September 16, 2005

friday, friDAY, FRIDAY!!!!

Today was a nice calm day at the office. I worked on Sim all day long. It's still not done yet. "Senior designer" is on a river trip testing out his new boat. Every summer "senior designer" and his family go to Lake Powell for 2 weeks. They own a share in a houseboat. They always take their boat The Eliminator. It was pastel 80s green & pink. They had it for like 20 years. On their trip in July The Eliminator sank. It sank 200 feet or so. They were really bummed out about it. So, they just bought a new Malibu ski/wakeboard boat. It is really beautiful. I got to see it yesterday. So, he was playing all day, while I tried to catch up. It was a nice work day. I wished I could have gotten alot more done. I would have to work 16 hours days for 2 weeks to catch up. J & I went to dinner at Pick up Stixs then to the movies. We met Amy Jo, Scout and Kaydee (Sarge is at the bike fest in Vegas). We saw The Man with Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy. It was ok. There were a few funny scenes in it, but it was definitely a renter.
-Until tomorrow.

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