September 24, 2006

Getting IT together...

I just feel lately like I just can't get IT together. Everytime I leave the house I forget at least one thing. I'm still living out of boxes. I just can't get ahead. Even would even feel good.
This weekend J & I painted the dining room. It is a large area and we scrubbed the floor Cinderella style. It took a couple of hours. Lil D will crawl on this floor one day so we want to try to get it as clean as possible and keep it that way. We also put up window treatments over the window above my desk and the patio door. I am also trying to organize my desk. I didn't realize how much stuff I keep track of. I have a filing cabinet now, but I still have a stack of stuff to organize. Lil D's room is next on the list. His room is filled with boxes. Next weekend we are going to finish painting it and put up the chair rail and unpack all his stuff. Stuff is just overwhelming me. I am doing my best to deal!! It will be better once this house is in order. Tomorrow I am going to stay at work as long as I can. Weeeeeeeee.
-Until tomorrow

September 20, 2006

Just an average day...

Wednesday Mind Hump:
Today is Board Game Appreciation Day.
1. Are you a fan of board games? Yes
2. What's your favorite board game and why? Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture, because I beat J!!
Yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day, so lets answer a few questions about that. I can't think of any more board game questions.
3. Blackbeard, Hook, Sparrow - who's your favorite pirate? Sparrow
4. If you were a pirate, what would you name yourself? Shiver M.E. Timbers (retarded, I know)
5. Uh oh! Someone's gotta walk the plank! Choose a celebrity you want to throw overboard (all in good fun, of course. We're not actually advocating for the tossing of celebs in the ocean).
Britney Spears

I woke up today at 6am. Lil D went to bed at 9:45pm. Woke up at 3am and then at 6am. Not bad!! It takes me an hours to: shower, brush my teeth, fix my hair, put on my make-up and get dressed. That is pathetic! I need to work on that because it's really going to hurt when I have to get up and be at work at 7am!
At work I am working on billing Mark G's projects. He is Senior designers most important client!! He is on project #5 & 6 with our firm. The first project was a condo project. He bought a existing 22 condo property on the beach and remodeled them into 10 large condos. We did all the cabinetry in his penthouse. Then we remodeled his airplane hanger. Project #3 & #4 were the 9th and 12th floor at his property in Florida. Project #5 is a condominium in Big Sky, Montana and Project #6 is a house in Cabo.
I added a new addition tonight to the blog. It is Lil D's Video of the day!! Enjoy!!
-Until tomorrow

September 19, 2006

Under the weather...

10 Things I'd Do If I Had More Time
1. Sew my own clothes
2. Be more organized
3. Paint my own art
4. Have my own business on ebay
5. Design my own line of purses
6. Cook
7. Call all my friends
8. Write letters to my old friends
9. Read blogs more
10. Be a better friend

1. My roommate and I once: got married. (J is the only roommate I've ever had!)

2. Never in my life have I: gone into a haunted house

3. The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always manage to make me smile is: J

4. High school was: a lot of fun, but I let a lot of petty stuff get in the way!

5. When I'm nervous: I bite my nails

6. The last time I cried was: with Lil D last night

7. If I were to get married right now, my bridesmaids/groomsmen would be: Auntie E, Chica, Amy Jo, & PJ

8. Would you rather run naked through a crowded place or have someone e-mail your deepest secret to all your friends? someone email my deepest secret to all my friends.

9. My hair: grows too slow

10. When I was 5: I had an imaginary friend named Mr. Snuffleupagus

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I was not happy. I hit the snooze button a dozen times. J got up and got ready. I asked if he could take Lil D to daycare. He did. I rested all day. I haven't just sat and done nothing in weeks. I relaxed. I went to the doctor at 3pm. She said that I couldn't take an antibiotic because I am breastfeeding. She said that if I don't get better in a week to 10 days to call her back.

