September 13, 2005


The men's softball team at church did great tonight!! They won 29-7. They had a 9pm game tonight. Those are the only ones I can usually go to. I usually have my women's small group tonight, but I haven't been feeling well so I missed tonight. It was a really great game. They were razzing each other, it was really funny to listen to them.

I went home early again today. My stomach was still bothering me. I got alot of work done at home though. "Senior designer" called at about 2:30. He has been in Florida for the past two days. He wanted to know what the final numbers on Maiz was...$400,000 or so. That is for an entire house full of custom veneer cabinetry. I also worked on Barn elevations. I wanted to get the master bedroom entertainment center somewhat detailed and the family room entertainment center. I put 60" plasmas in both. We have a meeting with the Barns tomorrow. It's a $1,000,000 contract. Hopefully we get it. I have worked so hard on it.

I have also been working on Sarah Jean's baby shower invitations. I printed everything out. I just have to put them together. It will probably take a couple of days. I always end up making it more time consuming than it needs to be. Chica & I are planning the shower. It will be in October. Well, it's late. Gotta go get some zzz' mama told me I better!!
-Until tomorrow.

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