February 28, 2007

Andy Kitchen #2

This is a different house that the Andy's had us remodel. This particular design is very contemporary. This house is just incredible! The view of the ocean is so breathtaking it is undescribable!!
Here is a before photo:

Here is the after photo of that view:

Here is another before of another view of the kitchen:

Here is the after photo:

Here is the before of the entertainment center in the kitchen:

Here is the after photo of the new entertainment center:The veneer used in this job is Hawaiian Koa. It is very exotic and rare. We also used a high gloss polyester finish on all the doors. This finish is the best there is! It's like a finish on a car!

Here are the drawings for this job:

Hope you enjoyed this one!!
Doesn't it just blow your mind to know that this client has 2 beautiful homes. It's just crazy!

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Kaydee said...

I really like the look that Koa gives to the room, but I did like the before as well. I don't think that the before looked to bad at all. That might just be my simple tastes slipping out. Also, their kitchen costs more than the house I live in!

P.S. Congrats on a whole month of blogging.