August 21, 2008

Day at the Beach!!

Today is my 2nd day of vacation. work for me!! Jeremy is on a fishin' trip and won't be back until later tonight. Lil'D and I went to the beach with Auntie E and her two boys Nate & Z. Here are the photos...

Somebody ate dirt today...

Lil'D loves his cousin Z...

Such a silly boy!!

Lil'D pondering on how huge the ocean is...

Lil'D really loves the ocean!!

Looks like he's posing for a magazine...Surfer's Weekly!

Finally he looked at me when I asked him to!

Look at where we live, it's so beautiful. Sometimes I take for granted that I only live 20 minutes from these beautiful beaches!!

♥ Elliemae

August 12, 2008

Pay it Forward...

I know I'm on a break, but this looks like fun!!! Jenny at Daily Dose of Motherhood is paying it forward to three people and I am one of them!! So here is how it works:

I will send a surprise to the first three commenters that want to participate. If you are one of the three that decides to participate then you will post this to your blog and send a gift to the three people that are first to comment on your blog. The gift can be something you have, made or bought. Please keep your gifts small (maybe something you can put in a regular or manila envelope).

Don't forget to leave your email address!!

♥ Elliemae

August 4, 2008

Taking a break...

Just to let you know. I am taking a break from my blog. I just have so much going on right now, I just don't have time. I will be going on vacation in about 2 1/2 weeks. Maybe after vacation I will be caught up (if that is possible) and rested and will be back!

♥ Elliemae