September 20, 2006

Just an average day...

Wednesday Mind Hump:
Today is Board Game Appreciation Day.
1. Are you a fan of board games? Yes
2. What's your favorite board game and why? Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture, because I beat J!!
Yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day, so lets answer a few questions about that. I can't think of any more board game questions.
3. Blackbeard, Hook, Sparrow - who's your favorite pirate? Sparrow
4. If you were a pirate, what would you name yourself? Shiver M.E. Timbers (retarded, I know)
5. Uh oh! Someone's gotta walk the plank! Choose a celebrity you want to throw overboard (all in good fun, of course. We're not actually advocating for the tossing of celebs in the ocean).
Britney Spears

I woke up today at 6am. Lil D went to bed at 9:45pm. Woke up at 3am and then at 6am. Not bad!! It takes me an hours to: shower, brush my teeth, fix my hair, put on my make-up and get dressed. That is pathetic! I need to work on that because it's really going to hurt when I have to get up and be at work at 7am!
At work I am working on billing Mark G's projects. He is Senior designers most important client!! He is on project #5 & 6 with our firm. The first project was a condo project. He bought a existing 22 condo property on the beach and remodeled them into 10 large condos. We did all the cabinetry in his penthouse. Then we remodeled his airplane hanger. Project #3 & #4 were the 9th and 12th floor at his property in Florida. Project #5 is a condominium in Big Sky, Montana and Project #6 is a house in Cabo.
I added a new addition tonight to the blog. It is Lil D's Video of the day!! Enjoy!!
-Until tomorrow

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