February 8, 2007


Lil'D woke me up at 5:40 this morning. I fed him his bottle and got him ready to go. Mom & I took him to daycare and went and got coffee. Today, my Mom helped me finish up the closet I have been working on since I moved in. I emptied the rest of the boxes, hung up all the clothes that I still can't wear yet. I only have 1 more box to unpack that's it. I organized everything neatly on the shelves above. It is beautiful!!
J cleaned out the office. He broke down the old desk that he has been using and shoved everything else in the corner. We went and got the mattress and box spring from storage, picked Lil'D up from daycare and I set up the bed in the office.
We went to the mall to check out prices on new car seats for Lil'D. We also had dinner at the food court. We got back home, played with Lil'D, fed him and put him to bed. We watched Survivor. We are off to bed now.
-Until tomorrow

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