August 31, 2005

Another 10 hour day...

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This is me in my office. This is actually pretty clean for my desk. Usually I am doing about 4 to 5 tasks at one time. It is really hard to keep my desk clean when the "senior" designer is around. I worked from 7-5 again today. My brain checked out at about 4 and by 5 my brain was mush. I worked primarily on two jobs today: Gor & Sim. Sim has lots of details that have to be decided and drawn and then it will be ready for production. With Gor I am waiting on veneer color approvals from the clients before it can go into production. The clients are in Italy and can only communicate by email. Must be nice!! I asked "senior" designer today that since I am putting in so many hours could I take every 3nd Friday off, he said Yes! Wha-hoo!! I know I'm a workaholic and it's really hard to stop. I know I just need to take more time off and just be brainless. I just love my job! There is so much to do and I don't want to get anymore behind that I already am.
When I got home J & I went to Costco to get some gas. It took 30 minutes the lines were so long. We paid $2.79/gallon. It was $2.89 at AMPM and $2.95 at 7-eleven. That is for the lowest grade gas. Needless to say that we won't be going anywhere this weekend. I have a gas guzzler:

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Anyway, after we got gas we had our couples small group. We are in between studies so we had a potluck and games. We had Chicken caesar salad, pasta salad, taco dip, verde enchiladas, and vegetarian lasagne. For dessert we had oreo pie and fruit cobbler. It was so delicious!! After we ate we played Scattagories and Spoons. I stank at both games. I am a stinky game player. It was a lot of fun though! We just got home and I wanted to get a quick post in.
-Until tomorrow.

August 30, 2005

Just another Tuesday.

Today was a full day for me. I just got home. I worked from 7-5:15. "Senior" Designer forgot to tell me about an appointment we had today at 12:30. He calls me at 11:40 and tells me to meet him at the jobsite with plans, interior color choices and details that need to be gone over. Well needless to say I was late because I didn't have anything ready. So I printed out plans, packed up the interior colors and doors. I left the office at 12:15 and got to the jobsite at about 12:45. Not too bad late for last minute. It got done, I usual.
After work, J & I had a quick dinner at Burger King. It was so nice to just sit and talk about stuff with him. When we are at home there are too many, laptops, etc. I love him so much! He is so my soulmate!! We are the best of friends! He had a softball game tonight. He plays on the Men's church team. They won like 16-8. Yay team!!
I had my ladies small group tonight. We are reading The Purpose Driven Life. We are half way through the study. The ladies in my small group are such a wonderful support to me. It is really scary to share your problems and make yourself vulnerable to another person. It is also scary to have someone who is always holding you accountable. We are all so afraid of failing or having someone look at you disapprovingly. I have developed such a special bond with these ladies. I am trying to change my way of thinking. They love me for me and we are all sisters in Christ. Change is always hard. Our small group runs from 6:30pm-8:30pm. I stayed till 9:40 talking and didn't get home till 10pm. And here I am, writing past my bedtime!
-Until tomorrow.

August 29, 2005

Popcorn for me!!!

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J & I just made snacks!! He loves cookies & milk...who doesn't? I have been looking forward to this bowl of popcorn all day long! I actually left work somewhat on time today. I only had 2 major goals today and I finished them both. First, to get the Wolf rangetop delivered to the jobsites. Second, to verify, label and draw details for job: Gor. This job is a Kitchen, Pantry area, Guest bath & Master bath. I completed all of it at 5:10 and emailed it to the cabinet company. I cleaned my desk and was free!! I went by the grocery store and got Jell-O Oreo pie mix and an Oreo crust! That's what we are taking to our small group on Wednesday night. We are in the middle of study books so we are having a potluck and games!

I worked out when I got home. I sure didn't want to. I worked out so hard all my muscles were shaking when I got done. I am going to be sore tomorrow. That's what I get for not working out in a while. I also gave myself a pedicure. I am nice and relaxed and ready for bed!
-Until tomorrow

August 28, 2005

Nice peaceful day of nothing

J & I got up early and went to the 8:15am service. The sermon was very convicting. We, as Christians, should not keep a list of things that we think our brothers & sisters are doing "wrong". We should support them and share our own "wrongs" that we are struggling with. We must lead through brokenness. You can get tangled up in "man's" rules and forget that it is all about having a relationship with Jesus. God wants relationships, not rules.

J & I stopped by Subway on the way home and picked up somes sandwiches for lunch. We veged a majority of the day. J had softball practice at 6 so I got to have some "me" time. I did a quick run through and clean of the house and was done in 15min. I called my Mom and we spoke for about a hour and a half. I just ordered our new small group book In the Footsteps of Faith by John McArthur. Can't wait to dig in to a new study. -Until Tomorrow

August 27, 2005

All in a day's "work"

Here are the photos from today. They turned out great! It is such a blessing to have such great friends and to be able to take time from our busy lives to do fun things for each other!
-Until tomorrow

Photos from Baby Bees Barracks Party!

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Creatively Productive Saturday

Today was Sarah Jean's baby room decorating party! We had lots of fun and it looks great!! There were four of us! Me, Chica, Nessa & Sarah Jean. We painted one wall baby blue, hung the beautiful window valance and stenciled nursery rhymes! It was so time consuming. Each letter was a different color and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!! Sarah Jean and hubby were really happy with it! I had a great time hanging out with my friends today. It was very theraputic!
Now I am getting ready to go to a family birthday party. J (my hubby)'s dad and sister's birthday! Time to get ready. I don't want to be late. -Until tomorrow

August 26, 2005

TGIF, 7:30am-3:30pm

Yay, it's finally Friday! I have to admit I am always working for the weekend! I had three goals for today: first, to submit the order for the job: Ken cabinetry. Second, to make sure that the granite , appliances and plumbing fixture pricing was in the works for job: Barn. Third, to turn tif photos into jpegs and email them to a possible new client. I accomplished all and I got out of the office at 3:30. I went to Michael's on the way home. I picked up the stencil paint, stencils and brushes for Sarah Jean's baby room party. When I got home I picked up the house pretty fast because Kaydee & Sarge are coming over at 7:30pm. I have been reading blogs for the past two weeks and have finally decided to have my own! -Until tomorrow