technical drawings for a project called MustardStone Club. It is a 5000 square foot condo in Big Sky, Montana. This project has been floating around at our office for a couple of years now. I think their almost at the drywall stage. "Senior" Designer is going to the jobsite on Thursday I have to have the kitchen plan and elevations done and also the contract for all the cabinetry we are providing and installing. I didn't get a whole lot done today because I had to play detective. I had to figure out which plan was the most current and get the floorplan approved by "Senior" Designer. 5 o'clock finally came! I got home and played with Lil'D for awhile, fed him and fed myself. I got ready and went to see a friend I used to work with. We had a nice visit. I had to get back home and put Lil'D to bed. He is sleep now. J & I are watching old In Living Color episodes.
-Until tomorrow

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