September 3, 2006

It's just too hot!

The heat is killin' me! Lil D sat through the 9:45 church service without a peep. I didn't want to sit in the cry room so I sat in the back by the door. Lil D is such a good boy! After church, J and I went to Cosco and got water, eggs and a tub of cookie dough. When we got home I updated our budget and we went over our grocery budget by $1.03. Watch out! I love our new budget. I am weird like that. I love tools that get you organized!! Lil D had a stomach ache today. He fussed for a while and then finally fell asleep. At about 4:30 I took Lil D to Grandma's house. J & I cleaned out the garage. It was sooooo hot. When I pulled the car out of the garage it was 103degrees. I nearly melted. J & I have so much stuff. I don't know what we are going to do with it all! The new house only has a carport. We have a storage room in the backyard, but it's nothing compared to the garage space we have now. We just need to get rid of all the stuff we don't need!
I went and got Lil D at about 7pm. He was asleep, of course, in grandma's arms. He is such a cutie! J had dinner ready when I got back. We ate dinner, gave Lil D a bath and put him to bed. I guess I need to go to bed and get a head start on my sleep for next week since tomorrow is a holiday!
-Until tomorrow

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