April 18, 2009

L-O-V-E Photoshop...

I have been taking the time to learn how to use photoshop a little. Here is my favorite right now:

After Photoshop:
Before Photoshop:

Those are the real color of his blue eyes in that black and white. Who would have know that this shot could be so dramatic. I love taking pictures it is so much fun!!

April 17, 2009

What's been going on...

So, we have a lot to catch up on. Here is a list of things I want to tell you all about:

1. Potty training update.
2. My 6 day trip to Cabo San Lucas
3. What I'm working on at work
4. What Lil'D has been up to
5. My new favorite thing

So, I will go into the progress of Lil'D's potty training. Lil'D will be 3 in June. There is very little progress. We have been potty training now for 14 weeks. He is still in training pants. He won't tell us when he has to go pee, he definitely won't tell us when he has to go poop. He does not like to go potty. He is really good about staying dry all day if I keep him going to the potty every hour or so. When we go somewhere like the zoo or Disneyland, he is great about going potty and staying dry. He just doesn't ask to go. He hides to go poop. He doesn't care about rewards or praising. We have done it all. He knows what he is doing because once he goes he asks for clean pants. He has even gone as far as going and getting the clean pants and bringing them to me. He is very much one to want to be in total control. I am at his mercy to decide that he wants to go poop in the potty and to decide to ask to go potty at all. I am trying to be patient and am very open to any advise.

Here are a few things about Lil'D's potty adventures:

I found them at Baby Best Buys online for $1.25 each.

  • Here is the potty seat I use at public restrooms. I love this thing. It keeps bottoms and hands off of those public toilets!!

I think we bought ours from Right Start.

I just found it at Great Baby Products for $9.88 plus shipping.

  • When we go to Disneyland or the zoo these are the pull ups I use. He is really good about keeping these dry, but when he decides to poop, it's easy clean up on the go.

I still have to use diapers for naps and nighttime. Every now and then he is super great about staying dry during a nap and overnight. But he still has to wear them.

April 16, 2009

Jesus is stuck in the 80s...

Conversation between Elliemae and Lil'D:

Elliemae: "Can you tell Daddy something for me?"

Lil'D: "Yes."

Elliemae: "Tell Daddy he is stuck in the 80s."

Lil'D to Daddy: "Daddy you are stuck in the 80s!!"

Later on tonight...as Lil'D and Daddy are playing baseball on the Wii, Jesus was up to bat.

Lil'D: "Jesus is stuck in the 80s."

I know it's been a while, but I think I'm ready to come back. I have gone through a lot in the past two, almost three months. I went through some big personal stuff that I would rather not discuss on this blog. It is over and done with and things are ok. I fell back into depression and got back on medication and I am doing awesome!!! I feel great! I am very happy with the results of the medication this time! I have been watching my calorie intake and working out almost 3 times a week. I have lost 5 pounds in three weeks. I am determined this time to get the baby weight off for good. I really miss blogging about my life. Everytime Lil'D does something funny I think about how I should blog about it. Well, here I am. Glad to be back.