I picked up Lil D. He is such a precious boy! When we got home we went for a walk. We looked at the trees, the clouds in the sky, the flowers, the stop sign and cars passing by. I definitely stop to smell the roses with him. It's just so amazing what I take for granted that he finds facinating. J and I ran some errands. We went to Babies R Us to get more bottles. We went to Big Lots to get something to store J's client folders in. Then we treated ourselves to $1.00 fish tacos at Rubio's!!! Scout called J and told him they were short a player and were going to have to forfeit if he didn't come. Of course J drops everything and goes. I decide to go as well. It was very nice to spend time with Lil D and watch the softball game. We got home at 9:20. Lil D was hungry so I fed him and he fell asleep. He is sound asleep now.

-Until tomorrow

September 18, 2006

Just another manic monday...

1. How do you eat an oreo cookie? with milk
2. How long does it take you to eat lunch? not long
3. Caffeine or decaf? decaf, I'm breastfeeding
4. Chicken or beef? beef
5. Pen or pencil? pen
6. Autumn or spring? autumn
7. Baseball or basketball? baseball
8. 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race?' survivor

It was really hard to get up this morning. I got up at 6:35 and took a shower. I was stressed out because I had no idea what I was going to wear. I don't have any clothes that fit me right now. I found something that will do, but I'm not happy about it.
Work was mellow. I did more billing. I left at 12:30 and went shopping. I went to Marshalls, Nordstroms Rack, and Lohmanns. I found nothing. I went to Ross and found 3 tops and a pair of shoes. I'm still not happy about it. I picked up Lil D and relaxed and enjoyed the evening. I am not going to worry about anything until the weekend. I also feel like I'm getting sick. Boo.
-Until tomorrow.

September 17, 2006

The weekend flew by...

First some fun stuff...

Do you ever have difficulty getting to sleep at night?
Not since I've given birth to my baby boy.
Do you have a routine that helps you to get to sleep at night?
I used to do this: imagine a black chalkboard. Write the letter A and draw a circle around it. Now pick up an eraser and erase the entire thing. Go on and do the same thing to the letter B. I usally fall asleep about H or so. When I was pregnant and had insomnia it didn't work.
When you can't sleep, do you get up and do something or just lay there and hope you'll get drowsy enough to fall asleep?
I usally get up and get on the computer and read blogs or add fun stuff to my blog.
Do you sleep all the way through the night or do you occasionally wake up during the night?
Right now I am at the mercy of my son. He only got up once last night so maybe things are about to change!!
Do you ever wake up early and then can't get back to sleep?
All the time!
FDA: E. coli linked to Natural Selection Foods: I've bought bagged spinach before to make salads. Did you have any that you had to throw away after the original warnings by the FBI about bagged spinach? Will you buy any in the future or go for the unbagged variety?
I always buy unbagged and fresh!

By the way...
What was your very first paying job? Teaching twirling
Did you have a job that you just dreaded going to every day?
Yes a company called Corporate Quarters
What was your favorite job and why did you like it?
My current job. I love the challenge. My boss and his wife are the best!! I just feel fufilled by it!!
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? A photographer!!

RANDOMNESS week of Sept 17: Couch Potato
1. what's your favorite TV show? Project Runway
2. what's your favorite snack while watching tv? Popsicles
3. who's your tv crush? Danny(Josh Duhamel) from Vegas
4. where's your favorite place to watch tv? My house, my living room!

Week 189
1 day, 1 hour, 12 minutes ago
I say ... and you think ... ?
Running :: around a lot
Alternative :: music
Cope :: survive
Lots :: candy
Sympathetic :: sad
Barn :: red
Totally :: awesome
Baby :: Lil D
Undeniable :: chocolate
Watermelon :: yummy

I really love answering the memes right now. It is just so eye opening and interesting to see what my answers will be.
J & I woke up this morning at 8:30. I fed Lil D and got up.
The chargers won their home opener!!! Yeah...go chargers.
Grandma & Grandpa brought over the rocking chair for Lil D & I. I gave Lil D a bath and rocked him to sleep. That is our day. I can't believe the weekend is already over. I have nothing, literally, to wear to work tomorrow. I don't really know what I'm going to do. I'm kinda in a dilemma! Oh well, I will wing it somehow.
-Until tomorrow

September 16, 2006

First weekend in the new house...

