February 25, 2008

Good ol' Monday morning

Well, I know that my most faithful reader (Dad) won't be reading this week. He is on the road. He had to take something to Mississippi for work this week. My Mom went with him. So, I don't think I will have any readers this week. So, it's just me and me. I kind of had a breakdown in my system last week. (if you can call it a system) I'm was just a mess.


We drove to Fontana to California Speedway. J won tickets off the radio. It was windy and rainy. Lil'D had his big coat on, so he was warm. J and I only had sweatshirts, the wind ripped right through us. It rained a little too. They just couldn't get the track dry enough to do the qualifying laps. We were really bummed. At least the tickets were free ($50 for us both if he wouldn't have won them) and it was only and hour and a half drive. Not too bad. I was exhausted when we got back home. I think we wore out Lil'D also.


We decided to go to the zoo. It was packed. It was like a crazy summer day there were so many people. We only looked at the flamingos, monkey trails and the elephants. Having memberships to the zoo is the best way to do it. Lil'D took a long nap after the zoo.


We did a whole lot of nothing today. It was raining. We ran some errands like the grocery store, wal-mart and the dollar store. Not much exciting happened. I managed to organize ALL of Lil'Ds toys. That felt good.

February 18, 2008

Weekend recap...

I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. I was just tired and needed to rest I guess.


We went to the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. We saw The Living Sea in the IMAX theater. Lil'D fell asleep. There was a kid's playroom with all kinds of fun stuff. Lil'D just loved it. He played on a computer, played in a pretend grocery store with plastic fruits and vegetables, he played a wooden xylephone...he really had fun. We also took some photos by the fountain out front. It was an absolute perfect day. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Lil'D loves salad. Of course, it has to have ranch on it. He also loves pizza. We had a really fun lunch. Lil'D is really good in a restaurant setting. He says Hi to everybody. Then when we leave. He tells the whole restaurant Bye-Bye really loud.


We went to Michael's and the Dollar Store. We didn't go to church because Lil'D is not completely well yet and we don't want to put him in the nursery with a runny nose. J and I both have colds still. J's is worse than mine. We went to wal-mart after Lil'Ds nap. Not that exciting of a weekend.


Lil'D and J are both at home because of Presiden's Day. I called J at around 11 and he asked me when I was leaving, that he was worn out. Good thing I'm only working a half day today.

February 14, 2008


I wish you all a wonderful lovey day!

February 13, 2008

Mary Engelbreit Sewing Box...

This is the Mary Engelbreit Sewing Box at Michael's. I want this for my birthday!

My Mom wanted to see what it looked like.

February 12, 2008

What's going on...

Projects I'm working on:

I sometimes take on too much. I feel so creative lately and I am trying to get it all out. I have been working on an afghan for Lil'D. It requires 65 2x2 squares and 28 rectangles. I have only made 47 squares so far. I try to make 3 squares a night. I am also working on a photo book for Lil'D. It will be a compilation of pictures from his 1st year. If you have seen my Lil'D Brag Book on Flickr then you know that I have literally thousands of photos of him. For my third project, I am trying to finish reading The Chronicles of Narnia. This book has like 700 pages. I have about 2 chapters left. I only read about 3 pages a night so it has taken awhile. I think I have been reading this book for about a year.

Just Stuff:

Hey Dad...have you seen this: Pink Blackberry Pearl I think only Verizon makes it and not ATT. But ATT makes the new LG Shine: It's red though. I don't know if I can do red because I am such a pink girl. This is what I would really like to have: Sony Ericsson Walkman:

Of course I have expensive taste in phones. I still have a year left on my contract. And, my phone is holding up...barely. It likes to turn itself off by itself or the screen will just go blank. I think it still has some time in it.

My work day:

I am currently working on getting someone to make solid teak doors for an outdoor BBQ. We got a door quote from one company and it was $16,000. Just for the doors. There are only 150 square feet of doors. Of course, solid burmese teak is quite special. We are picky and want clean, perfect teak with no blotchiness. They charge you extra for all the waste. Senior designer decided we would find a carpenter that does doors for high end yachts. I spoke to a guy today. I sent him the door list and the plans and hopefully he will get back to me tomorrow with good news. This BBQ is the last piece for the Barn job. I'm also figuring all the overtime we are spending on this job, I am suming up all the change orders and billing for this job as well.


apparantly had a long nap today. He was as sweet as pie when I picked him up. He is usually kind of cranky. J had english muffin pizzas ready for dinner when we got home. After dinner we played and played and played, bathed Lil'D then put him to bed. He is such a sweetie when he goes to bed. He sleeps horizontally in the crib. I don't know what we are going to do when he has to sleep in a regular bed. He sleeps with Sock Monkey, Monster (sully from Monsters, Inc), Chuck (he's a zebra), and Stumpytrunk (an elephant)

February 11, 2008

It's Monday again

Weekend Update

We had a really fun weekend. On Saturday morning we took all of our plastic 2 liter bottles and water bottles to the recycling center. We only could fit 3/4 of them in my truck, but we got $27.00. Pays for lunch and dinner all weekend. We will do the rest next weekend. We went to J's parent's house and grabbed a couple of boxes we have in storage at their house. Lil'd got a late nap in. I went to church at 5:15, J stayed home with Lil'D because we didn't want to put him in the nursery with a runny nose. Good thing we didn't, when I got back home we ran to Wal-Mart and he had a fever. We took his temp and it was 101. We gave him a bath and put him to bed. By midnight he had broke his fever.

