September 9, 2005

Friday again!

The weeks are just flying by. This week went especially fast because of the holiday. Today was a great day! I went in a 7 and "senior designer" and I worked hard on Barn. We completed everything we needed 1/2 hour before the client meeting. When 10:35 came around the client called and cancelled. We were actually prepared for once and the meeting doesn't happen. Just my luck. It was nice to start the day out ahead. I ordered a Meile dishwasher and had it picked up and brought back to the shop for Anders, I found 16x16 travertine at the right price and ordered it for Far, followed up on the towel bar, tp holder and faucet for Far...not in till the end of next week, I also started pricing out a new possible client Maiz. "Senior designer" is going to Florida on Sunday-Tuesday. We have 2 jobs going on there. I have lots to do and while he is gone I can get some what caught up.

Shadow had to go to the vet today. She is getting all her shots and stuff. J took her. Some guy brought his dog in without a leash and the dog ran over to shadow in her little carrier. J said that the meanest, loudest growl came from Shadow. He said you wouldn't have believed that it was her. Poor thing got scared to death by that mean dog. Anyway, she survived. Dark is hissing and growling at her because she smells like the vet.

We are having friends over tonight: Kaydee & Sarge again and Scout & Amy Jo. We are playing games and stuff! J is kicking me off the table. He is actually cleaning it off...weird, who is he and what did he do with my husband.
-Until tomorrow.

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