I woke up this morning at 7:30 and Lil D was cooing and making the most wonderful noises I've ever heard. I looked over at his bassinet and you would see his little feet pushing up and sticking out. It was so cute. I am so in love with him!! I fed him and had a visitor over. One of the girls from my women's small group came over. She brought me a decaf vanilla latte from Starbucks. It was yummy. We visited for a good while. It was such a peaceful morning!
After she left I painted the inside of my guest bath cabinet. I mixed bleach with it to get rid of some mildew. I put new contact paper inside as well. I cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishwasher!! I also washed 2 loads of clothes. I still don't quite have it together because The whites are still in the dryer and the darks are still in the washer. I suck!
Auntie E came by and wanted to know if they could take Lil D to Wal-Mart and the grocery store while I got some stuff done. Sure, why not? I hung some of the living room pictures, put a few items in the guest bath cabinet and washed and sterilized all of Lil D's bottles. J came home unexpectedly. He was supposed to work until about 7pm. He got home at 4pm. Yeah!!!!
He was working the home and garden show. It was slow. We went to 5:15 service. Scout and Amy Jo came over to look at the house. We went and picked up Lil D, ate dinner and watched tv.
Don't have time for memes tonight.
-Until tomorrow

September 15, 2006

Odds & Ends...

FRIDAY'S FEAST...This is Feast #111
What was the very last song you listened to?
Lord of the Dance, Stephen Curtis Chapman
What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from?
I can't think of any right now
On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made?
Main Course
Besides a bookmark, what is something you've used to keep your place in a book?
Name a food that you like that most people don't.

1. What's your favorite line from a movie, and why? Stealer...of my friend. From Saving Silverman. It's just so funny!!

2. Who's your favorite villain from a movie, and why? Castor Troy from Face Off. My favorite scene is when he gets out of the car and his duster whips in the wind.

3. Name one movie everyone else loves that you hate. 40 year old virgin

4. Name one movie everyone else hates that you love. Ever After

5. What's your favorite Pixar film, and why? Monsters Inc. One word..."kitty!"




I dropped off Lil D at daycare at 7:45. Work was good. I am doing billing for our best client!! Or maybe I should say weathiest client. Senior designer came in today for about 15 minutes. He hotsync'd his PDA into my computer. I have to bill this client for all the trips he has taken while I was gone. He has been busy. He has been to Cabo and Montana. I left at about 1pm. I went to Mission Valley Mall. I went to Target and this plus size career shop. I still can't fit into my old did take 9 months to gain all the weight. I have shrunk alot and I still have a ways to go. This plus size shop I found has really cute stuff in it and the prices are reasonable. After shopping I went to pick up Lil D. He fell asleep on the way home. I got ready as fast as I could and left the house at 6:07pm. I got to my boss' house at 6:25. We ended up waiting for Chica because she was late(as usual). We walked outside and there was a stretch limo!! All 11 of us girls hopped in. We went to Hard Rock Cafe and ate horderves. We went downtown to a club called Below. We all got in free because we were on "the list!" We danced for about 45 minutes and headed back to the house. We met up with all the guys from work that were at Chica's fiance's bachelor party. It was really nice to see all the installers from work. I haven't seen them in 4 months. I am going to bed now!!

-Until tomorrow

September 14, 2006

Thirteen Thursday:

Thirteen Things Ellie Mae wants to get done before Monday

1…. Finish cleaning the guest bath. I have mopped and cleaned the floor once, but I think I'm going to do it again. I have to clean the bathtub and shower surround. I am also going to paint the inside of the cabinet with paint and some bleach added. There is a little bit of mildew inside and that should fix it for now. I am also going to put shelf paper at the bottom of the cabinet. Then I will need to fill up the medicine cabinet and the base cabinet with my stuff!!
2…. Hang all my pictures in the living room
3…. Clean the kitchen window
4…. Clean the master bath
5…. Clean the master bedroom
6…. Buy some more bottles for Lil D
7…. Go shopping for new work clothes
8…. Make special thank you cards for my family for helping me move
9…. Give myself a manicure
10…. Give myself a pedicure
11…. Wash all the dirty clothes in the house
12…. Wash my truck
13…. Find time to sit and relax!!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

September 13, 2006

It's crazy around here...

