September 6, 2006

I'm tired

Wednesday Mind Hump

Theme: Postal Worker's Day.

1. When is the last time you sent someone a letter in the mail?
Thank you cards for Lil D
2. What usually comes in your mail?, hiss!
3. What kind of a mailbox do you have?
A mail slot that you access in the garage
4. If you could send a package to your postal worker to show your appreciation, what would you send them? cookies

So, wasn't that fun?
Today was a great day! I did lots of errands and stuff! I am definitely not a home body. Of course if I could afford to be a stay at home Mom I would certainly do it. But financially it is impossible right now. I am doing everything I can to be positive about going back to work. I really am looking forward to it!!
Here was my day:
8:50am Wake up and feed Lil D
12pm Feed Lil D
1:30pm Go to the bank, then to The Dollar Tree (There is a lot of cool stuff in this store!)
3pm To grandma & grandpa's house
4pm Back home
4:30 Meet the new landlord at the new house! Sign the lease!
5pm Start painting
6:20 Feed Lil D
9:45 Quit and go home
10:30 Give Lil D a bath
11pm Feed Lil D

I am really tired from painting. My back and my butt hurts. I just haven't shaped up those muscles yet. I am really tired. We have another full day tomorrow. J is only working a half day. Yeah!! I'm ready to get all this moving and painting behind me!!
-Until tomorrow

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