September 28, 2005

Just another day

Today was just a normal day at work. I worked on Sim. That job just won't die. I still didn't finish. Maybe tomorrow all the details will be wrapped up. All that's left is the Theater Bar!! I have a new job: McKell. It is in the beginning stages. The conceptual floorplan and perspective has been done. Now it's time to start the pricing process. I also went to the Gor jobsite today with "senior designer." We double checked some measurements and it's a good thing we did. There were some minor errors. I have to make all the changes tomorrow. I WILL get it all done because "senior designer" will be gone!!! He and his family are going to Lake Powell for the next 11 days! A whole week to catch up and to get everything organized!! I am also getting a new office! I designed my current office and " senior designer" decided that he wanted to share an office with me. I didn't design the office for him to be in there. He has a lot of "stuff"...papers, folders, veneer samples, doors, phone messages, plans, old plans...everything. He is organizationally challenged. He couldn't find or keep up with anything without his employees. So, I have designed the new office to be fully functional to organized all his "stuff" and mine. I will have tons of file cabinets and storage!! I'm giving him a small space that I can keep clean and free of all "stuff." Right now my office is the office you can look into when you come up to the receptionist desk. If the receptionist has stepped away, they look to me. I don't always see them because there is a huge glare from my window. I see the reflection of the blinds. My new office will be in the back AND I will have an ocean view!!! With the time change it gets darker faster and there have always been some beautiful sunsets!! It is a ways away though. The manufacturer who will be doing the cabinetry is the same that is building the cabinets for Sim and Py. I don't think I have talked about Py much. I will be working on that more either next week or the next. I have to do what is priority first.
Had our small group tonight. We talked about Moses. I really love our group. I learn so much! J & I watched Lost tonight. It's so weird. I don't know where their gonna go with that story. There are so many websites that talk about why this and why that. Weird show, but I like it.
Oh, and the Padres just won the western division. Yeah, go Padres!!
Time for bed, finally!
-Until tomorrow.

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