November 22, 2007

42.Complete a jigsaw puzzle (not online)

We put together a round Mary Engelbreit puzzle. It was really a hard one.

November 20, 2007

What's going on in my life?

I'm just super busy being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend and an employee.

  • Mom hat: Lil'D is just growin' up before my eyes. He counted to three today all by himself!! I cherish the half hour I have with him in the morning and the 2 1/2 hours I have with him everyday after work. I live for the weekends with him and hubby. This hat is so important to me!!
  • Wife hat: I treasure my 2 hours after Lil'D goes to bed. This is our time. We play guitar hero or Wii together sometimes. We watch our tv shows like House, Amazing Race, Survivor, The Office, Chuck, & Las Vegas. We really enjoy our time together.
  • Daughter hat: I talk to my Mom on the phone half hour in the morning on the way to work (after Lil'D is dropped off) and a half hour after work (on my way to get Lil'D). She is actually coming to visit tomorrow for two weeks! Can't wait. My Dad gets the scoop from my Mom and my blog. We talk occasionally on the phone or by email. We are both workaholics. Like father, like daughter.
  • Friend hat: My really good friend AmyJo just had a baby. I spent the night with her and baby on Saturday night because her hubby had to go out of town on business overnight. I was more that glad to help out. I didn't want her to be alone either with a week old newborn. I am praying fervently for her and her husband. Having a newborn is hard work and exhausting.
  • Employee hat: I work from 7:30am-5pm, Monday thru Thursday. I try very hard to work till 11am or at the latest 1pm on Fridays. Fridays are supposed to be me days. I usually go to Trader Joe's & Henry's, go home and clean the kitchen spotless, maybe play a little guitar hero then pick Lil'D up at 4:30pm. It's really the only me time I get besides nap times on the weekends. My goal is to work part time when Lil'D goes to public school. Financial freedom is the answer and actually within reach! We are on a "4" year plan!!!

I forgot to include my trainer hat, nutritionist hat, maid hat, cook hat, cleaners hat...

Life is just happening and I'm just trying to keep up!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 13, 2007

My prayers are with the family of...

I would like to take a moment to write a little something about someone special.

J.E. Adams

I just found out today that he passed away on Friday. His wife...Ms. Adams, was my twirling teacher. She has been a very very special friend to me. I have been friends with this family since I was 5 years old. That's almost 30 years.

He passed from cancer. I am unsure of the exact cancer, but I know he was diagnosed in Febuary or March. I saw him on my last visit home to Texas. Lil'D even met him. He was thrilled to meet Lil'D. Held him for a good while.

I just pray for peace and strength for Ms. Adams and her two sons. I can't even imagine what they are going through.

Dr. Adams was a happy go lucky man. He was always laughing. Didn't seem to have a care in the world. He was always very encouraging. He will be missed.

Weekend recap...

Here is a quick recap of the weekend:

Worked all day to make up for missing work on Thursday.

Wake up at 7am and eat breakfast with Lil'D.
9:30am naptime for Lil'D
Grocery store, run errands
2:30pm naptime for Lil'D
Take Lil'D to Auntie E's at 6pm
Datenight for hubby & I. We had dinner at Black Angus. We used a $50 gift certificate. Had Creme Brulee for dessert! Yummy.
Went to go see Baby DJ again. He was 10lbs. 13oz. He is adorable.
Pick up Lil'D from Auntie E's at 8:45ish. He went straight to bed. They wore him out!
Guitar Hero with hubby for half an hour at 9pm
Watched I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry with hubby.

Church at 9am
My boss' wife had a trunk show at 1pm. I only stayed for about half an hour.
J took me to the Harvest Festival.
J went to the Chargers / Colts game. Yeah Chargers won!!
I had the evening to myself once Lil'D went to bed. Lil'D is starting to have small tantrums. Not to sure yet how I am going to handle these.

I was really ready for bed on Sunday night. Lil'D wore me out. J finally got home at 10pm. The Charger's beat the Colts. I don't think anyone saw that coming!!!

November 9, 2007

Friday's Feast...

Which snack do you like to get when you go to the movies?
Popcorn! w/butter

What year did you start using the internet?

What is your first name in Pig Latin?
(Here's how to speak it if you don't already know!)
Ellieay Aemay

Main Course
Name something you are picky about.
My hair.

Fill in the blanks:
I____ ____ yesterday and I ____ ____ today.
I didn't work yesterday and I did work today.

November 7, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

I didn't have a change to put this up last week, but had to share!!

For more wordless wednesday fun, please click here!

Weigh in...WEEK SEVEN

Start weight (09-18-07) - 166
Weight 1st wednesday (09-26-07) - 161
Weight 2nd wednesday (10-03-07) - 159
Weight 3nd wednesday (10-10-07) - 161
Weight 4th wednesday (10-17-07) - 162
Weight 5th wednesday (10-24-07) - 162
Weight 6th wednesday (10-31-07) - 162
Weight 7th wednesday (11-7-07) - 163

Yeah, what I said last week. I'm not gonna be 162 this week. I didn't mean this way.
No matter what the numbers say. I am kicking my butt into shape. I worked out 4 times last week. I know I'm not bigger. I checked my measurements and am the same measurements I was on week 2. This is so frustrating! I know it's the snacking on the weekend that did this. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. I am going to have to make myself go on. It's gonna be hard. I want to see lower numbers, not higher. Duh! The weird thing is yesterday I weighed in at 161. I was so excited to get on the scale this morning...and 163...I weighed myself twice just to make sure.

Here is what I did last week:
Monday - 30 minute Core Strength Cardio
Tuesday - 55 minute Billy Blanks Bootcamp Training
Thursday - 30 minute Core Total Body Workout
Friday - 60 minute Pilates Method

I kind of fall apart on the weekend with the food. I have found that since I am working out so much, I am hungrier. I haven't been prepared with the right foods. I have been snacking on junk.

This week I have been doing much better about snacking! After working out, I don't even feel like eating afterwards. Hopefully that will continue and make a difference!

November 6, 2007

Ten on Tuesday...

10 words that describe ME...
  1. Woman of God
  2. Wife
  3. Mom
  4. Daughter
  5. Sister
  6. Friend
  7. Creative
  8. Sensitive
  9. Kid-at-heart
  10. Little silly sometimes

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So, what have I been up to?
This weekend went by so incredibly fast. The weekends feel like they get shorter and shorter.

We did a whole lot of nothin! Relaxed and played with Lil'D.

We were woken up this morning at 6:30am. Poor Lil'D doesn't understand DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. We dragged ourselves out of bed and started the day bright and early. Lil'D got whole grain french toast for the first time today. I got it at Trader Joe's. He really liked it.
The Charger game was on at 10am. It started out good, but ended up bad. It was a bad loss. Boo. Lil'D didn't take a second nap, he sat in his crib for almost 2 hours and talked and talked and talked. I kept thinking he was asleep and then he would start back up talking again. So we got him up and ran some errands and decided to go to North County Fair. We just love walking the mall. As always the highlight of the trip...the escalators. Lil'd loves the escalators. He knows exactly what to do.

November 2, 2007

Thought I would share...

Your Superpower Should Be Super Speed
You're quick witted and fast to act.You're mind works at warp speed. From your perspective, everyone else is living in slow motion.You get so much done, people have accused you of not sleeping.Definitely not a couch potato, you feel a bit crazy if you're not busy doing something.
Why you would be a good superhero: You're be the first on the scene... and likely to finish the job before anyone else shows up
Your biggest problem as a superhero: Being bored by everyone else. Including other superheroes!
What Should Your Superpower Be?