Let's try to stay on a roll with the memes...
1. What's in your junk drawer, and how many junk drawers do you have?
I have tools, batteries, keychains, scissors...I have 2 junk drawers.
2. How often do you clean or rearrange your junk drawers?
Every time I move!
3. Name one celebrity whose junk drawer you'd love to go through.
Jennifer Garner

Now wasn't that just fun?
This is what I did today...
SmileyCentral.comI filled and organized the storage in the backyard. It was warm out. I scrubbed & mopped the guest bath floor.
I also cleaned off and dusted the desk that I am putting in my dining room. I am actually sitting at my desk right now! I usually sit in the living room and my laptop is on a tv tray. Yeah, I actually have my own desk now!! It's the little things in life! I go back to work tomorrow. I have mixed emotions about it. I am ready to go back. I have missed it. I also HAVE to go back. I don't know if I could handle being a stay at home mom. It is a wonderful, rewarding, difficult job. I have a whole new outlook on it now that I have been off work for 4 months. It's not all you would think it would be. I also don't really have a choice. I would probably have a different opinion about it if it were anywhere near feasible to stay at home. I think I am just dealing with it by accepting it and looking forward to it. If I were to be unhappy and gripe about it then it would be hard to go back. I figure if I go back with joy, then I will enjoy it. I will also miss my sweet Lil D. He has gone to daycare 3 days now. He seems to be enjoying it. He is so worn out at night. I think it is all the new stimulation he gets. Pam is Lil D's daycare provider. She runs a daycare in her home. I think she has six children including Lil D. There is a 10 month old and the rest are between the ages of 2 and 5. The children are very well behaved and happy. Lil D seems to really like Pam and is being really good to her!! Yeah! What a blessing!
J made dinner tonight. He made orange chicken with vegetables and steamed rice. It was a microwave dish. It was ok. Nothing like Panda Express. We are trying to eat all microwaveable foods right now because we have an ancient range in our new kitchen. J tried to turn on one of the burners and it began to smoke and smell funny. The landlords are going to let us pick out a new range and microhood
Example of what we have now:

Posted by Picasa
This is not my kitchen, this is only an example. On mine the bottom oven door and drawer are black. Here is an example of what I am getting:

Posted by Picasa
Yeah!!! There will also be a microhood above!! I can't wait! I can't believe i just said that. I really want to cook more than I do. I think I will enjoy cooking on the new range rather that the old!!
Well, it's getting late. I gotta go to work tomorrow!!!
-Until tomorrow

September 12, 2006

I'm back!

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by
I have survived the move!! It has just been exhausting!! J & I worked moved stuff from 8:30am to 10pm on Friday! Can you believe it? J had some help moving the heavy stuff thank goodness. Scout, Uncle R and Grandpa helped move all the big furniture into the garage. Friday night was our last night at the old house. On Saturday morning I took Lil D to Auntie E first thing in the morning and J went and picked up the U-haul. I packed up all that was left. I ran out of boxes and used garbage bags. All the furniture in the house fit into the truck. While the truck got unloaded at the new house. I met a few of my best girlfriends at the old house. Chica cleaned both bathrooms. Amy Jo cleaned the kitchen. RedPage painted a couple of walls. We worked on cleaning and painting from 5:15 to 10pm. It was a very long day!
On Sunday J & I brought a load from the old house to the new and then we started on the paint. We painted from 1pm to 6pm. Then we emptied the garage. We barely made it. Thank goodness for Uncle R and Grandpa. We wouldn't have finished without them.
On Monday, I took Lil D to daycare. He stayed from 8am to 2:30pm. He seemed very happy! He was really good!! Auntie E came over and helped me unpack boxes. We started in the kitchen. I was exhausted!
This morning I got up at 6:45am, took a shower, sterilized Lil D's bottles, packed his bag and took him to daycare. He stayed from 8am to 5pm. He was good again!! I cleaned the kitchen. I bleached the countertops and the sink. I put away all the small appliances, dishes and containers!! I also cleaned up the dining room area. There are still a few odds and ends. I stacked all the boxes in my closet. I will go through them one by one. J & I went to the grocery store. Then we ate dinner. We had to go to the old house to move the wood from the backyard, clean the oven better and sweep the garage.
Here is the plan for tomorrow:
  1. Finish putting away things in the dining room
  2. Organize the desk

Until tomorrow.

