February 27, 2007

February is almost over...

Can you believe it? Thursday is March, that is so unbelievable to me. This year is just flying by at super speed. Today was just an average day at work. I continued to do the revisions for MustardStone Club. "Senior" designer was in when I got to work, he was in a meeting and then he just disappeared. Apparently, he thought he had an ear infection and he was going to the doctor. It turned out to be the pressure in his ear from going to Montana. He called and told me he wasn't' going to be back at the office. Darn!
5 o'clock finally came and when I got home Lil'D turned around and couldn't get to me fast enough. My baby boy loves me, what a wonderful feeling!
I fed him Oatmeal & Bananas. J grilled steaks. They were so yummy...the steaks that is!
We played beach balls with Lil'D. Actually J and I played with the beach balls and Lil'D watched with amusement.
Lil'D went to the doctor today because a week ago today we noticed a rash on the back of his arm. It didn't go away so we got him to the doctor. I thought it was ringworm. I was wrong, it is eczema. So, J had a list of items that the doctor told him to buy.
We have to bath him with an oil bar soap.
Once he is clean and still damp, he has to be lathered down aquaphor. (It's kind of like Vaseline)
Then on the actual rash we put Hydrocortisone.
The doctor also gave us some eye drops because the cold is making his eyes cake up really bad. That was a challenge to get those in without him rubbing his eyes afterward.
We played on the floor for a while. I got him to sit up for about 30 minutes. I usually stack toys for him and he knocks them down. J made sno-cones. He went to Wal-Mart today and they finally had the sno-cone flavors that we like...cotton candy!! Anyway, I gave Lil'D some shaved ice. He made the funniest face. I put some in my hand and he kept touching it and putting his hands behind his back. It was funny. We finally put him to bed.
J and I were watching American Idol, but it was just really boring. We watched King of Cars. It's almost time for bed!
-Until tomorrow

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