September 26, 2005

Monday Once Again.

Nothing different about today. Another monday, that's all. This is the last week of September. I can't believe it. Where did September go? I am dying to get my haircut!! My bangs are in my eyes. I had an appointment for the 16th this month and I thought it was for the 23nd. I realized it the day before. My hair stylist is on vacation all this week. I can't see her till Monday, October 3nd, 6:45. I'm gonna die!!
I talked to my mom for almost an hour today. It is like 100 degrees in my hometown. They finally got electricity Saturday night but their air conditioning burned out. The house is almost 26 years old. That's also how old the air conditioning is. They went and bought some window units for now. Their not going to invest in a new airconditioner right now because it will cool down around the middle of October. My grandmother just got electricity back at 4pm today. She has been staying with my mom & dad. I forgot to ask my mom where my dad was going this week. He's a truck driver, always on the road.
That's about it for today!
-Until tomorrow!

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