February 7, 2007

My Mom is here!!!

Went in to work today at 7:30am. I got all my main stuff done today. "Senior" designer wanted me to gather plans, pictures, etc., for a job we did 7 years ago for a kitchen contest. 7 years ago the company was not using computers. Everything was hand drawn. I searched and searched and found the plans. I really got lucky. I started pulling everything together at about 11:30 and completed everything at 2:30. I left work, picked Lil'D up, picked up J, dropped off Lil'D at Auntie E's and J & I headed north to pick up my Mom. We got to the truck stop at about 5:30. We went to eat dinner at Souplantation. They had cream of rosemary potatoe soup and it was the best I've ever had!!! After dinner, my Dad wanted to get a few more miles up the road. He was heading a couple hundred miles north. Mom came home with me! We got to the house at about 9pm. We went and picked up Lil'D, fed him and put him to bed. We stayed up and watched Lost. I'm sure we will go to bed here in a few minutes...
-Until tomorrow

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