September 29, 2005

This week is going by fast!

Today was a relatively calm day! "Senior designer" is gone! Wa-hoo!! First thing this morning I went to the Gor jobsite. I went with one of our installers. We worked out sizes of panels for a perfect fit. We are covering a wall that has an ugly electrical panel on it and a door that leads into where the HVAC is. We are covering it with matching veneer. The wall and door will look like our cabinetry. It is going to be beautiful. It took us about 2 hours to make sure it all fit perfect. I worked on the revisions for the rest of the day. I use AutoCAD for all my drawings. It details everything to the 1/32"! I love that kind of detail. I must be whack to say something like that. Now, Gor is off my plate for the time being. I will wait for a complete acknow-ledgment from Redl, the cabinet manufacturer.
I met Kaydee after work to go see a movie. It was a sneek peak hosted by Glamour magazine & Mercury. We saw Domino. It was very violent. Lots of foul language, gun shooting, nudity an gore. I like Keira Knightly, but the movie was just ok. Too much of the "ugly" world for my taste. Thank goodness it was free. I had a great time with Kaydee. She brought her sister Maxime.
-Until tomorrow.


Kaydee said...

You are right about the moive last night. It was just too "ugly" to be really be enjoyed. But it was free and it was fun to be there with friends to whom you could complain about getting jipped out of free goodies.

Kaydee said...

Just in case you are interested, I found this Wikipedia entry on the real Domino Harvey.

She really was a bounty hunter and from the looks of it the backround of the movie is true though maybe the actual plot was "Hollywood-ized" for your viweing dis-pleasure.