September 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to my sweet J!

Today was a reall good day. I went in to work at 7:15 and got all my questions answered from "Senior designer". We got Maiz done, finally. Did some project management on Far and worked on Sim details for the rest of the day. I had to finish the desk and the display case. It is amazing how long these small details take. I also started going over revision 2 of the working drawings. The working drawings are my original drawings that I sent to the manufacturer and they put even more detail in them. I have to approve every piece, part and measurement before it goes into production. This is our 2nd set of revisions. There are 3 areas: the kitchen, the living room bar and the theater bar. We are just doing revisions on the kitchen right now, we still have both bars to go. I left work at 4:30!!!! Yeah me!!
When I got home I realized that I forgot to buy eggs and butter for the cake I was going to make for J. I was going to Sav-On around the corner to pick them up and I walked out the door without my keys. I locked myself out. I have never done that before. Luckily, J was right around the corner at his parents house. He came by, picked me up and we went to Sav-On. We also picked up Subway for dinner. I made the cake, chocolate with caramel frosting.
Small group was at someone else's house tonight. They live just 3 blocks from us. Our study was about Abraham. It is amazing to think about the faith he had. God appeared to him and told him to pick up his entire family and move to a land that he had never been to, or knew anything about. Abraham didn't have the Bible to see the whole story and to know the ending. Abraham's faith was amazing.
The cake was a hit. I am glad everybody liked it.
When J & I got home we decided to stay up late and watch Lost. It is gonna be a good season!
-Until tomorrow

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