December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!

I'm posting now before midnight, because I probably won't blog after. Lil'D and I made it safely to our destination. The plane ride was a little difficult. J got us to to the airport at 1:30 and Lil'D & I went through security at about 1:50. Lil'D had his Christmas slippers on and they made both of us take off our shoes. I had to carry Lil'D, my backpack, the diaper bag and our shoes over to some chairs near security. I had to hold Lil'D and put my shoes back on. It was a little overwhelming, but I managed. I bought a bottle of water at a store and found a seat near the gate. At about 2:30 they started pre-boarding. They started with first class, which seemed normal. But, then they asked for special pre-boarding...which was a group of fans, parents, players, and college students from the college that had just played in a special game in town. They were all going back home. There were about 15 people. Then, they asked for passengers with small children. When I got to my seat, I had about 5 minutes before the 2 people in my row showed up. I had time to change Lil'D and barely time to make a bottle for take off. Both of the people were waiting for me to move Lil'D so that they could sit down. It was a crazy moment. Finally, I felt comfortable in my seat. We were supposed to take off at 2:55. It got to be about 3:05 and Lil'D started to get upset, then he just full blown started to cry. He doesn't usually ever cry like this. It was another overwhelming moment. The lady next to me even asked me if she wanted me to let her try to feed him before we took off. I told her that I was waiting because he had to eat on take off or else his ears wouldn't adjust and we would all be miserable the entire flight. She didn't mean to be that way, she was really only trying to help. People really started turning in their seat and looking at me. FINALLY, it was time for takeoff. Lil'D ate like there was no tomorrow. He also got really droopy eyes half way through the bottle because of crying so much. He finally got through his bottle, I got a small burp out of him and did everything I could to keep the pacifier in his mouth so his ears would pop. He slept for 2 hours. My arms were killing me and all I did was sit and stare at the back of the seat in front of me, but at least he wasn't upset. I couldn't even eat the meal (mini cheese pizzas and salad). So, I took this time to pray that Lil'D's ears would pop and not hurt and also try to figure out how I was going to make the bottle for when we started to decend. I would just have to play it by ear. When Lil'D woke up we had about and hour and 15 minutes left of the flight. We looked out the window, I stood him up in my lap, I put him up in the air and then I brought out the toys one by one: the rabbit, the new toy that lights up, the new locking plastic beads, the figure 8 teether. I had ran out of toys. I sang to him, I rocked him, I bounced him. He was iffy. Then we started decending. I broke down and asked the lady next to me if she would hold him while I made his bottle. She said of course. I was so relieved. I MADE THE BOTTLE!! Lil'D was happy again!! The decent felt like forever, I only gave him half the bottle and tryed to get a bury. He of course got upset, I gave him the rest of the bottle. We finally landed. RELIEF!! When the lady next to me got up I was able to sit LilD in the seat next to me. I packed up the diaper bag and was off the plane!! Yeah, I had made it. I, no kidding or exagerating, had to walk a mile to baggage claim. I was carrying at least 30 pounds of Lil'D and bags. All I could think about was getting to the end, that I thought would never come. I finally made it there, 3 escalators later. My Mom & Dad were right there waiting for me. RELIEF, again!! I was sweating like a fein. I was dripping wet. The luggage was coming out for 3 airplanes. We waited about 45 minutes for my bags. I was so ready to get out of there, I forgot about going to the restroom to change Lil'D. So, I changed him when we got to the car. Lil'D was such a good sport, he just sat back and smiled. What a good boy! First, I put the carseat behind my Dad's seat, I should have known better. It doesn't fit behind J's seat either, it barely fits behind my seat in J's car. So I switched it to behind the passenger's seat. Oh, and did I tell you that I have no idea what the temperature was outside but it was seriously humid. It wasn't the least bit cool at all. It had been raining. We finally got all settled in the car and was off. It was a 2 hour and 45 minute ride to my parents house. It rained, thundered and lightening'd all the way home off and on. I was so relieved when we finally got there. I had officially traveled for 8 hours. I was beat. Lil'D played on the floor a little when we got home and I unpacked and organized some stuff and got ready for bed. Lil'D went right to sleep. It was a blessing that the day was over with.
That was one of the most stressful days I have had. I missed J so much! I rely on him so much!
Yesterday we drove to my brother's apartment. It was a 3 hour drive. We had a nice evening with him.
Today, we went to this really large swap meet or flea market. I love going there. I plan my trips so that it is going on while I visit. I haven't been in almost 2 years. I found some really neat stuff!
We drove back to my parent's house and unpacked everything. Lil'D went to sleep at about 10:30. I am trying to keep him on West Coast time so that when we return home he's not up at 4am. So his bedtime is around 10:30 or 11pm and I try to get him to sleep till about 8:30 or 9. So far, he has been an angel to get to fall asleep and he has been eating so good!
My parents are really getting a kick out of him.
Tomorrow I think we will just hang out at the house and relax and rest. I've got lots of people to visit this week. It feels really weird to be here in my home where I grew up and taking care of my son. My childhood seems so long ago now. It's just a weird feeling.
Well, I'm going to go watch the ball drop on tv: New Year's Rockin' Eve!
-Until next year

December 29, 2006

To "the south" we will go!!

