September 13, 2006

It's crazy around here...

Let's try to stay on a roll with the memes...
1. What's in your junk drawer, and how many junk drawers do you have?
I have tools, batteries, keychains, scissors...I have 2 junk drawers.
2. How often do you clean or rearrange your junk drawers?
Every time I move!
3. Name one celebrity whose junk drawer you'd love to go through.
Jennifer Garner

Now wasn't that just fun?
This is what I did today...
SmileyCentral.comI filled and organized the storage in the backyard. It was warm out. I scrubbed & mopped the guest bath floor.
I also cleaned off and dusted the desk that I am putting in my dining room. I am actually sitting at my desk right now! I usually sit in the living room and my laptop is on a tv tray. Yeah, I actually have my own desk now!! It's the little things in life! I go back to work tomorrow. I have mixed emotions about it. I am ready to go back. I have missed it. I also HAVE to go back. I don't know if I could handle being a stay at home mom. It is a wonderful, rewarding, difficult job. I have a whole new outlook on it now that I have been off work for 4 months. It's not all you would think it would be. I also don't really have a choice. I would probably have a different opinion about it if it were anywhere near feasible to stay at home. I think I am just dealing with it by accepting it and looking forward to it. If I were to be unhappy and gripe about it then it would be hard to go back. I figure if I go back with joy, then I will enjoy it. I will also miss my sweet Lil D. He has gone to daycare 3 days now. He seems to be enjoying it. He is so worn out at night. I think it is all the new stimulation he gets. Pam is Lil D's daycare provider. She runs a daycare in her home. I think she has six children including Lil D. There is a 10 month old and the rest are between the ages of 2 and 5. The children are very well behaved and happy. Lil D seems to really like Pam and is being really good to her!! Yeah! What a blessing!
J made dinner tonight. He made orange chicken with vegetables and steamed rice. It was a microwave dish. It was ok. Nothing like Panda Express. We are trying to eat all microwaveable foods right now because we have an ancient range in our new kitchen. J tried to turn on one of the burners and it began to smoke and smell funny. The landlords are going to let us pick out a new range and microhood
Example of what we have now:

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This is not my kitchen, this is only an example. On mine the bottom oven door and drawer are black. Here is an example of what I am getting:

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Yeah!!! There will also be a microhood above!! I can't wait! I can't believe i just said that. I really want to cook more than I do. I think I will enjoy cooking on the new range rather that the old!!
Well, it's getting late. I gotta go to work tomorrow!!!
-Until tomorrow

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