September 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Nessa!

Today is my friend Nessa's birthday. She took the day off from work & school!! I hope you had a good one!!

We had a staff meeting this morning. At staff meetings we get fake "KE" money for doing our job and following procedures correctly. I got $3,200 in fake "KE" money! With fake "KE" money you can turn it in for things such you collect $7500 you get a visa gift card worth $350 (in real money, of course!). I'm already half way there again!! Yeah!

I told "Senior designer" that he needed to pretend that for the next 2 weeks I was on vacation, so I can dig myself out of the hole I am in. Work is just piled up big time. My to do list is out of control. So, we met for about 30 minutes to decide priorities and we finalized Sim's stainless steel drawer glides and interior melamine selection with "LM" (that is the cabinet manufacturer). I worked on Gor for the rest of the day. I completed the list of questions and revisions that Redl (this is one of our cabinet manufacturers) needed to start production on the cabinetry for Gor. Then I worked on master builder. Master builder is a program that we put in all our costs that we estimated for the job and then put in our profit that we estimate we'll make. That way at the end of the job, you can see what the job really cost and what your profit really is. The goal is for your cost to be right on what you originally estimated or under!! I completed it at around 4:30. I started the installation and production folders. 5:30pm came quick, so I cleaned up my desk and left! I can finish all that on Monday. Meanwhile, I'm off to have my 3 DAY WEEKEND!!!!
I watched Martha Stewart Apprentice that I recorded from last night. It was ok, nothing spectacular, just a bunch of annoying people that talk too much. J & I watched Survivor. I hope it gets better. I'm just not excited about it yet. We also watched The Apprentice. This show was just ok too. I usually really like seeing what their tasks are and how they go about executing it. This task was boring. The girl who got fired just wouldn't shut up. I knew she was going to talk herself into getting fired. She said the stupidest thing you could ever say. Trump divided the teams into men & women. This girl, he name was Melissa, kept saying that women were usually intimidated by her and didn't like her. For the whole task she kept saying this. The women lost the task by $11.00. Everyone on the women's team said that Melissa was a negative force on the team. So, the project manager only brought in Melissa at the end instead of picking 2 people. Melissa starts talking (stupid) and saying that women are usually intimidated by her and don't like her. Trump asked her why...she said "because I'm beautiful, smart, educated.." Trump says to her, there is a beauty queen on the team you are on and all the other women are beautiful and smart as well. Then, Melissa said what got her fired...I just can't work with women. Trump fired her. What a bonehead!! Some people...
So, off to bed. I started a new book tonight! Chronicles of Narnia!! I got it off of amazon for $11 including shipping!!
-Until tomorrow.

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