September 5, 2006

For crying out loud...literally!

10 Favorite Characters from Your Childhood

1. Mr. Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street
2. Cookie Monster
3. Ernie
4. Strawberry Shortcake
5. Tom & Jerry
6. Pebbles from the Flintstones
7. Poochie
8. Scooby Doo
9. Pink Panther
10. Garfield

Today was kind of rough. Lil D and I slept till 9:30. We watched tv and didn't do anything all day. It was just too hot to try to satisfy the baby and pack. So I just satisfied the baby! At around 5:30 he woke up from a nap and just started to cry. I tried to feed him but he refused. After about 45 minutes of crying I gave him some grip water and he calmed down and took a quick nap. When he woke up I tried to feed him. He ate for about 2 minutes and tried to fuss again. I finally calmed him down, managed to take a shower and get ready and went to my small group. When I was on the road I realized I forgot to eat dinner. When I got to the house where my small goup was it was incredibly hot inside. I thought I was seriously going to have to leave. It was blazin'. All they had was a tiny little fan blowing and I didn't feel any air on me. My entire back was dripping with sweat, my forehead was drenched and Lil D and I were practically stuck together. Finally, someone took Lil D from me and I sort of cooled off. When I changed Lil D's diaper I noticed some orange color in it. That meant he was dehydrated. He also looked as if he was panting and was sticking his tongue out like he was gagging. I fed him right away and he ate on one side for about 2 minutes and the other side for about 4 minutes. He is a stubborn little one! If he continues to not eat well I will have to go to formula and I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT. How can something so natural be so difficult? I'll never know.
I got home at about 9:20 and J arrived shortly thereafter. We gave Lil D a bath and put him to bed. He fussed a tiny bit, but soon feel asleep. I know he will be waking any minute. He just has to be hungry. I don't want him to get dehydrated. I checked my emails and skimmed some of my favorite blogs and am now ready to go to bed. This has been my only ME time all day long. I'm taking advantage of it. I may even stay up a little longer. I am enjoying the peace and quiet. Here is something that I got from an email that my mother-in-law sent me:

Happy moments, PRAISE GOD. Difficult moments, SEEK GOD.
Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD. Painful moments, TRUST GOD. Every moment, THANK GOD.

I love that!! It is exactly what I need in my life right now!! I put it in my email signature!
Let's see...what else, oh I pumped 4 times today...9:30, 12:30, 3:30 and 10:15. I barely got 5 oz. I hope I do better tomorrow!
-Until tomorrow

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