I have been packing all morning. My boss is so awesome he gave me the day off!!! So Lil'D and I are all packed up to go to my parents house. I am really going to miss J while I am gone. He has to stay to work...Boo! We will plan a family vacation together in the summer!! Lil'D and I have a 3 hour plane ride ahead of us. We will be taking off at 2:55pm. I hope Lil'D will enjoy it and have fun!
I really can't believe that 2006 is almost over. This year has been a huge milestone in my life. I was pregnant and had my precious Lil'D. There have been ups and downs. I tell everyone that I am trying to get back to the old "Ellie Mae." It has taken a while but I am feeling more and more like my old self. What with balancing mommyhood, work, a marriage and a household! This year has been hard and amazing. I don't think any other year of my life will ever top this one!
Goodbye 2006, you've been good to me!
Hello 2007...can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
-Until tomorrow

December 28, 2006

Something "new" about EllieMae

I need to write about this new thing in my life.
This is how it all came about...
Growing up there were never any football games on in my house. My Dad is into cars, tools, sailboats and interesting documentaries. He never watched football. I started baton twirling when I was about 5 years old. I was a twirler in junior high, high school AND college...yes, college. (Twirling is big where I grew up) So, you can imagine how many football games I have been to...hundreds! I lived for halftime. It was "hurry up and get through the first and second quarter!! Let's get to halftime!" Football to me was all about halftime. No one had ever really taken the time to explain the game to me. All I really knew was that you needed a touchdown to score points. In college I think someone told me about yards and 1st, 2nd, 3nd downs. When I met my husband, he was a die hard Charger fan. He lived for the games and never missed them! Throughout our marriage, I would find something else to do during the game. I would ask him what time the game was and plan accordingly (shopping, visit with a friend, scrapbook, read, etc.) About 3 years ago my husband met Scout. He is VERY into football. His job is actually football. Anyway, J and Scout became really good friends. Scout and his wife, Amy Jo, would come over to our house to watch the Charger games. In 2004, I rebelled after the second game and was totally not into it. I just didn't want to make the effort to learn about it. Every question I asked led to some long explanation that required too much brainwork that I wanted to use for something else. And the games lasted 3-4 hours, what a waste of time...I had better things to do. In 2005, J & I were trying to have a baby. Sons are pretty dominant in J's family. J's Mom & Dad had 3(out of 3). The oldest son had 3 boys(out of 4), the middle brother had 2 boys(out of 3). So, I figured we would pretty much have a boy. I decided that it was a good time to start understanding football better, because I knew that my son, OR daughter even, would really be into football. There was so much I didn't know, and when Scout and Amy Jo were over for the games I got a plethura of information and was really enjoying it and RETAINING it. In fact, during one of the games I came up with Lil'D's name. Scout & Amy Jo were that first to know what it was. It was the only boy name I came up with that I liked. I really learned alot that season! In 2006 we had a boy! The theme of his room was Chargers and Padres. I painted a huge lighting bolt on the wall. It was awesome! I have collected a lot of Charger memorabilia for his room and can't wait to finish it up! So the 2006 season started and I know so much about the players and the positions and the game itself. I really understand it. It is like a whole new world. I actually enjoy it. When J has gone to a game without me, Lil'D and I sat and watched the game. I even cheered out loud. (Who am I?) I'll tell you who I am...I am Lil'D's Mom and I know that little boy is going to love football and love spending quality time with his Dad watching football and going to the games. I see him collecting football cards and memorizing statistics, names and positions. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE BEST PART IS? He can talk football with me to and I'll know what I'm talking about!!! What a wonderful feeling to know that I will be a part of that! I look at football in a whole different light now!!! Here is what I know off the top of my head...(so far):
Center: Nic Hardwick (he "snaps" the ball to the quarterback)
Guard: Mike Goff and Dielmann
Tackle: Marcus McNeil and Sean Olivie (I don't know Left and Right yet, give me time)
Tight ends: Antonio Gates and Brandon Monumaleunah (I can't spell it right yet)
Receivers: Vincent Jackson, Keenan McCardell, Parker
Quarterback: Phillip Rivers
Full back: Lorenzo Neil (he protects LT)
Running back: LT and sometimes Michael Turner
I only know the Offensive Lineup. The only player I know on defense is:
Shawn Merriman "lights out"
I still have lots to learn! I hope that I listed everything above correctly. J will read this and let me know if I put something wrong.
That's something "new" about Ellie Mae!!! I love the Chargers!!!!
Hopefully we will be headed for the SuperBowl!!
-Until tomorrow!

