September 14, 2005

I wish I were a cat...

Lazy Dark Posted by Picasa

Lazy Shadow Posted by Picasa

If this is what cats do all day, I want to be a cat. I took a bunch of pictures of the cats when I got home. I couldn't resist Dark, curled up to the sliding glass door.

I went in at 7am today. I completed Maiz pricing and we met with the client. Now I have to revise the pricing to give her different options. I started doing the cost estimate for Far today. I am so behind. The job wasn't even suppose to start until these cost estimates were done. The Far job has been demo'd, rough plumbing and rough electrical has been done, tile has been delivered to the job, hot mop happens on Friday, and cabinet delivery will be next Tuesday. At least the job is going far. If "senior designer" would stop giving me so many new jobs to price I might be able to complete all the stuff that needs to be done after the job is sold. Crazy, crazy, crazy. My back started hurting really bad today. I think that it had to do with working at home. I sat at the dining table for the past 2 days, sitting in one of the dining room chairs. That chair is not meant to sit in for longer than it takes to eat a meal. I went to the Chiropractor after work. I feel much better!!!
Our small group was canceled tonight so, J & I got dinner at Baja Fresh and we watched a scary movie...Hide and Seek. It has Robert DeNiro and Dakota Fanning in it. It was really good! I thought it was gonna be boogieman scary, but it is a psychological thriller. Well off to bed.
-Until tomorrow.

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