September 7, 2006

I'm really tired!

Well, it's 11:28 and we just got home. This was our day:

First we went to Lowe's and bought paint for our current house and paint for the new house. The new landlord is going to reimburse us for the paint there. All together we bought 8 gallons of paint. You don't want to see that receipt! Second, we ate lunch, fed Lil D and ran some errands. Third, we went to the new house. We put on the second coat in the living room and the bedroom. We also put 2 coats in the office and touched up all the trim. Oh, and the hallway is painted also. We were there from 2:30-11pm. We are exhausted! Lil D stayed with Auntie E and I walked over when he was hungry! I loved that I just walked a block to get to their house!! We still have to paint the dining room, the kitchen, the closets and closet doors, the guest bathroom and touch up all the casing and base molding. We will do this in the upcoming weeks.

I called the pediatrician today because Lil D is so fussy when he eats. He will eat for about 2-4 minutes and then start crying. Then he will eat for 10-20 seconds and then start crying. This repeats and repeats the entire feeding time. I think that my milk supply is not satisfying him. I got up at 5am and tryed to pump. I only got .25ounces. Since Lil D will go to daycare for the first time on Monday, Sept 11 I started pumping after every feeding to get ahead on the bottles he will need for that day. I pumped 5 ounces in a day and a half. I can usually pump 2-3 ounces in one session. The doctor told me that I need to start giving him formula 3x a day and I can still nurse him in the mornings and evenings and the weekends. I have mixed feelings about this. I am upset that there is a problem but I am relieved that there is a solution. I don't have to stress out about it if I use formula. I guess the stress level in my life right now is affecting my milk supply. So Lil D will get formula while he is at daycare and will get breastmilk in the morning, evening and weekends. This is good because there are so many benefits to breastfeeding!!

So here is the plan for tomorrow:

  • Drop Lil D off at Grandma's house at 8:30am
  • Take as many boxes, small items and all clothing to the house
  • Disassemble all tv equiptment
  • Start painting the old house

That's the plan for now, but it could always change.

13 things that Ellie Mae likes about herself:

Love Letter1. I like my hair. I am a hair freak. I have always wanted my hair length to be to my butt. Everytime my hair gets about half way, I cut it. this time I'm not. This is the longest my hair has ever been.

Love Letter 2. I like how creative I can be. When I have a problem such as furniture space planning, figuring out how to make more storage space or arranging photos on the wall. I love the different concepts that I come up with. I love being creative and thinking outside the box.

Love Letter 3. I like that I am from Texas! I was born an raised in Texas 23 years. I have lived in Southern California for 10 years. Some parts of Texas are just perdy!

Love Letter 4. I like the kind of wife that I am learning to be! I have learned about what kind of wife God wants me to be. I am trying to be patient and kind to my husband, even when I think he doesn't deserve it. I apologize immediately if I snap at him. I try to be his helpmate and support him in everything he does!!

Love Letter 5. I like that I am a girlie girl some days and a tomboy some days. Lately, I have been more tomboy that girlie girl. Especially since I had the baby. I haven't worn makeup in 4 months or really fixed my hair. I have lived in a ponytail! I go back to work next week so I have to find my girlie girl side again!

Love Letter 6. I like how quiet I am sometimes. I love to just listen. I am not a loud person. At least not all the time anyway. I am only loud around a few people. I always think before I speak but am usually really quiet. Especially around people I don't know.

Love Letter 7. I like the small burn I have on my right wrist. When I was about 9 my grandmother was making popcorn on the cooktop in a pot. I got too close a burned my wrist on the pan. My grandmother passed away about 6 years ago. The burn is special to me.

Love Letter 8. I like the way I can multi-task. I love to be doing several things at once. I get bored really easy and I love it when I have several projects to finish. I just can't stand to sit still sometimes.

Love Letter 9. I like that I am quick about making decisions about things. When I am shopping and I can only spend a certain amount. I am very decisive about what I keep and what I can put back. My brain is always figuring out what is best.

Love Letter 10. I like that I kind of have my own language. I am always making up words that are not really words like...flowerdy, stri-ped, etc.