Sunday morning we got him up and gave him a bath. He was in a really good mood. We met Grandma & Grandpa Ham at the zoo at 9:15am. We rode the bus and Lil'D loved it. Every corner we turned he pointed and said "Look!" He said Hi about a bizillion times. We took him on the Skyfari and to the petting zoo. He fed and pet the goats. We had a great time. He was a lovebug all day long. We wore him out because he napped for 3 hours. We went to the grocery store after his nap and took a walk over to Auntie E's. Then it was bathtime and night night. It was a wonderful family weekend. I'm already ready for next weekend!

February 8, 2008


My work day

was really long and kind of boring. Senior designer was out and about all day and was working on other jobs that don't involve me. Barn & MustardStone are the two largest jobs that Senior Designer has sold. They are both over a million dollars each. YES, just in cabinetry and installation of cabinetry. Those are the only 2 jobs I am running right now. Soon to just be MustardStone only. Barn will be complete in March!! My officemate, PJ, does what I do as well. She runs all the other jobs. So, Senior Designer, has 2 design assistants. I've just been here longer. She's been here for 2 years, I've been here for almost 9. She came on board when I was 3 months pregnant and got Senior Designer through 4 months without me. She did an awesome job. I really enjoy working with her and sharing an office with her.


I picked up Lil'D and we went on a little shopping trip together. We went to Michael's. At first he was all into looking at all the pretty things, but of course he got bored. He did good overall. At the end he kept say "all done" and "bye-bye". J had a late soccer game, so I put Lil'D to bed when we got home and I worked on a fun project till J got home.

February 7, 2008

Just an average day...

Blog of the day

This evening I visited Littleput. As soon as her blog popped up I remembered why I wanted to revisit it. She makes beautiful scrabble tile pendants. They are simply adorable. She is so talented. Her name is Ryan and she just completely organized her studio. It has been so much fun to see all her little goodies. She also has a very successful Etsy store!

My work day

Today wasn't that bad. I didn't have to scramble for any door hardware! I organized my email inbox and sent box. My inbox is all clean...yay. I wrote a really long email to Mr. Barn and put together the final schedule to finish up his job. I made a ton of phone calls and lots of other stuff that I can't think of at the moment. It was a pretty laid back day.


He has been really tired. Yesterday he asked Auntie E to go night night at 7pm. He didn't make a sound all night long. Pam said that he was really tired all day. When we got home he was super whiny but once we sat down for dinner he was all into the food. He has definitely gotten his appetite back. He had 2 whole english muffin pizzas, strawberries and cantaloupe. After dinner Lil'D kicked and kicked and kicked the beach ball. He is left footed and had started to take a running start at the ball. He is really good at kicking the ball.

Until tomorrow

February 6, 2008

Guess what this is?

IT'S MARY ENGELBREIT'S DESK. Oh how I would love a desk like this! All covered with paper, colored pencils and markers...yummy!

I was reading her blog and she was a having creative block. It's kind of nice to know that she gets that too. I get that sometimes at work. I'm in the middle of designing a kitchen and I just can't get out of the box. I look at magazines alot if this happens. I also look at kitchen brochures and search kitchen photos on the net. It really gets my juices flowing.

I don't do much by hand. I tend to design in AutoCAD. I'm not really a sketcher. I like to space plan too much. When I do get stuck I start sketching different shapes, once I come up with what I like I scan it and bring it into AutoCAD and trace it. Space is always a big deal for some reason. Kitchens need to be bigger people!!

I just wanted to share this today!

February 5, 2008

Delurking...Day 2

Blog of the day

Tonight I visited Melissa at Pink Paper Peppermints. The first thing you see when her blog pops up is a fun handmade header and lots of P.I.N.K! I love her shade of pink! Her photo reflects her serious and totally goofy side! I was immediately drawn to read what she had to say! I think she is from Texas (I'm originally from East Texas!) I think she has 2 boys...Teen-O and little O. She's crafty, loves a bowl of beautiful buttons, and thinks that spellcheck is evil :) She is a rambunctious bundle of joy! Apparantly, she had an e-zine called The {HeART} of the Matter, that she will be starting back up again. I am excited about this and plan to sign up for it!

