September 24, 2006

Getting IT together...

I just feel lately like I just can't get IT together. Everytime I leave the house I forget at least one thing. I'm still living out of boxes. I just can't get ahead. Even would even feel good.
This weekend J & I painted the dining room. It is a large area and we scrubbed the floor Cinderella style. It took a couple of hours. Lil D will crawl on this floor one day so we want to try to get it as clean as possible and keep it that way. We also put up window treatments over the window above my desk and the patio door. I am also trying to organize my desk. I didn't realize how much stuff I keep track of. I have a filing cabinet now, but I still have a stack of stuff to organize. Lil D's room is next on the list. His room is filled with boxes. Next weekend we are going to finish painting it and put up the chair rail and unpack all his stuff. Stuff is just overwhelming me. I am doing my best to deal!! It will be better once this house is in order. Tomorrow I am going to stay at work as long as I can. Weeeeeeeee.
-Until tomorrow

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