September 12, 2006

I'm back!

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I have survived the move!! It has just been exhausting!! J & I worked moved stuff from 8:30am to 10pm on Friday! Can you believe it? J had some help moving the heavy stuff thank goodness. Scout, Uncle R and Grandpa helped move all the big furniture into the garage. Friday night was our last night at the old house. On Saturday morning I took Lil D to Auntie E first thing in the morning and J went and picked up the U-haul. I packed up all that was left. I ran out of boxes and used garbage bags. All the furniture in the house fit into the truck. While the truck got unloaded at the new house. I met a few of my best girlfriends at the old house. Chica cleaned both bathrooms. Amy Jo cleaned the kitchen. RedPage painted a couple of walls. We worked on cleaning and painting from 5:15 to 10pm. It was a very long day!
On Sunday J & I brought a load from the old house to the new and then we started on the paint. We painted from 1pm to 6pm. Then we emptied the garage. We barely made it. Thank goodness for Uncle R and Grandpa. We wouldn't have finished without them.
On Monday, I took Lil D to daycare. He stayed from 8am to 2:30pm. He seemed very happy! He was really good!! Auntie E came over and helped me unpack boxes. We started in the kitchen. I was exhausted!
This morning I got up at 6:45am, took a shower, sterilized Lil D's bottles, packed his bag and took him to daycare. He stayed from 8am to 5pm. He was good again!! I cleaned the kitchen. I bleached the countertops and the sink. I put away all the small appliances, dishes and containers!! I also cleaned up the dining room area. There are still a few odds and ends. I stacked all the boxes in my closet. I will go through them one by one. J & I went to the grocery store. Then we ate dinner. We had to go to the old house to move the wood from the backyard, clean the oven better and sweep the garage.
Here is the plan for tomorrow:
  1. Finish putting away things in the dining room
  2. Organize the desk

Until tomorrow.

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