February 21, 2007

Andy Job

I thought I would post another one of the jobs I have done. This project...the Andy job...was my first kitchen that I designed with "Senior" designer. First, he gave me this rendering that our inner office artist did as a concept design.
"Senior" designer then gave me the room layout with measurements.

Then I do the space planning, appliance specs, and all cabinet details.

These drawing plus even more details of each cabinet including interior details, radius' and special requirements needed were sent to the manufacturer. I remember staying till 9 and 10pm putting all the detail into each and every one of these cabinets. At the time I was assisting one of the other designers here at the firm. I really wanted to work under "Senior" designer because of his creativity and positive attitude. I finally finished all the drawings and it was being manufactured. It was delivered to Tempe, Arizona. There was not a single mistake on the entire order. I am so proud of this job. Here is the before photo...

Here is the after photo:

Here is another photo that shows some of the detail that went into this job that you can't see unless you are in the room and can open every single cabinet door. The tall armoires are refrigerators and the area that the arrow is pointing to is a dishwasher...

I am so very proud of this job. It was a lot of fun to figure out and it was a really great challenge. "Senior" designer told me that if I could do the drawings for this kitchen, I could do the drawings for any kitchen. I have been his design assistant ever since. I wouldn't have it any other way! I don't need to be out front selling and being in charge of the job. I like being in the background and doing all the technical work!! I can sleep at night!!

Just thought I would share!

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Kaydee said...

That is an awesome kitchen!! Everytime you pst one of you jobs I am so impressed. You present yourself as this normal, average person, but you've got real skills. You should be proud of your self. If it means anything to you, I am.