December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Yesterday was just a fabulous day. I feel so at peace this weekend. Praise God!! He is so good!! J & Lil'D slept in till 11am. I had some "Elliemae" time! I talked to my Mom most of the time. We have been planning my trip home. Lil'D and I will be leaving on Friday for 9 days. My parents haven't seen Lil'D since he was 3 weeks old. They can't wait to see him! After talking to my Mom, J & I went to the swap meet to find a resonably priced suitcase. The suitcase guy I wanted was not there...wasted trip. Once we got back home. We cleaned up the house a little and got ready for a trip to the wild animal park! J's Mom & Dad came with us. The temperature was perfect. It wasnt' freezing cold. It was just right. It was a nice time. After the park, we all went to dinner. It was a very nice time. Lil'D was a little cranky while we were cleaning the house but other than that he was such a good boy! He loves to be out and about and watch people. He is like his Mommy in that way. Anyway...I have to go wake Lil'D from his nap. J is taking us to breakfast. Then, we are picking up our portraits that we had made last week!!!!
Charger game is on at 1pm. Gotta get back for the game!!!
Go chargers!!!!!!!
-Until tomorrow

December 14, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged. I know there are just hundreds of people reading my blog and wondering where I am! :)haha. Don't I wish. I have just been so busy. This is a day in the life of Ellie Mae...
I wake up at 5:45am, brush teeth, shower, fix hair, get dressed. J feeds Lil D during all this.
I dress Lil'D and we leave the house at 6:50am.
I drop off Lil'D at daycare between 7-7:10am.
I get to work at 7:30am.
Right now at work I am working on the biggest project I or my boss has ever done. It is about a 5,000 square foot house. I have already designed the cabinetry for the kitchen, bar, outdoor bbq, wine cooler, family room entertainment center, master suite entertainment center, master bath, office, 2 powder rooms, 2 guest baths, large her closet, large his closet, and the laundry room. I am also ordering all the interior doors and custom jambs. I have just completed a couple of super detailed drawing detailing the custom jambs and also there is a special baseboard application throughout the house. It probably took me 3 days to get all the details onto this drawing. I will scan it and post it later so you can get an idea of all the details I'm dealing with. There are still hundreds of details I still have to take care of in order for this project to get ordered and be delivered on time. This house is new construction. The slab hasn't even been poured yet. I am in the process of drawing a section showing all the flooring heights. The owner is actually going to custom pour the concrete to accomodate each flooring. There are 4 types of flooring: wood, slate, marble and carpet. All of these floors require different heights of underlayment and each floor is a different height itself. Wood flooring is 5/8" thick, slate is 3/4", carpet is all over the place in thickness. My to do list on this project is out of control. After being on maternity leave for 4 months and being back at work now for 3 months this is the only project I have right now. Senior designer wants to make sure that it is my number one priority and nothing else gets in the way.
Back to a day in my life...
I leave work between 4:45 and 5:30pm. This depends on whether I have to pick up Lil D. Usually J picks him up, but every now and then I have to.
I get home between 5:30 and 6pm.
6pm is dinner for J, Lil' D and me. Lil' D is still taking bottles in the evening. We are going to have to start vegetables in the evening soon. Lil' D has a doctor appt on the 20th and that is when I will have a better idea of what I will do exactly.
6:30 is housekeeping. This hasn't really been working as I would like it. The idea is to do different cleaning tasks on different days of the week so that J and I don't have to clean on the weekend.
The rest of the evening is a combination of reading, giving Lil'D a bath, workout, updating the budget, putting Lil'D to bed, and "me" time. I haven't perfected getting it all done because I like to get into bed at 10pm. It's going to be a while before it all comes together perfectly. I still like to watch certain tv shows. That is my weakness. My favorite tv shows are CSI, ER, Survivor, Amazing Race, House, Vegas. Season finales are happening which is a good thing. Maybe I won't be so hooked on the tv. I need to stop. It is a bad habit to just sit in front of the tv and zone out. I get nothing done.
Anyway, tonight was our Christmas Party at work. It was just a small get together with employees only. We ate dinner (Pat&Oscar's), revealed Secret Santa's and played trivia. I won a Charger throw by answering from the Flintstone's what planet was Gazoo from? No one knew the answer so I snuck back to my desk and googled it. Everybody said that I cheated and I said that I was just more resourceful than any of them. It was funny!! The reason that we were doing Flintstone trivia is because in January our boss is throwing the 2nd annual Employee Apreciation Costume Party. Instead of a big Christmas party like in the past, she likes to plan a costume party. Last year it was Pirates of the Carribean. This year is Viva Rock Vegas. It should be interesting!!
Ok I think that I have made up a little for not bloggin for a while.
-Until tomorrow