September 2, 2005

TGIF!! 7:30-4:30

Today was a weird day. I went in at 7:30 hoping to leave at 3:30. Didn't happen, of course. I worked on the revisions of Sim for most of the day, getting interupted only a couple of times by "senior" designer. I was free at 4:30! Once I got home J & I ordered Pat & Oscar's to go! We went by Blockbuster and picked out 3 movies. We watched Monster-In-Law with Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Vartan. It was really cute and funny. I liked it. We went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few essentials that we food, toothpaste, toilet paper! I have nothing interesting to say at the moment. I am definitely ready to be brainless for 3 DAYS!!
J & I just decided on going to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert on December 10 in LA!!! Steven Curtis Chapman is my favorite Christian Artist!! I added a new list to my side bar: My Favorite Christian Artists. Steven Curtis will be the first on the list!
-Until tomorrow

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