September 7, 2006

I'm really tired!

Well, it's 11:28 and we just got home. This was our day:

First we went to Lowe's and bought paint for our current house and paint for the new house. The new landlord is going to reimburse us for the paint there. All together we bought 8 gallons of paint. You don't want to see that receipt! Second, we ate lunch, fed Lil D and ran some errands. Third, we went to the new house. We put on the second coat in the living room and the bedroom. We also put 2 coats in the office and touched up all the trim. Oh, and the hallway is painted also. We were there from 2:30-11pm. We are exhausted! Lil D stayed with Auntie E and I walked over when he was hungry! I loved that I just walked a block to get to their house!! We still have to paint the dining room, the kitchen, the closets and closet doors, the guest bathroom and touch up all the casing and base molding. We will do this in the upcoming weeks.

I called the pediatrician today because Lil D is so fussy when he eats. He will eat for about 2-4 minutes and then start crying. Then he will eat for 10-20 seconds and then start crying. This repeats and repeats the entire feeding time. I think that my milk supply is not satisfying him. I got up at 5am and tryed to pump. I only got .25ounces. Since Lil D will go to daycare for the first time on Monday, Sept 11 I started pumping after every feeding to get ahead on the bottles he will need for that day. I pumped 5 ounces in a day and a half. I can usually pump 2-3 ounces in one session. The doctor told me that I need to start giving him formula 3x a day and I can still nurse him in the mornings and evenings and the weekends. I have mixed feelings about this. I am upset that there is a problem but I am relieved that there is a solution. I don't have to stress out about it if I use formula. I guess the stress level in my life right now is affecting my milk supply. So Lil D will get formula while he is at daycare and will get breastmilk in the morning, evening and weekends. This is good because there are so many benefits to breastfeeding!!

So here is the plan for tomorrow:

  • Drop Lil D off at Grandma's house at 8:30am
  • Take as many boxes, small items and all clothing to the house
  • Disassemble all tv equiptment
  • Start painting the old house

That's the plan for now, but it could always change.

13 things that Ellie Mae likes about herself:

Love Letter1. I like my hair. I am a hair freak. I have always wanted my hair length to be to my butt. Everytime my hair gets about half way, I cut it. this time I'm not. This is the longest my hair has ever been.

Love Letter 2. I like how creative I can be. When I have a problem such as furniture space planning, figuring out how to make more storage space or arranging photos on the wall. I love the different concepts that I come up with. I love being creative and thinking outside the box.

Love Letter 3. I like that I am from Texas! I was born an raised in Texas 23 years. I have lived in Southern California for 10 years. Some parts of Texas are just perdy!

Love Letter 4. I like the kind of wife that I am learning to be! I have learned about what kind of wife God wants me to be. I am trying to be patient and kind to my husband, even when I think he doesn't deserve it. I apologize immediately if I snap at him. I try to be his helpmate and support him in everything he does!!

Love Letter 5. I like that I am a girlie girl some days and a tomboy some days. Lately, I have been more tomboy that girlie girl. Especially since I had the baby. I haven't worn makeup in 4 months or really fixed my hair. I have lived in a ponytail! I go back to work next week so I have to find my girlie girl side again!

Love Letter 6. I like how quiet I am sometimes. I love to just listen. I am not a loud person. At least not all the time anyway. I am only loud around a few people. I always think before I speak but am usually really quiet. Especially around people I don't know.

Love Letter 7. I like the small burn I have on my right wrist. When I was about 9 my grandmother was making popcorn on the cooktop in a pot. I got too close a burned my wrist on the pan. My grandmother passed away about 6 years ago. The burn is special to me.

Love Letter 8. I like the way I can multi-task. I love to be doing several things at once. I get bored really easy and I love it when I have several projects to finish. I just can't stand to sit still sometimes.

Love Letter 9. I like that I am quick about making decisions about things. When I am shopping and I can only spend a certain amount. I am very decisive about what I keep and what I can put back. My brain is always figuring out what is best.

Love Letter 10. I like that I kind of have my own language. I am always making up words that are not really words like...flowerdy, stri-ped, etc.

So that's that! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

-Until tomorrow

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Kaydee said...

That's only Ten Things you like about your self. How about that you are a good friend or that you like to learn and are open to learning more, especially about God and the Bible, and how about that you are a great mom!! (Those are just off the top of my head!!)