October 1, 2005

Fridays are awesome!!

Fridays are always the best days at work...duh. I went in early and worked on Sim. The theater bar was all I had left. I finished it, for now! I also worked on Gor and Far. The plumber was at Gor this morning trying to finalize his bid. We already had a bid from another plumber, but we felt that his price was high. We were right to bid it out to a second plumber, he was almost half the price of the 1st plumber. So I signed the contract for the plumber for the Gor job. The Far job is almost complete. We are waiting on travertine slab countertops to be made and the glass enclosure for the shower. I got 3 options on how to install the glass for the shower, none of which were exactly how "senior designer" wanted them. I tried calling him, but he had horrible cell service and we couldn't hear each other. I decided not to decide until monday what to do. Something happened today that I wasn't expecting. My new office is actually in progress. The office I have now is only a year old. The space that I designed was for me basically to be alone, maybe an assistant in the future, possibly. One of the other offices flooded and that designer had to move into "senior designer's" office. His office is basically a storage room. It has tons of veneer samples, tile samples, plans, paperwork that is probably 15-20 years old. All this was scattered everywhere in his office. There was just enough room for someone to clear out a path to his desk and to work on a computer. So "senior designer" decided to move in with me. I did not design that office for him to be in there. It just doesn't function properly. He brings in paperwork, samples and plans all the time. I am constantly trying to figure out what to do with it all and keep my sanity and get my work done. I convinced "senior designer" that he and I needed to move into his office. Afterall, it was bigger, had a better ocean view and was quieter. Right now my office is grand central, it is the first office you see. I am constantly being interrupted. So, the flooded office has been repaired. New flooring has been put in. And all the furniture from "senior designer's" office was put in to this new office that was flooded. So today there were guys cleaning out my new office to be. Even though all the furniture is gone, all the junk is still there. This is huge progress. I am going to try to take the time this weekend to finalize details of the new office. I am trying to give "senior designer" a small space in whick he can't scatter junk all over. My new space will have tons of storage and I am going to face the ocean. It will be great!!
So, I left the office at around 4pm, went by Marshall's and got a few things, got home and read some more of my book. I finished the Magician's Nephew. J got home at around 7:30pm. He had played in a golf tournament all day with his work. He was exhausted. We got ready and were out the door at 8pm. We went to Rubio's for dinner and we were at the bowling alley by 9pm. We met friends there for Thunder Bowling. We had a great time. Here is who came: Kaydee & Sarge "The Intimidator", Scout & Amy Jo, Sunrise, and two other couples that I don't have false names for yet. We had a great time! We didn't get home till 12:45am! Here are some pictures! Enjoy!
-Until tomorrow.

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