My work day

involved more rushed door hardware searching (this time it was passage latches for the doors). Somebody forgot to tell me about these yesterday. Luckily, they were in stock at San Diego Hardware! That is twice they have bailed me out! They funny thing about these latches are that I got 3 different finishes: brass, nickel and chrome. We are desperate people. We need that occupancy permit NOW!! The real items are on order and will take about 4 weeks to get. So, until those real items are in, the clients can occupy their home, but some of their hardware doesn't match. I also worked on a door list for an outdoor BBQ. This is the 2nd to last piece for the Barn job. I can't believe it's almost done. We should complete this project by March. I can't wait. Then it is on to the MustardStone project in Montana.


He seems to be feeling much better. He was very good tonight. He ate his grilled cheese and drank his milk with no complaint. J chased him up and down the hallway. He laughed and laughed. He asked to take a bath and then went straight to bed, no complaints. Love him!!

-Until tomorrow.

February 4, 2008

I am officially de-lurking...

Do you know what lurking is? It is when you read a blog and never comment. Yes, Dad...you are a lurker! Haha. That means you too J!

Blog of the day...

Tonight I visited Monkeybox. She is a thrifty, crafty gal! She has a son and calls him The Bean. She goes on outings to thrift shops and finds the neatest things. She shows a collection of things she has collected and things she has sold. It is amazing! She also participates in swaps. It was very fun to see the items that she has created. I had fun reading about her finds and adventures. I will definitely visit again!

My day...

I set the alarm clock this morning but forgot to turn it on. I set it for 5:40am. I woke up at 7:10. Thankfully J got Lil'D up, I got him to daycare by 8am. I got to work at 7:30. Only an hour late. That is all I needed, miss more work after missing 24 hours last week. My work day was nothing but catching up. We are on the tail end of wrapping up the Barn job. They are trying to get an occupanty permit. I guess my installers missed that there wasn't enough door levers in the interior door hardware box that has been at the jobsite for over a month. I had to reorder 7 sets of door levers. The lead time is probably around 4 weeks. So, I went on a goose chase. I had to find 7 sets of whatever would work for now levers just to get the permit. After 4 or 5 phone calls with vendors around town, I got it done. 7 sets will be arriving UPS tomorrow at around noon. That was the hightlight of my day, the rest of it was filled with checking my voicemails, going through emails, filing paperwork and finding some door pulls for the Barn His & Her closets.

Lil'D is feeling much better. He wasn't coughing nearly as much as he had been. He ate a lot more today than he did yesterday and he wasn't as whiney, at all.

Until tomorrow

February 3, 2008

Guess what?...

I won two wonderful giveaways!! I'm so excited!

First, I won this book: from Ashley-A Daughter of the King. I can't wait to get it and read it!

Second, I won a box of sewing and crafting goodies from Susan at BlackBerry Creek.

I visited some really wonderful sites last week. I have a long list of blogs I want to revisit. Here is what I am going to start with:


Pink Paper Peppermints

All Things Littleput

Home Sanctuary

Dandelion Seeds

The Pioneer Woman

I'm just going to start with these. I have so many more to visit. So many blogs, but not enough time!

Weekend Highlight:

Lil'D was still sick on Friday. His fever was definitely lower than it had been all week. We had a doctor's appointment at 9:50am. The doctor said Lil'D had Bronchiolitis. He also heard some wheezing in his lungs and asked if anyone in the family had asthma. No asthma in mine or J's family. There was nothing that the doctor could do. No medicine, nothing. He said that the fever should go away definitely by Sunday, if not we should come back. Lil'D was super tired when we got home so I put him down for a nap. I also gave him a second nap since he was so tired. J had a soccer game, so Lil'D and I went on a little outing. We were both getting cabin fever. We went to Big Lots and scowered the whole store and found nothing, not a thing...boo. We went by the grocery store to pick up a few things. I let Lil'D walk. He did so well. He held my hand the entire time and did everything I asked him to. It was really nice to be at his pace, instead of racing to get somewhere!

Saturday we went to North County Fair. The Auntie Anne's Pretzels was giving away free pretzels. Since it was too cold outside, we thought it would be a good place to let Lil'D walk and be somewhere besides home. It was a nice outing. We also went to Wal-mart to grab a couple of things. I'm really hooked on a trail mix from Wal-mart. It is so good!

Sunday we went to the grocery store. We couldn't go to church with Lil'D still possibly being sick. His fever was totally gone and he looked completely back to normal. He was super tired. He fell asleep on the couch in my arms. That hardly ever happens with him. We also got some movies from Blockbuster. We watched more than half of Ratatouille. Lil'D was being a super pill today, just pulling fits at every no and don't. We recorded the superbowl...we watched the commercials and fast forwarded through the game!!! It was the best superbowl ever!!! J and I watched the last 3 minutes of the game. Wa-hoo the Giants won! I am happy with that!

I really have to go to bed now. I'm gonna be hurtin' tomorrow. I haven't been to work in a week.

February 2, 2008

And the winner is...

Pickel at My Two Boys!!!

She said "That is beautiful and perfect when you want to run into the store without the huge diaper bag." at 12:41pm on Jan. 28!

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your wristlet!

Thanks to everyone who visited me for this giveaway! I hope to visit each and every one of you that visited me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

-Until the next bloggy giveaway!