September 6, 2006

I also found this:

All About Me Survey
I Amstrong
I Wantjoy
I Havea beautiful son
I WishI were organized
I Hatethe enemy
I Feartime
I Heartv
I Searchgoogle
I Wonderwhat Lil D will be when he grows up
I Regretrushing my childhood
I Lovemy husband
I Achemy back
I Alwaystell J I love him
I Usuallyforget stuff lately
I Am Nota dumb girl
I Danceall the time
I Singin the car only
I Neverhave been in a haunted house
I Rarelydrink tea
I Crywhen I\'m overwhelmed lately
I Am Not Alwaysnice
I Losemy pens
I'm Confusedwhen I listen to politics
I Needfood
I Shouldgo to bed earlier
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I love stuff like this!!

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