September 18, 2006

Just another manic monday...

1. How do you eat an oreo cookie? with milk
2. How long does it take you to eat lunch? not long
3. Caffeine or decaf? decaf, I'm breastfeeding
4. Chicken or beef? beef
5. Pen or pencil? pen
6. Autumn or spring? autumn
7. Baseball or basketball? baseball
8. 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race?' survivor

It was really hard to get up this morning. I got up at 6:35 and took a shower. I was stressed out because I had no idea what I was going to wear. I don't have any clothes that fit me right now. I found something that will do, but I'm not happy about it.
Work was mellow. I did more billing. I left at 12:30 and went shopping. I went to Marshalls, Nordstroms Rack, and Lohmanns. I found nothing. I went to Ross and found 3 tops and a pair of shoes. I'm still not happy about it. I picked up Lil D and relaxed and enjoyed the evening. I am not going to worry about anything until the weekend. I also feel like I'm getting sick. Boo.
-Until tomorrow.

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