February 2, 2007

List & Category is complete...

Pray every morning
Pray every night before bed with J
Memorize the books of the bible
Read the entire bible in 120 days
Read the entire bible again but in 90 days
Read online devotion every morning at work
Memorize 1 scripture per month
Attend 5 church functions in one year

Marriage & Family
Renew wedding vows on 10 yr aniversary June 6, 2008
Watch a sunset with J
Go to a coffe shop and drink the entire cup there with J
Stay a night in a hotel with J
Go on a date with J 2x in 1 month (just me & him)
Make a living trust with J
Start a family tradition
Celebrate Lil'D's 1st b-day with a party at our house
Start a savings for Lil'D
Get Shadow spayed

Health & Fitness
Drink 8 glasses of H2O/day for 1 week
Loose 10 lbs
Loose 20 lbs
Loose 30 lbs
Loose 40 lbs (goal)
Choose and take vitamins
Exercise at least 3x per week
Go to bed at 9:30pm at least 2x for one week
Ride bikes with J on the weekend
Floss twice a day for 1 month straight
Brush my teeth after lunch for 2 weeks straight
Start and complete Slim in 6
Start advanced Slim in 6 Video collection after Slim in 6 is complete

Send out Christmas cards on Dec 9, 2007
Send out Christmas cards on Dec 9, 2008
Put together a reading list and read all the books that I own
Don't bite nails for 2 weeks straight
Get up a 5am for 5 workdays in a row
Get up at 5am for 2 weeks in a row (excluding weekends)
Get manicure once nails have grown out every month
Get back into pre-pregnancy clothes
Go a whole day without being on the computer
Charge, load and use my Ipod
Complete a jigsaw puzzle (not online)
Have lunch with 3 friends
Trim my personal tv consumption to 2 hours a day or less
Complete a daily regiman list
Type out all of my childhood memories before I forget them.
Post to my blog for 1 month straight
Iron & hem clothes that need it
Moisturize my legs for 3 weeks straight
Create new 101 list once this one is completed

House & Home
Make & follow weekly menu for one week
Make & follow weekly menu for two weeks
Make & follow weekely menu for three weeks
Finish up cleaning schedule and follow it for 1 month
Put another coat of paint on Lil'Ds mural in his room
Sew curtains for Lil'D's room and install
Go through all of Lil'D's clothes and purge things that don't fit
Choose color & paint backsplash in kitchen
Choose fabric, sew curtains and install for kitchen
Organize entire kitchen, including pantry
Organize my entire desk area, including files
Choose placement and install hooks for my bags
Decide what to put above dining room shelves
Baby proof the living room & Lil'D's room
Print out 8x10s for living room, frame & hang
Organize coat closet
Take rocking chair to my in-laws
Paint and install chair rail in the guest bath
Organize guest bath
Hang pictures in master bedroom
Paint headboard mural in master bedroom
Choose fabric, sew & install new curtains in master bedroom
Paint & organize master Bathroom, caulk shower also
Organize master closet
Get rid of old dishwasher in backyard
Clean back patio & yard
Clean out refer/freezer 1x every 2mos
Make 3 meals in one week
Organize laundry area
Help J get the office completely organized.
Catalog all our DVDs & CDs
Organize all our backup disks of photos

Complete Chica's wedding album on Shutterfly
Finish crocheting Lil'D's blanket with a hood
Crochet an afghan
Make my own dress for the Viva Rock Vegas party at work
Take photos of a day in my life
Create my own piece of art
Complete Lil'D's scrapbook of his 1st year
Finish my vacation collages to include carribean cruise, OR trip, AZ trip, & New York
Make bedding for our room, including 2 decorative pillows & bolsters
Paint 2 chairs Mary Engelbreit style
Design & make a purse
Organize budget & bill paying

Travel & Entertainment
Take a vacation the last week of June 2007
Go camping
Go to Disneyland
Go to Magic Mountain
Go to museums in Balboa park
Go to the flower fields
Go to New York

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