So that's that! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

-Until tomorrow

September 6, 2006

I also found this:

All About Me Survey
I Amstrong
I Wantjoy
I Havea beautiful son
I WishI were organized
I Hatethe enemy
I Feartime
I Heartv
I Searchgoogle
I Wonderwhat Lil D will be when he grows up
I Regretrushing my childhood
I Lovemy husband
I Achemy back
I Alwaystell J I love him
I Usuallyforget stuff lately
I Am Nota dumb girl
I Danceall the time
I Singin the car only
I Neverhave been in a haunted house
I Rarelydrink tea
I Crywhen I\'m overwhelmed lately
I Am Not Alwaysnice
I Losemy pens
I'm Confusedwhen I listen to politics
I Needfood
I Shouldgo to bed earlier
Take This Survey at

I love stuff like this!!

I'm tired

Wednesday Mind Hump

Theme: Postal Worker's Day.

1. When is the last time you sent someone a letter in the mail?
Thank you cards for Lil D
2. What usually comes in your mail?, hiss!
3. What kind of a mailbox do you have?
A mail slot that you access in the garage
4. If you could send a package to your postal worker to show your appreciation, what would you send them? cookies

So, wasn't that fun?
Today was a great day! I did lots of errands and stuff! I am definitely not a home body. Of course if I could afford to be a stay at home Mom I would certainly do it. But financially it is impossible right now. I am doing everything I can to be positive about going back to work. I really am looking forward to it!!
Here was my day:
8:50am Wake up and feed Lil D
12pm Feed Lil D
1:30pm Go to the bank, then to The Dollar Tree (There is a lot of cool stuff in this store!)
3pm To grandma & grandpa's house
4pm Back home
4:30 Meet the new landlord at the new house! Sign the lease!
5pm Start painting
6:20 Feed Lil D
9:45 Quit and go home
10:30 Give Lil D a bath
11pm Feed Lil D

I am really tired from painting. My back and my butt hurts. I just haven't shaped up those muscles yet. I am really tired. We have another full day tomorrow. J is only working a half day. Yeah!! I'm ready to get all this moving and painting behind me!!
-Until tomorrow

September 5, 2006

For crying out loud...literally!

10 Favorite Characters from Your Childhood

1. Mr. Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street
2. Cookie Monster
3. Ernie
4. Strawberry Shortcake
5. Tom & Jerry
6. Pebbles from the Flintstones
7. Poochie
8. Scooby Doo
9. Pink Panther
10. Garfield

Today was kind of rough. Lil D and I slept till 9:30. We watched tv and didn't do anything all day. It was just too hot to try to satisfy the baby and pack. So I just satisfied the baby! At around 5:30 he woke up from a nap and just started to cry. I tried to feed him but he refused. After about 45 minutes of crying I gave him some grip water and he calmed down and took a quick nap. When he woke up I tried to feed him. He ate for about 2 minutes and tried to fuss again. I finally calmed him down, managed to take a shower and get ready and went to my small group. When I was on the road I realized I forgot to eat dinner. When I got to the house where my small goup was it was incredibly hot inside. I thought I was seriously going to have to leave. It was blazin'. All they had was a tiny little fan blowing and I didn't feel any air on me. My entire back was dripping with sweat, my forehead was drenched and Lil D and I were practically stuck together. Finally, someone took Lil D from me and I sort of cooled off. When I changed Lil D's diaper I noticed some orange color in it. That meant he was dehydrated. He also looked as if he was panting and was sticking his tongue out like he was gagging. I fed him right away and he ate on one side for about 2 minutes and the other side for about 4 minutes. He is a stubborn little one! If he continues to not eat well I will have to go to formula and I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT. How can something so natural be so difficult? I'll never know.
I got home at about 9:20 and J arrived shortly thereafter. We gave Lil D a bath and put him to bed. He fussed a tiny bit, but soon feel asleep. I know he will be waking any minute. He just has to be hungry. I don't want him to get dehydrated. I checked my emails and skimmed some of my favorite blogs and am now ready to go to bed. This has been my only ME time all day long. I'm taking advantage of it. I may even stay up a little longer. I am enjoying the peace and quiet. Here is something that I got from an email that my mother-in-law sent me:

Happy moments, PRAISE GOD. Difficult moments, SEEK GOD.
Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD. Painful moments, TRUST GOD. Every moment, THANK GOD.

