September 14, 2006

Thirteen Thursday:

Thirteen Things Ellie Mae wants to get done before Monday

1…. Finish cleaning the guest bath. I have mopped and cleaned the floor once, but I think I'm going to do it again. I have to clean the bathtub and shower surround. I am also going to paint the inside of the cabinet with paint and some bleach added. There is a little bit of mildew inside and that should fix it for now. I am also going to put shelf paper at the bottom of the cabinet. Then I will need to fill up the medicine cabinet and the base cabinet with my stuff!!
2…. Hang all my pictures in the living room
3…. Clean the kitchen window
4…. Clean the master bath
5…. Clean the master bedroom
6…. Buy some more bottles for Lil D
7…. Go shopping for new work clothes
8…. Make special thank you cards for my family for helping me move
9…. Give myself a manicure
10…. Give myself a pedicure
11…. Wash all the dirty clothes in the house
12…. Wash my truck
13…. Find time to sit and relax!!

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