February 17, 2007

Fun day...

We woke up at 7:45. Lil'D got fed and then got a bath. We got ready to go to the zoo.
Lil'D rode in his new carseat today. The weather was incredible. It was 85 degrees.
Lil'D got to see the giraffes. J & I are going to try to go to the zoo every Saturday morning to get a good walk in on the weekend!
After the zoo, we got home and picked up the house a bit. J took a nap and I watched a couple of tv shows that I had DVR'd. ER & CSI. Lil'D took a couple of really good naps today.
Tonight J & I went to Target & BabiesRus. We used the "buggy bag" for the first time. It works really great. It lines the seat in the carts at the store. It's cushioned and it buckles Lil'D in. He was getting tired though. We got dinner and went home. We fed Lil'D and put him to bed. At BabiesRus we got a breathable mesh bumper for Lil'Ds crib. He loves to snuggle his face up against the fabric bumper. That is one of the causes of SIDS. Babies breathe in the breath that they breathe out. The new bumper is really thin, but it keeps his legs out from in between the slats.
J & I watched Invincible. It was a really good movie!
I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm ready to go to bed!
-Until tomorrow

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