I love that!! It is exactly what I need in my life right now!! I put it in my email signature!
Let's see...what else, oh I pumped 4 times today...9:30, 12:30, 3:30 and 10:15. I barely got 5 oz. I hope I do better tomorrow!
-Until tomorrow

September 3, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!!

Monday Madness

1. Which holidays (if any) do you consider more as a day off from work, than anything else?
Labor Day and Memorial Day
2. Which 3 holidays are most celebrated in your family?
The birth of Christ (Christmas)
The death and resurrection of Christ (Easter)
3. Do you have an organized filing system at home?
No, but I plan to when we move into the new house.
4. Do you clip coupons for groceries? If so, do you remember to use them? If not, why?
Yes, I clip them. I remember sometimes and sometimes I don't. I usually misplace them.
5. How many magazines do you subscribe to?
babytalk (free to new parents)
Parents (free to new parents)
Home Companion: Mary Engelbreit (gift from my Mom)
Entertainment Weekly ( we cancelled it after the free trial and they keep sending it)
6. Do you play any computer games on a regular basis? If so, which is your favorite, and why?
Sudoku, Websudoku , I like the JigSawDoku right now. Also, BrainBashers Sudoku puzzles. You can put in pencil marks!!
7. Have you watched any movies worth recommending, lately?
None to mention.

That was something a little different I will try to do everyday. It gets my brain to working and puts together fun stuff for me to look back on in the future!!
Here is also something fun. If you go here you can get a cloud that puts all the most used words in your blog together like this:

So today was a very lazy day. Lil D was unusually lazy. He woke us up at 7:45, he ate. He went back to sleep. He woke up at 11:20, he ate. He went back to sleep. This is very unusual for this time of the day. Usually he fights sleep. He woke up at about 1:00. We went over to Auntie E's & Uncle R's. Lil D got in another quick nap. We went to the pool. The breeze was actually kind of nice. There were 2 other couples with kids. The kids all played in the pool and some of the adults enjoyed the refreshing water also. I'm not going anywhere near a swimsuit yet. Lil D was so good at the pool. We sat under and umbrella and he just looked around content as can be. After about and hour or so we went back to there house and BBQ'd. The food was delicious. We sat around and talked for awhile and then went back home. We entertained Lil D as much as we could to keep him awake. I fed and bathed him and he was in bed by 9:45. Yeah. I really got nervous for a while that he wasn't going to go to sleep. He was just crying to cry. I finally calmed him down and now he is sleeping soundly.
J & I are going to have a very busy short week!! I am going to try to continue to pack while Lil D is napping. Auntie E goes back to work tomorrow. She is a teacher's aid. She & I have spent the past 4 weeks together. This is my first week day without her. I know that I will have withdrawals, being a new mom and all. She has helped me out more that I can even describe.
Tomorrow night I have my women's small group. We are starting a new study:
A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place by Beth Moore. I am excited to get started. I am so incredibly hungry for the word since Lil D was born.
J has decided to play softball on the church men's team again. He has a game tomorrow night. I guess I have to take Lil D to small group. I was hoping J wouldn't play softball and keep Lil D instead. Oh well.
On Wednesday I am going to continue to pack. Wednesday night J & I are going to start painting all the walls in the new house. The landlord was going to do this for us but can't find anyone to do it before we move in. We volunteered to do it if he bought the paint. He is also taking $100 off the rent!! On Thursday it will be the same as Wednesday. Pack & Paint. On Thursday night, we will pack as many boxes as we can into my truck. Then on Friday morning at 8am we will meet the landlord at the new house, give him out deposit and 1st months rent, sign the lease and get the keys!! We will move in as many boxes and misc stuff as we can on friday and also finish up the painting! On Saturday we are renting a huge 5 bedroom truck and moving all the furniture in the least amount of trips we have to make!! I'm almost positive we will have everything out by the end of the day on Saturday!! On Sunday comes the worst part. Cleaning the current house. There are a few areas that will take some major elbow grease: the master bathroom shower and the yard. Everything else will be pretty easy. I really hope that our current landlord doesn't make us paint the walls back what they were since they asked us to move out. If they do we will deal with it when we get there.
I am praying that the week goes exactly like we planned it with no surprises!!
-Until tomorrow

It's just too hot!

