September 2, 2006

Yeah, it's the weekend!

J & I slept till 9am. Lil D only woke up once last night! He is sleeping so well at night!! We are so blessed! We ate lunch. Then, we went to Wal-Mart and the grocery store. We met J's family at a park for his sister's birthday. We only stayed for 45 minutes. We had to meet our new landlord at the property to go over the house. There was a small list of things he has to fix:
1. Replace window screen in living room
2. Replace screen to sliding glass door
3. Fix garbage disposal
4. Fix leak at guest bath sink
5. Replace blinds in guest bedroom
6. Replace window screen in guest bedroom
7. Fix leak at master bath sink
8. Take down ugly shelf above fireplace
9. Paint all walls (he let me pick my own color!!)
10. Clean whole place better!

We will be moving in next Friday, September 8th!! I am really excited about moving!! Our master bedroom is larger. The space in the living,dining,kitchen is just so much more open and airy. There are tons of windows in the kitchen and dining area. The washer and dryer are inside the house. No more going to the garage to wash clothes and then forgetting about them! The guest bath is larger than what we have now. I usually use this bathroom to fix my hair and put on my makeup! I have to work on the window treatments. There are only blinds in the 2 guest bedrooms, everywhere else are these gosh awful curtains...yuck! I have some curtain panels from IKEA that I can use in the living room. There are some skinny windows that I have to be creative with. The kitchen window is going to be a challenge, so is the sliding glass door and the dining room window. The master bedroom will have to be replaced, but not right away. I have plenty of time to pack now. I just have to wait. I'm not very good at that.
J and I had dinner and watched a movie. Then, I layed out the entire house on AutoCAD. I started the furniture layout so that when we move in I will know exactly where each piece goes! Tomorrow J and I are supposed to clean out the garage. Sounds like fun huh?
-Until tomorrow

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