February 9, 2007

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping...

We overslept this morning. It was all Lil'D's fault. He didn't make a peep this morning. I just happened to wake up and he was awake and just playing in his crib. What a sweet boy. I got him ready and took him to daycare. My Mom and I got ready and went to breakfast at IHOP. Then we went to IKEA. We stayed there for about 2 1/2 hours. We went to Sephora after that. It was packed. I have a gift certificate that I wanted to use. We left after 30 minutes. I found out it would be best to make an appointment. We picked up Lil'D and then went to The Container Store. Lil'D loved it. He just looked at all the different shapes and colors. He fell asleep after an hour and a half. We went home after that. I fed Lil'D sweet potatoes and peaches. We had more shopping to do. My Dad was on his way down to stay the weekend!!
Mom, Lil'D and I went to Ross. We combed the whole store. My Dad was finally minutes away after driving all day. He started the drive down at about 2:00pm. He arrived at 8:45pm. It took him about 7 hours to drive down. He said it was farther that he thought when he got here. Lil'D tryed to stay awake but was out at 8:30. Dad parked the truck in front of the house. I gave him the tour of the house. He really liked our new place better that the old place.
J had to leave at 9. He had a soccer game at 10 tonight. I cleaned up the kitchen and we sat and talked for a while. They decided to go to bed at about 10:30. I brought the laptop into the bedroom and here I am. Jeremy just got home and I'm ready to go to sleep now. I am beat from the past two days with Mom.
-Until tomorrow

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