The heat is killin' me! Lil D sat through the 9:45 church service without a peep. I didn't want to sit in the cry room so I sat in the back by the door. Lil D is such a good boy! After church, J and I went to Cosco and got water, eggs and a tub of cookie dough. When we got home I updated our budget and we went over our grocery budget by $1.03. Watch out! I love our new budget. I am weird like that. I love tools that get you organized!! Lil D had a stomach ache today. He fussed for a while and then finally fell asleep. At about 4:30 I took Lil D to Grandma's house. J & I cleaned out the garage. It was sooooo hot. When I pulled the car out of the garage it was 103degrees. I nearly melted. J & I have so much stuff. I don't know what we are going to do with it all! The new house only has a carport. We have a storage room in the backyard, but it's nothing compared to the garage space we have now. We just need to get rid of all the stuff we don't need!
I went and got Lil D at about 7pm. He was asleep, of course, in grandma's arms. He is such a cutie! J had dinner ready when I got back. We ate dinner, gave Lil D a bath and put him to bed. I guess I need to go to bed and get a head start on my sleep for next week since tomorrow is a holiday!
-Until tomorrow

September 2, 2006

Yeah, it's the weekend!

J & I slept till 9am. Lil D only woke up once last night! He is sleeping so well at night!! We are so blessed! We ate lunch. Then, we went to Wal-Mart and the grocery store. We met J's family at a park for his sister's birthday. We only stayed for 45 minutes. We had to meet our new landlord at the property to go over the house. There was a small list of things he has to fix:
1. Replace window screen in living room
2. Replace screen to sliding glass door
3. Fix garbage disposal
4. Fix leak at guest bath sink
5. Replace blinds in guest bedroom
6. Replace window screen in guest bedroom
7. Fix leak at master bath sink
8. Take down ugly shelf above fireplace
9. Paint all walls (he let me pick my own color!!)
10. Clean whole place better!

We will be moving in next Friday, September 8th!! I am really excited about moving!! Our master bedroom is larger. The space in the living,dining,kitchen is just so much more open and airy. There are tons of windows in the kitchen and dining area. The washer and dryer are inside the house. No more going to the garage to wash clothes and then forgetting about them! The guest bath is larger than what we have now. I usually use this bathroom to fix my hair and put on my makeup! I have to work on the window treatments. There are only blinds in the 2 guest bedrooms, everywhere else are these gosh awful curtains...yuck! I have some curtain panels from IKEA that I can use in the living room. There are some skinny windows that I have to be creative with. The kitchen window is going to be a challenge, so is the sliding glass door and the dining room window. The master bedroom will have to be replaced, but not right away. I have plenty of time to pack now. I just have to wait. I'm not very good at that.
J and I had dinner and watched a movie. Then, I layed out the entire house on AutoCAD. I started the furniture layout so that when we move in I will know exactly where each piece goes! Tomorrow J and I are supposed to clean out the garage. Sounds like fun huh?
-Until tomorrow

September 1, 2006

Last day with Auntie E :(

I woke up at 5am this morning to feed Lil D. I couldn't go back to sleep so I worked on our budget and called my Mom. Lil D woke up at 8am and I fed him. He went back to sleep. When he woke up about an hour and a half later he was so upset. He wasn't hungry and I couldn't get him to calm down. Auntie E arrived in my time of desperation!! She had great timing today. She took Lil D and got him to calm down. She is magic! We sat and talked awhile and I decided that I wasn't going to get anything done today so I went with her to her orthodontist appointment and then to her house. We had lunch and then I worked on a monster Sudoku puzzle. I took a nap and woke up to feed Lil D. He got upset again and wouldn't eat. J came to pick us up at around 4:45. Lil D only ate for about 4 minutes. He slept the whole way home. He was fussy all night. He wouldn't nurse. We had to give him a bottle. I hope he eats well tonight. I know he has worn himself out crying today. He should sleep really good tonight!
-Until tomorrow